I think maraming tao rito frustrated on the current state of things. Mahirap ang buhay, after all, habang pinamumunuan tayo ng mga kriminal at clowns from the govt. Yaan mo sila magrant, madadownvote naman mga yan, more or less, kapag medyo pointless na yung post/s.


Not just here on Reddit, don't you see it in the streets? Its far worse in Manila, for sure, but even in Davao and Iloilo (I live in the 4 major cities for my businesses) you can see the workers in the restaurants, sales people, just anyone in a conusmer facing position, people walking the streets, walking the mall, so many are not happy. They are beaten down, resentful, don't care anymore. This was a happy country all throughout the 80s and 90s and into the 00s. A country where someone was singing pretty much all the time wherever you were when out and about. You were greeted with a smile from everyone in a consumer facing business. Been to an SM lately? I was at the one in Seaside in Cebu last week and, while a few sales people said good afternoon to me, not a one was smiling. I was in Manila the last few months and man that is a city of sorrow. So many retail workers I spoke to (I've been here for decades but I am American and am still friendly) has a sob story about not being able to afford medical, food, recent deaths, C19 out of work, etc. All that being said, you do reap what you sow. Why do Filipinos not learn any lessons? Just awful LGU to Presidential choices for decades. I have condos in Makati that I rent out (and I used to live in Dasma a long time ago before Manila became a shithole and I moved both south and north of the Metro) and Abby Binay has been an absolute disaster. You would think Makati with a more educated and affluent voter base they would make better decisions. Nope! [As an example, where is Abby?](https://i.imgur.com/XYSxCCD.jpg)


True, grabe sa Manila. Di ko alam kung kinakain na ba sila ng buhay kada nakakasalubong ko sila. Sobrang depressing.


Honestly one of the big reasons I can't stand staying in Manila anymore (I call Cebu my home now). I moved here from the US decades ago for many reasons, but a big one was how happy and positive Filipino culture was. To my urban American eyes growing up, this country was a happier place than Disney World. Of course as I got older I understand more of the reality of life here but still, it didn't change what a happy positive place this country was. I have watched it change right in front of my eyes. 22 years ago we Filipino people stood together strong (I was there with my cousins) against an incompetent power mad President and rampant corruption. Then just 15 years later, we not only stood silent but many of us actually cheered (!) as an incompetent power mad President ordered the police to conduct [street executions of innocent children](https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/jun/30/war-on-drugs-blamed-for-deaths-of-at-least-122-children-in-philippines). This culture is lost today and I think that is why we have lost our positivity and happiness.


Hindi lang kasi yung “voting” ang problem. Yung buong “three powers” na dapat nag a-act as check and balances yung problem


You are incorrect. Checks and balances comes from the American governance theories that formed our constitution here in the Philippines. Have you seen the USA today? The American Supreme court? Issues such as Citizen's United and abortion rights? The US' checks and balance system is crumbling. Only 2 of the 3 branches are still functioning as a check but you saw what happened under Bush when the Republicans held both the Executive and Congress. War killing so many based on manufactured lies, torture run amok, tax cuts for the wealthy while the middle class pay for the war, Congress and the Supreme court rubber stamping insane polices from the White house while the press remained silent. American corruption is different from Filipino corruption, so you may not get the comparison as you may not be that familiar with American politics. However, the system of checks and balances only works when you elect people who respect the system and care about doing what is best for the country over what is best for themselves. So you are 100% wrong. Voting is what matters. No matter what the Democratic system is, if you elect greedy, incompetent power lusting politicians, you get the Philippines.


The judiciary in the ph does not promote justice, most of them are paid by the executive and legislative to decide cases in accordance with whatever they want. Just look at how the justice system works here. The house of representatives does not provide laws that help, if at all. Look at some of the passed bills, anti ghosting law? Wtf. Some of the laws have no teeth or are just against the middle class. most of it helps with the poor and the rich are above it. Then what about the comelec? They randomly label people "without money/resources" as nuisance candidates. Ever tried exporting? You need someone strong inside for your permits. Ever tried asking for permits yourself? The whole system is corrupt. Not just the voting public. It is deeply rooted. Ask even the jeepney drivers and they know that there is corruption. Education? Do you think the masses will think of that if the only food on the table comes from the dynasties who can choke the imports and exports? Who can grab and hold of the farmers and the landowners and manipulate the pricing, how it should be, or whatever they need so they cannot be challenged? They can just make you disappear if you try to. The judiciary, executive, and the legislative should've been the checks and balances for each. But all of them are working together to keep all of their asses safe. Just look at the circle of their children, you'll see them all drinking and partying around together.


