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Damn.. The sheer power of those legs. Imagine if a human was hit.


I imagine exploded eyeball and caved in skull.


I remember reading about someone who got kicked in the face by a horse and survived, but needed extensive facial reconstruction surgery


I can believe that. It certainly depends on angle and where you get hit. Back of the head would be an instant death 10/10 times imo. But from the side to the jaw? Youll need one hell of a surgeon but survivable. No idea how to even think what would happen to the face aside crushed raspberries.


I was kicked in the face about 2 years ago now. I’m not sure the specifics of the kick as it wasn’t witnessed by anyone and I don’t remember it. All I can say is that it turned my left eye socket and cheekbone to dust and required a lot of metal to fix it.


I was kicked in the face when I was 5, my mother in her infinite wisdom thought leaving me unattended on the back or a mare was a good idea. I only had a busted lip and had to get my teeth fixed later in life.


It’s really mind blowing to me how (relatively) common getting kicked in the head is. I’ve been thinking I’d basically won the lottery that day but it’s really cool to see so many stories of others who got kicked and lived to tell the tale


In all fairness you arent gonna hear stories from folk who got kicked in the head and DIDNT survive


That reminds me of a WWII story about bombers returning to base that had all been shot up. An analysis was conducted of where the planes had been shot and the initial conclusion was that those areas should have additional armor. In actuality, those were the areas that weren't critical to staying in the air.


A friend's sister who had a lot of experience with horses got kicked in the face. I don't remember the actual circumstances of it (20 years ago). I want to say she fell off when he got spooked, and she was either stepped on or he kicked as he was running away. But i do remember she was in a coma for 2 weeks. All sorts of reconstruction surgeries, permanently disfigured, and no sense of smell. They're wonderful animals, but you have to always be very aware of everything when around a horse.


My foolproof solution to this problem is not ever being around a horse.


I feel like based on this video, inertia is the only thing that allows human to survive. We just fly off and get fucked up, but if we weighed as much as a horse then we wouldn't move at all and basically take on the full force of impact


I’ve gotten kicked by a horse. Flew a good 8 feet under another horse. Must not have been full power based off this video


My dad was a farrier and he always told me that if you must pass behind a horse, try and stay as close in to the hinds as you can. The full force of the kick is at the maximum extension of the leg.


And that, boys and girls, is why you never walk behind a horse.


Even horses don't know how to safely walk behind horses.


Step 1: Don't wave your dick around.


No promises


“The guy is just hanging brain, I don’t see what the big deal is. If that’s illegal, lock me up.” *And other classic hits from everyone’s favorite sitcom that’s been off the air for 9 years!*


Dude hangs dong. Don't wanna miss it.


Seems to be a universal hot tip.


I expand that and never go anywhere near them. Horses and motorbikes will never have my ass on them.


Even after the guy holding the mare on the far side of the pen had no self-awareness. Like, my man, c'mon.


Horses are fucking dangerous if your underestimate them for a second.


They have the fight-or-flight response of the common rabbit and weigh as much as a compact car. Oh, also, they have metal plates nailed to their feet.


Have been stood on my foot by a horse before, don’t recommend it


One time the horse I was about to ride was trying to shake the flies off his hoof and accidentally kicked me in the shin… kinda raked my leg downward with his foot. Even with good western boots covering most of where he hit, that did not feel good and left a big bruise for a few days.


You can hear the horse vacate his bowels immediately after hitting the ground and you can see the pile of shit on the ground behind it.


We should all be so lucky to die erect and farting.


He died doing what he would have loved.


Almost having sex.


Check it out, Beavis! I'm totally about to score!




Ok, shitting and farting


Shidding and farding


That's the first place I looked when he fell and I was immediately like yep, he ded.


I can hear Cartman laughing at Kyle telling he owes him 5 more bucks


Did you see how his legs instantly die? Crazy shit


I saw a dog get hit by a car once, its legs twitched similarly before it passed a few moments later.


Some kinda brain stem response there


It's called "fencing". Sometime you see it in boxers KO'd usually with brain injuries.


