Gareth Southgate is blocking English talent by picking his favorites who are out of form or dont play at all over talented youngsters. where's Tomori? Blockhead and Dier, seriously? but whatever, foreigners are the problem as always, brexit innit.


You mean like when he forgot that Chilly could play LB and played an RB (Trippier, right) out of position instead?


He could easily just play wing backs as well… Southgate needs to go, for England’s sake.


Even better, when he played Saka, the best English right winger, at LWB.


When was Trippier played above a healthy Chilly? Genuinely asking because Chilly has been injured or recovering for England's last few tournaments.


The Euro final. Chilly didn't play a single game that tournament despite being fit.


Luke Shaw played instead of Chilwell, not Trippier. The only time Trippier came on at left back was when they were beating Ukraine 4-0.


Oh yeah that's very true


Weird take - the national team doesn't develop players like the clubs can. They get them like 3 or 4 times a year. Players spend the majority of their time at their clubs. He does have a bit of a point, for years we were shit at integrating youngsters into the team under win now managers like Mourinho and Conte. It look a transfer ban for us to shift our focus back on youth. There was a real possibility we could have sold Colwill and REECE JAMES to Brighton and Palace respectively or possibility have not got more opportunities. Lets see how it pans out for Colwill.


Frank Lampard deserves serious credit for shifting the culture at the club and giving the youngsters a chance. I don’t know if we’d regularly be seeing Mount or James without Frank having been manager at that moment.


Yes exactly. He actually laid out a structured pathway for the academy and 1st team to work together. Without him tapping the academy as successfully as he did where other big managers had failed then we wouldn't have had anywhere close to the value we did for the clubs sale. Lampard opened up billions of value for the club for years to come. The new owners have to make sure that pathway isn't perceived to be closed in the future because we could end up with youngsters either not reaching their potential again or just pushing exits to rival clubs as soon as they get a chance. There is a strong risk with all the signings that they could also undo the work Lampard did.


Perhaps he's not a premier league manager at this point, but Frank put respect on his name as, and the badge as manager of CFC.


Have you watched Tomori? Haven’t really been playing well. Maguire has consistently been England’s best CB. I will give you Dier.


Wtf did I read? Tomori Serie a best defender and superb v spuds other night had kane in his pocket, maguire absolute dog shit


Yeah that is what happens when you watch one match. He has been not good this season and Maguire has been the best English CB over last few years for the NT.


No it's what happens when u know football! Maguire is fukn shite and absolutely woeful with the ball at his feet, as for englands best defender u need help? Good psychological help lad! One is superb with ball at his feet and superb pace and Serie a best defender, the other is slow as a cart horse the tuning circle of a bus and horrific with the ball at his feet,can't get a game for his team Jesus they play a left back Shaw, in center defence instead of him! and the passing quality of Stevie wonder


You just told me you never watch England play if you don’t know Maguire has been their best performing CB for NT.


No stones and shaw were by a mile proved by the ratings they got, so obviously u don't watch England, he was also worst rated defender v France? Sorry if u think maguire is anywhere near remotely international standard u need fukn help! Ten Haag has seen it in weeks and bombed him out, or van der vaart said after Holland game in nations league. "He's 80m he wouldn't get in Dutch u21's?


Lol quoting VDV, I have seen it all. That guy comes up with the most insane takes. It doesn’t matter how he performs for United if he plays well for English which clearly you don’t watch them play.


Clearly you haven't as u stated he was England best defender when stones and shaw easily are and were in World Cup 😂😂look at donkey maguire ratings in World Cup and previous euros😂U haven't a clue lad. 👍


You made need more emoji to describe the disaster class that Tomori is showing in the current match.


Tomori has been very good lately


Have Slabhead and Dier actually let England down when hes called on them? Southgate balances experience, form and also keeping faith in players who are maybe out of form at their clubs so they get a chance for a refresh in a different camp. Theres experience with people like Dier. You've got people who need a chance to refresh like Phillips and Mount. Then you have form in people like Rashford and Toney. Then obviously Kane is Kane.


This fker still pick Dier & Maguire, fk his football opinions


Guehi has also been bang average. Phillips has played 56 premier league minutes this season...


Phillips doesnt have anyone in his position.


