The rarely seen two for one

The rarely seen two for one


I'm just imagining the volume of one creeping up, then the other, and so on until both are maxed out and everyone is deaf.


Just... why? Why does a room need two TVs, 10 feet away from each other?


Or two identical fireplaces for that matter.


Perhaps it was previously two separate apartments which were purchased together and combined, but the fireplaces were already there? IDK, just trying to rationalize this lunacy.


Found on [this Redfin listing](https://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1620-15th-St-NW-20009/home/9868329?utm_source=ios_share&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=copy_link&utm_nooverride=1&utm_content=link)


Of course this would be DC. One of the most boring major real estate markets. $2.95 million folks.


Interior design 101 - when you have a blank wall in the living room, add fireplace with a TV over it. Also, fuck interior designers.


Designers? I find it to be builders more than designers that recommend TVs over fireplaces. We’re in the bidding process of having our basement finished. Every builder we interview recommends a tv above the fireplace. No designer had recommended it.


AAAAAAAAAAAA I swear people are just doing this to specifically piss us off.


Watching the video tour, the fireplace with the sofa in front of it is a tv, but the one with the puffy sac chair is a painting. There is a TV in the master bedroom sitting area hung exactly like the one downstairs though. So there are two poorly hung TVs, just not in the same room.


Ahhh, thanks for pointing this out. Makes it slightly less unpalatable.


Yeah you can tell it's a painting if you zoom in a little. Also, I bet they lay down on the sofa a lot, so that's the reason the TV is high and angled.


They don't even look to be mounted at the same height.


Both TVs are 20 bricks from the floor


I count 19 on the far one, but the tilt of the TV might be coming into play. It also looks like the TVs are different aspect ratios, but hard to tell from the pic.


[I was guilty of the 2 for 1 as well a few years ago.](https://imgur.com/gallery/NDhSv) It actually hurt my neck after a year which is why I found this sub. I have since corrected it


What was your strategy behind this? Watch something on one screen while playing a game in another?


A few things, I still have two screens but I have upgraded to 4k on each and lowered them, both screens are connected to one computer. I work infrastructure and I work from home so lots of real-estate is fantastic. The 4K upgrade also makes a big difference as it is essentially 8 1080P screens if I move my chair forward. The main reason however is I would always stare at my phone when watching movies so I would actually miss a lot of the action. I just decided to admit that I won't focus so I should just lean in to what makes me happy. I really enjoy it as at comfortable viewing distance I can surf on one while watching media on the other. I can also use it to queue up videos on the right while watching on the left. The left screen is also set up to move. It has a long cable bundle that allows me to move it forward 6 feet as well as side to side. I have 6 retro gaming mini consoles on the left screen which is also fun. [https://i.redd.it/6guz2w87vgg51.jpg](https://i.redd.it/6guz2w87vgg51.jpg) I added some eames chairs and moved the rest of the furniture around. If I close all applications on the right screen and focus on the movie player on the left the right screen goes to sleep and essentially vanishes. I really like the setup although reddit has made it clear they do not.


Weirdest use/placement of some fine ass Eames chairs. Good on you.


What do you think is weird? The right chair is the guest chair and it can see the left screen which is the video screen perfectly. Also they can be moved around and the left screen can be slid forward and centred for movie nights.


I think it's maybe a little weird you'd use them as your primary seating almost like a couch. Usually they're like an accent chair to complement a bigger seating spot.


There is a fully functional living room right behind the Eames chairs. So if I turn them 180 degrees the are in front of a my green wagon coffee table (From the first pic) and opposite my Barcelona chair "couch" and a few leather chairs for additional seating. This way I have a nice conversation space with three sets of seats all converging from different sides. I didn't want the TVs to be the focus of the room when I had friends over.


Oh I see. The set up looks a lot better now. Pretty cool.


I've cleaned it up further, it is less cluttered now but still kind of messy as there is a lot of equipment after all. I like it as I have always been a Function > Form type of person.


Also impossible to watch 2 games at once...constantly waking back and forth to jerk your neck up to check each score


Why would anyone want this? How would that even work, have one on mute all the time or something?


wow - so many questions


When you are too lazy to polish up your 3D project so you copy/paste the layout.


I feel like 2 different contractors both thought the brickwork was their job.


This must be Two Face's house


I hate the tilt more than the height. But that second sad setup is ridiculous. Had to be something else worth considering for the room.


plenty of room to crank those bad boys up


2 TVs one living room! NSFW and NSFL!


One is a picture/painting


This looks like a clinical study