Yep almost all animals shit themselves on death, including humans


>Yep almost all animals shit themselves on death, including humans Unless you're Steven Seagal... Then you just shit yourself after being choked out.


“I’ve been shitting myself for 37 years.”


Surprise Tom Segura!




Or you're Amber Heard standing over Johnny Depp's bed


While humans "can" shit themselves it certainly isn't guaranteed.


Former funeral worker, can confirm. It’s common, but not constant. Quick sanity check, if you tried to shit right now, could you? If you can’t, you can safely die in this moment without crapping yourself.


Thanks, I just shit myself while trying.


Oh shit


I was wondering about that sound. I too would probably shit myself after a kick like that to the head.


I thought I heard a fart but thought it was my dog lol


Literally got the shit kicked out of him.


I had to rewatch in order to hear it and it literally sounds like a joke fart got added in.


i thought that was the camera guy making that noise lmao figured maybe they see horses die a lot and thats just the sound they make when it happens


"Oh no, there goes Trigger." *half-heartedly blows raspberry*


Whos gonna call the glue factory this time?




There's still time to collect the juice and do the job.


If they want to do that they’ll have to beat a dead horse.


God I hope this becomes your most upvoted comment.




Her baby was in the other pen, both her and baby upset. They didn't prepare her. This is all the handler's fault. There is always this danger, why you take precautions... Poor guy, beautiful horse gone.


Yep. And they don’t seem to like him much either. That’s just so sad.


Looking for this comment. No one is upset that horse died. That's why none of them should have been trusted to be near him. If your reaction to this is no reaction, stop working with animals.


>If your reaction to this is no reaction, stop working with animals factory meat farmers: yes


You mean to tell me that a bunch of guys drinking Modelos didn't prepare this potentially dangerous situation properly?


Leave Modelo out of this.


If it was tecate that horse would still be alive and fucking.


This video was cropped a bit. The original showed more of the presumably main and stupid reason why this happened which was that little foal in the background was hers and was stress8ng out trying to get to her. I don't understand why they didn't seperate him more out of sight if not tried to calm down both first 8f not just collected and inseminated without all the drama... But yeah, I'm no expert and I'm aware accidents like this still happen in the best scenarios but still I have to wonder how avoidable this one could have been and a little mad for whoever owned the stud if he was rented out...


Yeah, that was so careless. Of course she's going to be freaking out about her baby. So sad and unnecessary. What a beautiful stallion that was.


Stallions aren't cheap either. Some of their sperm can fetch up to $100k, so the fact that this one died, someone's gonna be pissed.


I’m no expert but I’d assume all those big money race horses get jerked off for maximum efficiency


Thoroughbred breeding REQUIRES "live cover" and the related regulatory agencies will not register horses bred via artificial insemination. I'm pretty sure it's just rich people trying to artificially inflate the value of their breeding stallions to keep the industry insanely profitable.


> Thoroughbred breeding REQUIRES "live cover" and the related regulatory agencies will not register horses bred via artificial insemination. I always wondered why owners didn’t just clone Kentucky Derby winners. I guess that’s the answer. They would be ineligible to compete.


No, it's to limit extreme inbreeding.


Rich people doing rich people things


Really was a gorgeous horse. So sad


> I'm no expert Neither am I, but I grew up with horses and helped with numerous live breedings. These idiots had *zero* control of these animals and no idea what the hell they were doing. It's kind of surprising given the obvious quality of that stallion.


I was around horses as a child but not ever interested in them. My uncle did live breedings because he had show horses and a stables. He'd spend weeks letting the horses "date". That meant being around each other, eating together, maybe being in pens that are near each other. Basically building natural attraction so they will bone when they have the opportunity to do so. It usually worked. These people seem to think you can just put two horses together. Ffs, there's a whole song and dance the females do to communicate that they want to do it. Can't just lead her in and put him on her. That male horse was also very eager which is never a turn on, imo.