I'd take JWP over him any day.


JWP is not a 6


Palace as a whole have been bang average but it is Palace. They only invested £40M in their squad when clearly they'd need more than that to really improve after Gallagher leaving. Also since the new year Palace have mainly just played top half of the table teams like Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd twice, Newcastle, Brentford, Brighton etc. It's harsh they sacked Viera after the fixtures they've had where quite a few were low score draws with strong teams.


Can you blame him? Why pick Tomori when England have won so many trophies and important games with them at the back


Yeah, England has won so many trophies with Maguire.




Lol. How on earth is it r/wooosh when i am also joking? How hard was it to understand that? 🤔






You really desperate for some karma, aren't you???




Maguire always shows up for the National team.


Ya I think dier is a far worse pick than maguire


Maguire has been nails for England. Terrific in the Euros and pretty good at this last World Cup too overall.


“you could argue” - phrase of the day?


How many caps has he given to Guehi, Tomori and Conor in the years that they've been able to be selected. All from our highly rated academy and better than some of the players he starts or brings off the bench


Gareth is delusional, Premier League being the best league in the world, attracts the world's best talent, that's why it has become a league with many foreign players. If you want to compete with the best, you bring the best players in the world, simple as that. Real Madrid for example, had only 2 spanish players in their starting lineup against Liverpool and not long ago they had a game where there was no spanish player in their starting lineup at all. All major leagues, especially the Premier League, have become international leagues long ago.


I was thinking about the RM situation re Spanish players, I said to a buddy of mine, at least they’ve got Valverde! He reminded me that he’s Uruguayan lol


Yeah whenever these pundits bring up foreign players they seem to conveniently forget that those players are why the league is so amazing. Same shit when they say we need to see more British managers, we’ve seen them and most of them aren’t any good.


Do they though? Accepting that having foreign players harms your national team doesnt mean you dont also see the benefits to the league. We all prefer the league as it is im aure but doesnt mean you have to be blind to the drawbacks


On the flip side of that, having the most money means that you have the best training, facilities and ability to spend on bringing players through from a young age. Yes, we should be attracting the best players in the world. But, we should also be creating the best players in the world as well, something that we see with Reece, Mount, Rice, Musiala etc. and there should be far more and that's what he's talking about. There has to be a balance and it's not about playing lesser players because they're English, it's about ensuring that the English talent that is created is given the same chances as foreign players are. Which is very often not the case, a lot of the time they're brought down to just being an easy way to get around FFP, we did it after covid and the new owners are looking to do it again this season, despite the fact the players are Chelsea starting quality


We aren't in conversations to sell any of our English starters unless you count the Chilly rumors.


Obviously, but that's from our perspective. If you are the national team manager, you want the best clubs, the ones with better facilities and training, to develop players because it benefits the country at the end. He isn't wrong at all, he is just looking for his interests. You cite Real Madrid as an example, and they are exactly that, for **both** sides. They get the best players in the world, sure, it has helped them massively the last years, just look at the amount of Champions League they have won. Now, for the other perspective, look at the state of Spain. They are horrible, they are lacking top players almost everywhere, aside from the ones actually developed at the other top team in the country, Barcelona. But they are still few. And like that, you could look at most of the top leagues and find examples. It's just a matter of points of view.


Yeah - sounds like he’s complaining about the lack of talent to draw from yet England by estimated team value was the most expensive at the World Cup…. He has also played fucking 88 players for England. He should shut up until he wins something. I hope potter is not our version of this clown


Hence why the Spanish team is on a decline, see the problem? France are the blueprint.


Money is the reason. You win and earn more by being best, not by fielding your preferred candidates.


That's harsh from Southgate, plenty of players who come out from Chelsea's academy go on to have good careers at other clubs, even if they don't play for the Chelsea first team.


Colwill looks to become an England player in a couple of seasons, all thanks to the academy. Tomori too


Exactly, and they're playing for teams like Brighton and Milan. Being a Chelsea academy graduate gives players a good foundation for the rest of their career, even if they don't continue at Chelsea.


Lol.. the last sentence. As long as Southgate is at the helm Tomori is not sniffing proper International minutes. Either he has a bias or he is being forced.


And Tammy!


