Why can't you download Sweet Home on Webtoons?

Why can't you download Sweet Home on Webtoons?




Given the message at the beginning of every Daily Pass chapter, I assume Webtoons is very protective of their copyright for comics that aren't entirely free (those being Daily Pass and Fast Pass episodes). Having poked around a little, it appears that other comics on Daily Pass also can't be downloaded (strangely enough, not even the episodes that are free), and if you take a screenshot of a non-free episode, a little popup appears up telling you that they will take legal action if you post it anywhere. I suspect this is also one of the reasons you can only access Daily Pass through the app, since it gives Webtoons more control over how you view their content and what you're able to do with it. I'm sure some people will hate the very idea of a company making people pay to read comics, but as far as paywalls go I think Webtoons is the most humane I've seen, even if it does make it harder to create memes... Plus, unless I'm missing something, it seems like they treat the artists that publish through them fairly well, so I'm not particularly inclined to figure out ways to subvert them.


Huh, thanks for the response, I respect the reasons for this inability to download them, respect to ya for the effort and research gone into finding everything out and typing it out in this response, thanks!