> Ffs, there's a whole song and dance the females do to communicate that they want to do it. Yep, and this mare was doing *none* of that. So instead, everybody got a lesson in "no means no".


>That male horse was also very eager which is never a turn on, imo. This whole comment was so instructive but this last bit made me lose it Lady horse like, "That's what you get for being a thirsty BITCH, Ted."


the tiny foal falls over in the background 01.18 lol


I've seen horse breeding. You ALWAYS test if she's ready/receptive before allowing any contact.


> You ALWAYS test if she's ready/receptive before allowing any contact. You mean like after a few hours at the Olive Garden?


When you're there, you're family.


This happened years ago and I remember the uproar that it caused. This death didn't need to happen and was all the fault of the workers. They separated the mare from the foal she was still nursing. And the foal was literally standing outside of the pen they were in and that put the mare on edge. Increasing the likelihood of the kick. They also tied down the stallion who couldn't raise his head high enough to avoid the kick either. Just a terrible situation all around due to farmhand incompetence and the stallion paid the price.


This is really sad :(


Yeah i knew this would get me, still fucking watched it...


I feel there’s a fairly large chunk of the population that underestimates the power of these animals. Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the award!


Personally I do not fuck with horses one bit, if Superman can be paralyzed by a horse than I will gladly watch from behind a fence


Not even safe behind a fence. I went to a race track with my buddy growing up, as his dad had a horse in the race. They were "showing" the horses before the race in this little round fenced in spot in front of the paddock, and I'll never forget ***how hard*** my friend yanked me away from the fence, like almost took me off my feet. He was immediately like "Sorry man that horse was about to kick you, and when a horse kicks you, *you die*"


That puts some meaning in the term "you don't have a horse in this race"


My parents have horses, I stay away. First one I ever rode was my cousin's aggressive and award winning barrel horse. She seemed to think it was a good idea to let me start on that thing, despite being one of the most coveted horse trainers in the state. Like, ranchers from Texas and competition breeders out west were offering her dream jobs left and right, and it never crossed her mind that a beginner would confuse such a well-trained horse, a horse who would follow any command to her demise. That horse *knew* I was in the saddle wrong. She knew my feet weren't properly sitting in the stirrups, and even nibbled at my boot to try and tell me. She knew I was clueless. But as soon as I tried to get her to walk forward, my misplaced foot gave her a command I did not intend, which was *fucking sprint*. She gave no hesitation and before I knew it, we were splashing through my uncle's precious pond, over the garden fence, and heading toward the cattle pasture. Thankfully the horse was annoyed with me and turned to the barn instead, where she felt safe and happy. I still haven't gained any confidence near the animals and that was 15 years ago.


Barrel horses, as well as other competitive event type horses, are usually reserved for experienced and advanced riders. They know their job, they are excited about it, and they want to do it even if their rider doesn't. I'm surprised she put you on a barrel horse. I've ridden a couple and they have a hair trigger for walking to running, and they usually are pissed when they aren't running.


Exactly. She didn't give enough shits to prep and saddle one of her other horses that was out to pasture, so she chose the one already saddled for barrel practice later that day. Really fucking negligent on her part and I never got an apology. I honestly loathe that side of the family, and they can be rather cold because we don't have my grandma's maiden name, which also has deep roots to before this town existed. Thankfully my father owns our ranch and the land, not grandma lol.


My ex bf's brother's girlfriend pulled similar shit. She grew up around horses, raced them, etc etc. She took me out to ride without giving me all the proper instructions on how to stop the horse if she took off. The horse was a 17 hand mare, gentle as anything and such a sweetheart. We went in pastures and the woods, and then she decided to cross the highway and go up a side road to get to some more trails. Everything was fine until a bunch of Mennonites in their buggys went by. Well, my horse freaked out and took off; it was the middle or end of October, and the ground was already frozen. I did everything I could to get her to stop from what I had been shown. She never told me to pull hard on the reigns and jerk her head to the side. I ended up falling off onto the paved road and broke and dislocated my shoulder all in one go. She had to leave me lying in the ditch while she took off to grab the horse with her horse. The Mennonites saw all this shit go down and just kept driving by me while I contemplated crawling out into traffic to just finish the job. Get to the hospital, and they didn't believe me that I had broken my shoulder. Said I was hysterical and difficult. I screamed at them to stop moving my fucking arm until they gave me drugs. Finally, they did, and I woke up 4 hours later to them apologizing and saying, "Oh, yeah, sorry, you did actually break your shoulder." It's been 20 years. I've never gotten on a horse since then, and that was still the most painful shit I've ever gone through, and I've given birth by c section and vaginally.