This is the only good argument!


Foreign players are also blocking England from winning a major tournament


Technically true. But so is a local Talented Retired english player who is currently coaching them.


Probably moreso foreign managers, but yeah


Well from the current squad he has chosen, James, Guehi, Mount, Conor, Rice (technically not so, but he was still part of our youth setup) has come from the academy, and from the current squad, Chilwell and Sterling are English starters, with Tomori, Abraham having regularly featured in the past. Thats a lot of players to have come from or represent one club. Unless Southgate wants a starting 11 of all academy players I don't understand his comment. Most other clubs probably only have a handful of players that they develop to then be good enough to represent their country


RLC was at the 2018 WC and was in the squad before his achilles injury.


Hang on guys. It’s not like his job is to keep track of promising English talent for the national team.


“If nobody takes a position of trying to protect young English players and their chance then the numbers will continue in the same way” “But I accept and totally understand that if I am at a club I want to do my best for my individual business.”


This argument is absurd. Almost every team in the Prem has a Chelsea academy graduate in it - our academy is doing its job, not every single youth team player can come through to the first team. We currently have 7 of our own English graduates in our first team squad, plus Chuky, Chilwell and Madueke who were at other academies


As far as breaking through the first team, he’s not wrong the transfer embargo ensured Reece and Mount got more minutes. However, in the seasons prior, what English academy talents had we let go that went on to be world class players at other clubs? I don’t mean workman like good players. There were several. I mean the kinds of players that were going to displace peak Costa, Fabregas, Hazard, Cech, etc. We already had two England internationals starting at center half in Terry and Cahill. Fact is we had English talent but we didn’t have Reece James quality where you could say he’d slot into just about any team in the world. The best shout is RLC and he got done by injury not a lack of opportunities at Chelsea. He really looked like he’d cement himself in the side until that stupid friendly.


A- We’ve had the best academy. No need to sandwich it in between multiple ‘you could argue’s. B- Champions League teams, and especially those like Chelsea that aspire to win the tournament, should be selecting the best XI based on merit and talent, not nationality. This comment by Southgate is disgusting and borderline xenophobic. C- Southgate is a joke of a manager and England won’t win anything of substance unless they bring in a top tactical manager.


On the other hand, there are more English players playing overseas and I think it’s actually better for English football.


Wtf is this moron waffling on about


At one point a couple of years back a third of his team were graduates from our academy . Even his latest line have 4 graduates . This is xenophobic bollocks . He’s only in his job now because he’s a yes man for the FA .


I mean he’s clearly ignoring a amazing player in tomori who at least deserves a chance over maguire and dier


Yet he’s the one who leaves tomori off who was thriving in Italy


If the kid good enough he will suite for every team.


Its a good idea to promote english talent, but you cant blame the club for not selecting them if they arent good enough, our academy makes it in other leagues or teams not everybody is able to play in the pl


Is this the 1990s?


I don't even think this is a debate? We would absolutely not have given them the playing time if we didn't need to. I remember people on this sub saying we should sell james even after the embargo. Usually for some random regen with a YouTube compilation.


Want to complain because Englishmen don’t get enough playing time? Try to take a page out of the Roberto Mancini playbook and call “little-known” youngsters to put them on the map for foreign clubs.


This shite again!! If they're good enough they'll play waistcoat! If we have a young Messi he'll play, young Terry he'll play! Didn't Terry play when we had unlimited money and could buy anyone? Yes because he was good enough! Ffs this clown keeps picking maguire and dier and leaves out Tomori Serie a best defender! But it's us clubs blocking talent! Fuk me sack this clown


Maybe England needs to get better players then. It's not up to clubs to play any particular nationality, you play the best players you can get. But also we're a terrible example because even without the transfer ban we've brought through heaps of academy talent and we also spent money on Drinkwater and Barkley lol


And you're a shit manager pal


Boggling that this moron is still in the job.


