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Yet to my great surprise the piece seems fairly nuanced?!


> we did not manage to provide enough protective gear for our caregivers in the nursing homes on time. She focuses on PPE only, while there were no measures about visits/distancing to begin with. Every country had problems with PPE, we did fuck all to protect the elderly in care homes on a basic level outside of PPE. Which she admits here: "The one exception is excess mortality." > Unlike other countries, Belgium has not had to cope with dramatic scenes of people lying on hospital floors waiting for treatment, or been the scene of horror stories as doctors are forced to choose between treating the old or the young. Also low blow to Italy, the first country in Europe hit which is always the worst place to be in. The death stat is something they've been saying for months and is a fair point. But that's beating a dead horse (pun intended) by now.


Well, it's not a low blow to Italy. Maybe she is not referring to Italy, but rather to NYC that got ample of warnings, or even current day Phoenix, both of which were more than overwhelmed despite having ample time


Fair, I though she was only talking about Europe.


How? It's under her responsibility they destroyed the "noodstock" and then didnt replace it. This was the main cause why woonzorgcentra did as bad as they did as all their plans foresaw the usage of the stock. They took care of hospitals and forgot the rest and.now it's just a " because we couldn't get enough masks? "


Er, she says "The EIU report could therefore not be farther from the truth." So what's the truth, De Block? Belgium should be ranked first place?


She is not the antichrist, right? :p


Yeah, that's an issue. I would be happier if a positive review about Belgium's covid-19 response was written by an outsider, rather than literally the person responsible for the covid-19 response.


That was literally the first thing I wanted to check. Who wrote this? Although I had put my money on De Backer.


Has someone actually read the report? I was under the impression that it compared excess all-cause mortality, which is independent of how covid-related deaths are counted. Is that not the case? Under this assumption, referring to Belgium's (commendable) counting method seems like little more than a knee-jerk reaction. (Independent of further criticism of the report.) Edit: had to register to download it, [maybe this link works for you too](http://www.eiu.com/Handlers/WhitepaperHandler.ashx?fi=OECD-response-to-the-coronavirus-crisis.pdf&mode=wp&campaignid=response-covid-rank). It everywhere talks about "excess death rate", which to me suggests all-cause mortality, but it's not clear since they are vague about the source and don't provide the raw data, only the score based on a rough binning of said death rate.


There are so many variables that "excess deaths" seems to be the only real objective measure until we're testing everyone with an extremely reliable test with autopsies to collaborate the diagnosis. It's like trying to figure out what is a healthy diet: you can look at individual food items, fat intake, sugar etc and try and find a correlation; or you can just look at different cuisines around the world and find what works in a public health way. I think the government did an adequate job tbh. I'm way more worried about my fellow Belgian not wearing masks, screaming kids running around everywhere, crowded public transport, and the multiple "I don't need to follow the rules that other people have to follow"-attitude that this country is famous for.


How is this not agenda pushing? This is propaganda from the.minister itself. A minister that screwed up badly couldnt be bothered to stick to her own rules in a gov that couldnt even communicate once correctly.


Maggie should focus more on doing her job instead of wasting so much time on her own PR and personal branding.


What she did is actually part of her job. Politicians need to communicate, if they feel a story is represented wrongly it is well within their right to respond. Wether you agree with it, that's another story. Edit: it is worth noting that I am not a supporter of her, and some of the policies she pushed in the past.