> Get to the hospital, and they didn’t believe me that I had broken my shoulder. Said I was hysterical and difficult. I immediately knew you were a woman from this part. There’s no way they’d have questioned a man who was bucked off of his horse. So lame, I’m glad they figured it out and actually apologized to you. Edit: to be even more specific, men don’t generally get called “hysterical”. That term is pretty exclusively used to describe women, in my experience.


The stupidest part was that I came into the hospital in absolute shock, so I was completely calm and polite. They decided to xray my shoulder, and even though my arm was dangling, they thought the best way to proceed was to move my arm into different positions while trying to get x-rays. They didn't offer me meds, and when I started crying and asking them to stop moving my arm/shoulder, that's when they said that I started being difficult and hysterical. They kept pushing that they NEEDED x-rays, so I finally screamed at them that I NEEDED drugs. They gave me Demerol and then valium because I couldn't stop puking from the Demerol. That's the last thing I remember.


Didn't he fall, though?


Horse people get really butthurt when you’re scared of horses. But if a little housecat or dog can inflict severe or even lethal injuries on a human, I’m not messing with an animal that can weigh 20-30x plus the weight of a dog. The only time I rode a horse, I was in 5th grade and I kept being told how it was the most gentle in the barn and how it’s going to be a perfect time for me. Yeahhhhh, I don’t remember it being so gentle when it TOOK OFF with me on its back, desperately clutching and squeezing trying to get the horse to stop while the instructors scream at me to “STOPPPP WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOPPPPP”. Never touched a horse again.


One thing I’ve learned at my current job, according to the head horse trainer, everything that ever goes wrong with the horses is the human’s fault. Definitely has nothing to do with the fact that horses are just assholes sometimes.


I actually really hate and disagree with this attitude when it comes to any sort of pet whether it be horse or dog. It gives the impression that animals are basically blank slates without any sort of instinct or drive and only ever act as a result of human interaction. Animals are animals and they do things that are unpredictable even when expertly trained. They are not like cars that stay under perfect control unless poorly maintained or an unusual and unexpected situation occurs. We might argue animals are not morally culpable for their actions, but they still have brains that process information and sometimes the output is unpredictable. A better thing to say would be that anything that goes wrong with a horse is the owner/rider's responsibility, and the owners responsibility first. I would hold an expert rider responsible for what happens with a horse if they misshandle it, but if an owner is teaching a new rider, the owner is responsible for making the sure the horse stays in control and for instructing the new rider on how to handle situations that might be unexpected. And if anything does go wrong and someone gets hurt, unless the new rider did something to deliberately antagonize or create the problem (more than just inexperience), the accident should be held as the owner's responsibility.


It probably was my fault but didn’t make the situation any more enlightening or less traumatizing. Never was instructed on what I did wrong or how to properly stop it.


Oh yea no I wasn’t blaming you at all, it’s just that hardcore horse people seem to struggle with the concept that some people are new at this shit. I’ve already been stomped on, kicked and bit just working with some of these horses, even with confidence and knowing what to do. It’s literally just that horses can be dicks sometimes lol Edit: the thing that frustrated me the most was when I was kicked in the knee, the horse trainer got PISSED at me and started asking what I did to put myself in this position. Like bro you already know I don’t like this horse, and am not very experienced, that’s a bad combo. This was before they even sent me to urgent care for it.