There's some truth in it, whether you like it or not. No one can tell me they'd not rather have Tomori and Abraham in the squad instead of Aubamayang and Koulibaly


Auba isn’t really in the squad tbh…. And KK has played great the last few games


I’d rather have Koulibaly, and I don’t think Tammy would start ahead of Havertz either so he would probably want a move away regardless. That said, of the current crop the one guy that looks good has been around the first team (Lewis Hall) the rest just aren’t of the quality we saw before in the James/Mount youth generation


Not Tomori but Tammy for sure. Tomori has been ok for Milan. I dont consider him to be a big loss


Tammy has been veryy avreage this season, he woudnt do that good for us. And I rate badiashile and koulibaly higher than tomori to, so I personally dont see any problem here.


Ya those were mistakes and bad decisions. Tammy was developing well at Chelsea but tomori you could argue blossomed in serie a. He’s become substantially better. Tammy we all felt like was a bad decision at the time tho and it felt like he was being given the lukaku arc with the buy back. Lukaku was supposed to be his return to blue and lock down that cf role after he developed, and Tammy was going to follow that same path. Obviously the lukaku interview came out of nowhere and it derailed the whole plan, but up until that interview he was playing incredibly well and it looked like we had really been smart


KK is better than Tomori, Tammy, and Auba combined, so yeah, I'd take him.


I haven't watched Tomori much, but I wasn't impressed in the two Milan ties earlier this season. Abraham is better than Auba, but that's more on us not finding a proper replacement than some serious mistake on our part to let him go. Either way, both of them ended up at very solid sides so we didn't block their talent. We developed them and sent them off to good teams who are competing against quality opposition under good management. Absolutely nothing blocked either of those players.


You lot on here are so fucking sensitive 😂


> “This comment by Southgate is disgusting and borderline xenophobic” Fucking get a hold of yourself… absolutely embarrassing!


If we're honest, most Chelsea fans on here are here for the drama of the transfer market


Southgate has been brilliant for rebranding England and settling the squad after a lot of big name players dropped off. He’s revitalised the pride of playing for the country and made us a much more professional outfit off the field. Tournament wise we have performed well with a young team of inexperienced internationals but he has repeatedly shown that he does not have the technical/tactical ability to push us beyond where we are now. Like every England manager before him he has become risk averse and over reliant on a handful of ‘favourites’. He appears unable to adapt to an opposition that switches tactics mid game, which has cost us on too many occasions. He should be offered a back office role and new blood should be brought in to use the wealth of talent we have in more tactical ways. Highlighting Chelsea who have produced loads of really good young English talent is the joke, what about the other clubs like City and Utd who are producing next to no one


And Gareth Southgate blocks English talent by continuing to show favoritism with players... Dier, Phillips, and Maguire in particular. Also feels like Watkins deserves to be rewarded for his form over Ivan 232-breaches-of-rules Toney.


Instead of worrying about foreigners in the country, let’s focus on the coaches. How many active English managers have won major domestic trophies? Let’s improve the coaches and then we can produce players. The players in Chelsea’s academy are good but most aren’t good enough to get into the first team. If they were, they’d break through. Every manager wants to win and tries to put the best players possible on the pitch. No one has intentionally blocked the path of Chelsea academy players. In recent years many players have left Chelsea’s academy and gone on to be starters at other clubs around the world. Southgate hasn’t picked any of them. Fuck off to the Championship.


The cream will rise too the top. This lower manager is a JK


this is 2023, we get picked on merit, not becasue of some kind of inequality that southgate and the FA are suggesting


He’s not wrong


such a brain dead take. honestly thought it was my boomer brexit voting uncle giving his opinion


What a dick


This man should not be talking about blocking talent when he chooses to play Maguire for England


You can either win trophies and have a money making machine like the PL or you can prioritize English player development and become a farmer’s league


What most here don’t understand that the FA can simply make a rule change that will make having foreign players here a bitch. Right now we can have 17 none home grown players they c an easily make that 10 or whatever number they choose. In Spain you’re only allowed to have 4 none EU members in your team.


Southgate wouldn’t know what to do with them


He’s blocking talent with his terrible management.


Rubbish. Maybe they are not good enough and are just overrated by the English.




Can’t have your cake and eat it too. There are plenty of divisions full of English players.


Can the England Team he has selected win PL and UCL?




That’s all down to money


I believe we have six ex academy players in the first team squad , have a look at Liverpool please Gareth .


GS picks the same lineups for England anyway. It’s not like he gives new young players a chance himself.