Wow. I’ve been playing wattson for a veeeerrrry long time, and I never even thought of this. Thank you for sharing 🫡


I really want to be able to play wattson at a high level, everything about her screams power. But whenever I play her, it's the worst games I've ever had. I even got all her legendary skins from loot boxes, feels so bad I can't use her, she's so frustrating and weak when I use her. I always have issues placing her damn nodes, it almost never gets placed where I want it to be


Just play her. And place her nodes whatever. Just fence up arena when you have a chance. People focus on closing off entrances too much. Try different stuff. At some point you'll be more comfortable with her. Just keep the layout of the place in mind. No easy escapes for you. IMO she's kinda wonky and maps are rough, so half of the time when I place fences they either don't come out or end up as 10cm fences. At high level Aggressive Wattson isn't as effective. For example in this vid Wattson wall jumped over her fence, but I had several people do that to me. People also clean up nodes. Decent chunk of the roster makes her life miserable. I think low level Catalyst players don't know they can counter Interceptor. And Respawn outright hates her. They nerfed fence activation time, so no more door traps. Signed: Some random mediocre Wattson.


Wattson 2 big brain 4 me


Niceee 🔥


Thats a good tactic. I always put them behind cover to hide the node. Wattson may not be the best legend, but she is probably the most fun to use for me personally.


Hey man if shes fun for you she is the best :) but seriously she is really good and was played in the ALGS with Valk and Seer. She is played plenty so she is good even in high level games


Papa would be proud




I think that it is very much a ’style’ thing to fence mid combat but good fencing can be done at low risk to make pushing you harder even if they dont walk into the fence. As pulling out your fence puts you at 100% movespeed, which is faster than holstering your gun. So you can do it while staying mobile and hard to hit.


Yeah or it’s in duos which is far far more easier to manage solo than trios. Not saying anything in the clips aren’t skillful they very much are but I’ve been playing Wattson since release and I’m a Master level player and against good players and three stacks mid fight fences are not always feasible, if you get pushed hard by an R-99 against someone who can aim the time you spend fencing is going to get you killed when you could had just shot back instead. If you have a way to immediately break sight and you aren’t getting pinched you’ll be fine but like just dropping fences while your actively being shot at isn’t as feasible as some clips will make you believe. It’s definitely a thing, I’ve gotten my fair share of quick aggro fences but conditions have to usually be really specific for that to happen


Except that it does. Lamic999 uses these on Preds.


What skin is that, I’d really like to own it myself


no clue what skin you're specifically talking about so here's every skin in the video R-99 - Outlands Avalanche Peacekeeper - Pal 9000 Flatline - Lowrider Wattson - Thunder Kitty


The wattson one, idk if it will ever return


Definitely will, last came back in November last year


That's not really "free" stuns tho right? Isn't that just how you're supposed to play Watson Like the clips are great, just a little confused


It really is the way people should be playing Wattson. However, as the stereotype goes, if you see a Wattson, they’re either on the lower end or is one of the sweatiest players out there.


Good plays, but "barely any counter play"? Can't you just break the nodes? Lol


you can, but will you even see it when you’re that close and focused on pushing a wattson?


Yes, that's the only thing keeping me from pushing the Wattson so I'll break it - that's how you play against Wattson


put it into a clip and I’ll believe it. the only times when this doesn’t get to stun is when I miss the timing, but at that point it buys me time


will you see the big pillar shooting out electricity thats going to harm you? yeah


As Wattson I usually place Fences behind the cover with me if they push me, but yeah putting them in front of it is definitely a better idea. Any other Wattson tips?


You're very lucky that crypto is so underutilized because one good emp could take down your entire set up


You see a highlight and your first instinct is to bring up the hypothetical ways this couldn’t have worked? Just enjoy the play




That’s why we hold ult accels on us to pop that ult up again and refence up before crypto gets a chance to push


Good observation, however, using an accel just lets you place another ult and rebuild your fence fortress in mere seconds either way


This was horrifying. Well played!


Welp, guess I'm playing wattson today


Yeah I always try to pre-place one node near cover, then if I get pushed and need to heal up I’ll place the second


Wattson main here. This is inspirational. Thank you.


i know that play style, i guess i were fight you with my sister. Your wattson plays are nice.




They should buff the distance she can place them a little bit further but not too much and make placements better. Same with Ash portal placements.


the one buff I really want but would realistically never get is placing fences through windows with railings like loba’s bracelet. The plays would be *phenominal*


Wattson is very strong


Where exactly is the place in the second video?