I haven't spent a lot of time around horse people but have gone trail riding a number of times. It's funny how some of them can be completely attuned to the animals and expects everyone else to be able to read them, while completely missing that one of the riders is a nervous wreck. You're totally right about animals just deciding to be assholes sometimes, but I can think of some incidents where the trainer should have been more aware of the vibe being off. A scared rider is probably going to lead to a bad time.


Oh definitely. I haven’t even ridden any yet, just working with them, like getting them dressed for our performances and saddling them up and such. Second day on the job, and second day ever working with horses, one of them (coincidentally the one that kicked me a while later) shoulder checked me into the stall wall because no one told me that he gets territorial about his stall. The person training me was nowhere in sight too lol


GOD I FEEL THAT SO HARD. When my incident happened I was in 5th grade and a year ahead of myself so I was about 9-10 years old. And instead of calmly being told how to fix it, the grown adult instructors were just screaming “STOPPPP WHAT ARE YOU DOING” while throwing their hands up or putting them on their head. it’s the most panic inducing and helpless feeling lol


Yeah that was absolutely on the instructors. You don't stick a scared kid directly on a horse with no guidance, and if you do and it backfires, yelling at the kid is the least helpful reaction. I'm sorry that happened to you because it can be really fun working with horses and they ruined that for you.


I had a similar thing happen to me when I was in the 7th grade! I was at a youth camp and they gave me the "gentle, old mare" as I had no experience riding. We were riding peacefully through the woods on a trail when she suddenly bolted with me on her, off the trail. I don't know how I even managed to hold on but I was utterly terrified. I can still hear the leader of the group shouting, "Stop the horse! Pull on the reins!" and I tried with my puny little arms but nothing worked until the guy caught up and took control of the horse. He then asked, "What did you do?" I told him I hadn't done anything and he just shook his head as if I were an idiot. Although I am sure the moment was shorter and not as dramatic as I remember it, I haven't ridden since.




I own a ball python. Out of the cats and dogs that I also have in the house, the snake is by far the least dangerous. But people aren’t freaked out when I say I own a cat or a dog. Or ask me if my cat or dog could kill each other. It’s odd what people are overly scared of vs not scared enough of. It’s odd that we aren’t scared of these massive creatures that can easily kill you.


Horses fucking scare me. Just the thought of them having two rows of teeth and jaws powerful enough to rip my arm off, make me not touch them with a ten foot pole.


Horse girls are the weirdest people alive.


I grew up around tons of horse girls and never met a normal one 😂 most of them were MEAN too. Only met one or two really sweet horse girls.


The reason a large number of horse girls are mean is because the vast majority of horse girls are rich. You ever seen a horse in a 2 bedroom apartment?


First thing you learn in the vet field. Don’t date horse girls. Horse girls that are in denial can readily be made apparent when you ask them if they would have there horse in there wedding photos.


"if horses knew how much power they have, a lot less ppl would be able to ride them... "


I am sure there’s a ton of horses who are very well trained but all it takes is one mistake. Just like reddits love of pit bulls. I’m sure there’s plenty of pit bulls who are nice but they are very powerful creatures and can fuck someone very easily.


And then there's that video of the pit bull attacking a horse (or possibly a donkey) and the horse absolutely mashes it because the dog simply won't stop.


When I was 4, I went to a preschool open house, and somebody had the bright idea to bring horses. I left my mom's side to pet one of the little horses, but I didn't know that the horse needs to see you. I touched its hind leg, it got spooked, bucked me in the face, and I was out for a few hours. I was deathly terrified of horses for most of my childhood after that and had to get a few surgeries to fix my nose as I got older.


Two of them appear to be standing there drinking Modelo


So the stallion went from thinking “I’m gonna get laid” to dropping dead and making fart noises


Not fart noises. Look at its ass when it makes the noise. The final poo.


That's how we know he died.


Nobody want to enter heaven full of shit


This is somehow deeply profound


I missed the poop the first time and only heard the noise. So after reading your comment I watched it again and saw it. Thank you, brain. For some reason you had to watch a horse poophimself dead. Fucking useless.