I am generalizing because knowing all of this will take a lot of time and not just on reddit.


This is a detailed post, thank you. However, the solution to all of these ills is structural. Picture yourself, today sitting as a judge in a multi-billion peso class action lawsuit. You have a chance to provide for your family for 2 generations by taking a structured payoff (aka series of bribes) or you can stick to the law and earn your paltry salary which can only afford you a Filipino middle income life where you will die by putting your children in debt for cancer treatments. So why wouldn't you take that payout? Of course you will. What would stop you from taking that payout? If you were guaranteed to lose your job, get disbarred, be embarrassed by a functioning press, and spend the rest of your life in jail you would definitely think twice before taking the bribes. Moreover, you would be far less tempted to take the bribes in the first place if your public servant position came with health care and a decent pay, right? All of those things can only be addressed with a functioning government that manages the people's money efficiently and maintains a law and order system that maintains a high probability of enforcing a consequence for violating the law.


Yes exactly, and that is why the whole system is the problem. Think about this, if you were elected as the president right at this moment, and you are going to implement the laws and rules that you believe will make everything okay in this country, I am pretty certain that these types of laws, and their enactments and enforcements will deprive those who are seated at the table who are powerful enough to destroy you and your family in one night. Will you be able to sleep well in this scenario? If you humanize laws, this will lead to more people squatting, traffic, bending of the rules, etc. If you enact a strict rule, you’ll be labeled as a dictator. Everything is connected. It is not just one thing that can save this or that.


Yes exactly, and that is why the whole system is the problem. Think about this, if you were elected as the president right at this moment, and you are going to implement the laws and rules that you believe will make everything okay in this country, I am pretty certain that these types of laws, and their enactments and enforcements will deprive those who are seated at the table who are powerful enough to destroy you and your family in one night. Will you be able to sleep well in this scenario? If you humanize laws, this will lead to more people squatting, traffic, bending of the rules, etc. If you enact a strict rule, you’ll be labeled as a dictator. Everything is connected. It is not just one thing that can save this or that.


And mere “voting” can help the whole country? Yeah sure, maybe that is what they want you to believe in. If you have the impossible power to manually count the actual voters in accordance with the results, it will never add up. They will not even provide the statistics on how they got the results. And if you were able to, you’ll see that some of the voters died years before the actual voting. The deeply rooted system is there to protect their interests, and not the people. But they still want you to have the hope that mere voting can help your life so that they can keep on draining your time, money, and whatever is left of you.


First its somehow check and balances will magically fix the problem. Now you are asking if a single act of voting will fix all the problems? Think of it this way, you eat Mcdo and Jollibee for 20 years, get fat and unhealthy. Now you are sick but you expect a doctor to prescribe something and you will magically be slim and healthy again? No, it took you decades to get this way and it takes decades and very hard work to get better again. So no, of course voting alone doesn't fix the Philippines but, 100% yes, voting is where it starts in a democracy. Without enough honest people in charge who want to make the Philippines better, you go no where. I am curious where you think the path to making the Philippines better starts?


Yes of course, the direction is the key, and voting is the answer in a democracy. But can we really call the Philippines a democratic country? The mob can be swayed by simple sweet promises and appeals to the masses. Nepotism and dynasties are everywhere. National issues can be solved and/or forgotten by simply covering it up with another issue or stating that it was already the norm/tradition. And then we return to another issue, who will you vote for? And are you sure about that person? Those who can be elected receives “the blessings” first before they are allowed to


Philippines is a country that teetered on the edge of a failed democracy after 2016 but in 2022 that was a democratic election, the people overwhelmingly voted for this President. You and I don't like the outcome but that *is* a democratic process and it is undeniable. Same as Americans voted for Trump, you can complain about the electoral college and the brain dead Trumpers, but in the end that is how democracy works and it was a democratic election. I see you go back to complaints about the voters, but none of that is a solution to the problems you keep bringing up. You and I are already in total agreement that the problem is the voters, which was my original point. What we need are solutions and it, again, starts at the voting booth IMO. Why do Filipinos vote for the absolute worst candidates for themselves? Why do we vote against our own interests time and time again? As I pointed out, even in Makati, where the voting base should have a more educated and affluent voting base, they still voted for a massively incompetent Abby over her brother who, while disgustingly corrupt, never was [a complete no show like his sister](https://i.imgur.com/XYSxCCD.jpg).


