There is no one on earth I want to hear discuss College Basketball less than Michael Lombardi


This def was the absolute most random person he could bring on as a guest to discuss college basketball! 😂😂


He presented “coaching matters” as a hot take and called Kyle “Cousin Kyle” Delivered some unintentional comedy at least


The segment was short and hyper-focused on New Jersey basketball. Tate also sets up how vital Lombardi has been to his career and seems to be one of his mentors. I think Tate handled it well to go through the matches by himself and then bring Lombardi for a short segment. He even acknowledges at the beginning it’s odd to have him on for basketball vs. football. Anyways, I know people are generally out on Lombardi and I agree with most of it. I just appreciate that in this instance, he was clearly a sentimental/personal guest which I think is nice - we get to know the host more.


Just weird to talk about NJ at all in the scope of college basketball. Has to be the most underperforming state in terms of college success by far


I think Tate’s pod is for people who don’t really watch the games and just want to hear someone point out things that would appeal to casual fans. This is why there’s a cringey focus on “characters” and “Kyle’s mans.” J. Kyle Mann was a good guest because he balanced this out by actually providing intelligent insight, but it’s a pretty hard pod to tolerate and it pains me to say that.


Yeah very random


Tate can pull it off


I really enjoy listening to him, but Tate is over qualified for a #2 and under qualified for a #1


The tee Higgins piece


6.5 catches and 93 yards per game and 2 total TDs in the 4 games chase missed this season 🧐


It’s not that deep lol he’s just the go to WR2 that could be a WR1 in my mind


J Kyle Mann really needs to be a permanent host


Post March Madness, me listening to Titus or Tate will likely be a "depends on the guest" situation whereas before I just needed Titus and Tate and that was enough.


Titus’s dad was hilarious on his episode today


Titus’s dad is a true hater. Man comes in with Purdue’s entire season and history memorized.


It was inspiring. I thought I hated Ole Miss until I heard him…


The Karl Anthony Towns or podcasting


It’s almost like it takes some adjusting to be a one. Who on earth just steps right into hosting a show for the first time and is a complete success.


The fact Lombardi is a guest this early in the new history of OSP is a very bad omen. I’ve really enjoyed Kyle J Mann as I’ve never heard him before but other than him every segment of this new OSP has been hot garbage.


Is Tate a lite Bill Simmons? Successful home sports team, bias, likes historical references, player comparisons, legacies and no basketball experience beyond high school.


Tate Frayjuh


This tournament has been completely wild. I’m enjoying myself thoroughly


It’s definitely felt more fun this year than the past few years


2021 gonna be an all timer for me just because not having it in 2020 sucked and getting the 2 best teams all year in the title was great even though it was a blowout (UCLA Gonzaga was amazing though)


If you listen to Lombardis betting show he is always talking college basketball because he is friends with a ton of head coaches in college hoops and he cares about the sport so this is not some just out of nowhere guest


The fact that we were deprived of Titus and Tate with this tournament should legally be a war crime.


Yeah listening to each other their respective shows just make me wish they were together covering this tournament.


Especially with no UNC, Ohio State, or Michigan and Duke out in the first weekend meant they’d have to talk about all the other teams. Really missed out


TAte repeats sentences...Tate repeats sentences


I think it's great Tate gets Lombardi on. The irrational hate people on this sub have for him is insane to me.


It’s just random asf. Lombardi is probably one of the last people I would want on to talk about college basketball. NFL? Fine that’s what he does. But I don’t wanna hear him talk about the NCAA tournament.


I don’t think it’s insane to not want to hear an NFL guy talk college hoops.


I don’t hate him, but I don’t see any criticism of him that I’d call irrational, either. You got any examples?


I'm gonna be honest, I still don't know which is Titus and which is Tate.


You might be stupid then




I really like Lombardi, but I’m going to guess he just talked about culture.


And made the same Goodfellas or Sopranos or Godfather references


So does Lombardi normally refer to everyone by their full name, and every 5 minutes at that?


Tate, we understand that you work at Spotify and we’re very proud of you and are excited that their facility is super cool


GM Street reunion, loved that show