From getting laid to getting laid out


From having a stiff to being a stiff


He wanted to fuck around but instead he found out.


The horse actually began shitting itself due to loosing control of all muscle control.


He died with his dick out. How embarrassing.


He died pursuing what he loved


Explains why he's smiling at the end


Dude was just trying to get laid.


Just trying to get laid, but instead gets kicked in the head, shits himself as he's dying, and gets it all posted on the internet where he'll be made fun of for all eternity.


shoulda just watched horse porn on the saddle light dish


He went from horny as hell to dead as a doornail in seconds. Really makes you think.


He kinda poop too after.


So you will, my friend. So will you. *Edit* fuck it I'm leaving it


Will so, you, my friend. So you will.


Death by snu snu


Did you see that dick? I wouldn't be embarrassed with that hog.


You don't have enough blood in your body to support that hardware. It would be eternally flaccid.


No shit, that thing would be out all the time.


What a beautiful hors- aaaand it's dead. Fuck sake, the mare just wanted to leave, terrible owners killed the stallion.


100%. The person controlling the stallion restricted it's head movement, horses kick eachother all the time but that wouldnt have killed him if his head was able to lift as he was trying to. Forced insemination in these circumstances is ansolutely cruel and unprofessional. What a beautiful animal just gone due to incompetence. I've seen this video around and it is heartbreaking.


this.... growing up on a ranch i never saw a mare brought so damn close while the stallion is tied


I couldn't get over that. Hobbled, sure but he's full on tied off. I know nothing about horses and knew at least that you always give them their head.


This video pisses me off every time I see it. That mare wasn't ready to breed. She is clearly concerned with one thing and one thing only, and that is getting back to her foal (baby horse). That stallion stood in the way of that, and he paid the price for these guys stupidity.


My partner works on a stud farm. The lack of care out into both horses welfare here is disgusting. These guys should be shamed for endangering these animals this was. The mare wasn’t in heat, she was panicked and afraid due to the foal in the back ground. A proper stud farm, this situation would never be allowed to happen. Disgusting.


What exactly is happening here? I don't know anything about horses but they looked pretty upset, doesn't seem like it was a good idea for them to put them together in the first place.


Typically, and I am not an expert, if a mare really is in heat and they want a specific breed match, they will bring in a teaser horse that will effectively get her in the mood which is when you bring in your stud. Also big open spaces like this don’t seem to help as you want to guide them to the job rather than let them loose to run and kick. That mare didn’t seem to be ready and was agitated. These guys likely have done this this way before and just thought ‘it’s fine, we do it all the time’. And when the stud got curb stomped and died, they seem in disbelief.


They really don't seem to care all that much either. I'd be frantic if I was doing this and this happened. Another comment said the studs skull was split in half.


Horses are social animals and spend a long time bonding before they do the nasty and plop out little grass engines. Then humans came along and decided that nature is dumb and you can keep the stallions isolated until they get aggressively horny and force themselves on the mare so you get the ideal breed of horse. Judging by everyone holding a beer while slapping a dead horse's face, this was probably not the most uptight operation and nobody had any regards to the animals' wellbeing.


Yeah, that's what I mentioned in my reply to the other comment I got. No one really seemed to care that this big creature just died. It flopped like a Gary's mod ragdoll and blew shit everywhere and everyone's just like "you okay bro? No? Bring this one to the glue factory"


I think the guy said the skull split in half. Right in the center of the face


That kick must’ve been harder then it looks


Well...it is That hit can kill nearly anything Saw a vid once where a zebra does it randomly an kills a wildabeest with it


Wildebeests HATE this one simple trick.


Being a wildebeest is tough enough. Random ass zebra kicks from out of nowhere now too


It takes surprisingly little to kill with a strike to the head for a lot of animals, human included. I mean, I'm sure a rhino could take the hit, but if you think about it, all you really have to do is get the brain to make hard enough contact with the inside walls of the skull hard enough. It's also why punching someone in the jaw sometimes knocks them out (or I suppose kills them in like a Mike Tyson vs me kind of scenario) without even making direct contact to the wall of the skull.


Yep, that's why a quick strike to the head is a fairly common technique for killing animals in a slaughterhouse. Seen it done with cattle and a bolt-gun


Someone who understands horse body language; WAS it an accident? Or was she simply not as into it as the stallion (considering its possible they dont know each other & horses are social but the owners are probably breeding for looks?)


Yeah mares don't typically accept a random stud. If they don't know each other, or if they do and she hates him, she won't let him mount. And if he isn't getting the hint to back off, she'll kick, buck, and bite him. Usually they don't straight murder the stud but she must have been super pissed to kick that hard.


They also didn't let the stud react to the blow properly. You can see him not able to dodge properly because he's being lead. It would still have been a bad hit probably but almost certainly not fatal. Horses know how not to get kicked in the face like that.


No it wasn’t she was clearly defending herself. Stallions can be dangerous when that worked up


Kicking the stallion was not an accident, but it was bad luck that it hit where it did to instantly kill it. Both horses were out of control (stallion bc it's not a properly trained stud horse, mare because her foal was nearby but not accessible and she likely perceived the stallion as a threat to both of them)


This is why you introduce them with a huge wall between them first. If there's any sort of freaking out they aren't let near each other, end of story. Irresponsible doesn't come close to describing the handling here.


He did the South Park shitting himself thing.


Bad breeders


Everyone here in the video is a complete moron and should feel really bad for what happened.


This seems so dangerous for the employees too. Why not just have the vet inseminate the mare if you want to breed them? Seems an unnecessary risk...


The ‘employees’ don’t seem to have a fucking clue what they’re doing.




She’s not a “raving mare” a lot of mares don’t tolerate stallions being wild like that and thry can be choosy with who they let breed them. He was spooking her so she obviously kicked


She didn't want to breed. Worried about her foal and they should have known better than this. I've seen mares get absolutely fed up with stallions, but this was fatal.


Poor horses. She was not ready to mate, all the signs were there. Her behavior made it clear she was panicked, that he was a strange horse to her and she didn't want it, not to mention *her terrified foal was right there trying to get to her*. They killed that stallion with their negligence. I grew up riding and this is such poor horse care.


Curious on the legality here. Is the owner of the female horse liable to pay the price of the dead horse?


Highly doubtful. The stud owners would be responsible for the covering and they did everything wrong


I love how all the workers stand around afterward like "damnit Judy, that's the third one this week."


The people in this video are lacking some IQ points.


Definitely a bummer but something that happens in nature as well I assume. Getting kicked in the head and shitting yourself to death is a hell of a way to go.


Getting kicked in the head, while bricked up and shitting yourself to death is a hell of a way to go.


In nature, this horse would have had a repoire with the mare and known quite well if she was wanting to fuck him. He probably wouldn't risk the kick in the head if she wasn't.


That's right folks. Size doesn't matter. Just because you have a 3 foot long, doesn't mean you'll impress the girl.


Happens all the time. That's why when horses are properly bred in captivity, the mare is in a tight pen, blinders on, and a rancher has a chain and rod wrapped around her nose. If she bucks or anything, the rancher cranks on the rod. The pain makes the mare focus on their nose rather than killing the stud.


So basically involuntary bdsm session for mare?


That’s called a nose twitch. This is why reputable breeding programs do insemination not live covering


Not if it’s a reputable thoroughbred breeding program. Only horses conceived through live cover can be registered as thoroughbreds.


That's a quick way to go


He went before he came....the irony .


Reading this has made me re-evaluate my life choices.


"I'm horny, I'm horny! Let me fuck. Let. Me..." ***clonk*** ^And ^all ^that ^with ^a ^Mexican ^soundtrack.


Went to horny hell


..all I can hear is that dying horse letting the biggest wettest shit go. Damn what a way to go.




Yeah... I pretty sure she knew what she was doing. They're pretty accurate with their kicks. (Edit, not that she meant to kill him. Just that she definitely meant to kick him)