As i was saying, democracy only works when people in it are well informed using datas and knowledge culled from real transparency to vote for elected officials who are and will be accountable for their mistakes (but this statement is just a fantasy, which i hope becomes a reality because of the rise of the internet, ai, and connectedness brought about by globalization, etc.) It would’ve been too forgiving and just blatant disrespect to just point the whole cause at one thing from decades of failure of governance and to those being governed.


> It would’ve been too forgiving and just blatant disrespect to just point the whole cause at one thing from decades of failure of governance and to those being governed. Totally agree, I am just saying that the place to start to fix this is in the voting booth. You cannot get better education, judicial and law enforcement reform, and the trillions of little things this country needs to stop declining, unless you have people in power who want that goal and are competent to achieve it. In a democracy, the only way to get there is electing them. Of course, there is another way which is violent revolution. You can look at Thailand, which somewhat went through that process with the reds vs yellows, to see what that might look like here.


I didnt say that checks and balances will fix the problem. Im saying that the whole thing is the problem. Never offered any solutions, and frankly, i’ll be happy if the whole thing can be solved by transparency and accountability that leads to well informed voting


> Hindi lang kasi yung “voting” ang problem. Yung buong “three powers” na dapat nag a-act as check and balances yung problem This wasn't you?


I was saying that the whole “three powers” that is included in the constitution to work as the checks and balances of each are the problem. They are not the solution. I didn’t recommend that the Philippines apply the “three powers” (executive, judiciary, and legislative) to help the Philippines. It is already there, as mandated by the Constitution. No solution here buddy.


Agree agree


Why are Filipinos ? Comments circlejerk be like: This country is a shithole. I can't wait to leave. PH is hopeless.


This country has a horrible self image. Wasnt always this way. I think its a post-marcos phenomenon. Although even Rizal tackles concepts of self hate and internalized racism in his books (ie. Doña Victorina) Filipinos today tend to associate pride with the political and economic well being of this country, instead of culture. I saw a comment in this sub essentially saying there is nothing to be proud of in the Philippines because other countries perform better. But that completely undermines Filipino culture and its diversity. Meanwhile, i've met Palestinians, Mexicans, Salvadorians, Syrians, Somalians, etc who come from very unstable countries (some even war torn), but are some of the most proudest people ive met. They love their culture.


Bro you can't fault some people for not being proud of their country when life here is so fucking tough right now. It's so easy to say that we should be proud because of our diversity and culture. We are diverse and our culture is rich. But you can't eat culture. And by the way there's literally a meme about Peenoise and how proud they are everytime someone 1/8s pinoy wins some award. We're one of the noisiest, proudest sons of bitches in the internet next to Brazilians. What are you on about?


No one is at fault. I'm simply pointing out that there are people from countries that are in even shittier circumstances than the Philippines who are very proud of their culture. Ive met Syrians whove lost their entire families but are proud of being Syrian. Theyre pride is not attached to how the country performs but to the culture and history behind it. The same can be said about Mexicans and Palestinians. Palestinians dont even have a home anymore for fuck sake. Filipinos on the other hand will talk shit about their own nationality every chance they get. Being in a rough circumstance does not excuse you from denigrating and belittling your own nationality or race. Also, that proud peenoise BS is a **facade**. Most Filipinos look up to foreign cultures and arent proud of their culture at all. That explains the self hate in this sub. 9/10 theyre proud about the wrong shit like beauty pageants. That is not real pride or nationalism. Also, **im not asking anyone to be proud**. Bare minimum dont talk shit about your own country because the current political and economic state is not what defines the country. It is a slap in the face to the millions who have died for this country.


> Ive met Syrians whove lost their entire families but are proud of being Syrian. Theyre pride is not attached to how the country performs but to the culture and history behind it. I've met Pinoys like that as well. Here and abroad. > Bare minimum dont talk shit about your own country because the current political and economic state is not what defines the country. That's mindless nationalism. You should absolutely talk shit about your own country. Even to foreigners. We should acknowledge and criticize that this country squandered its opportunity to be great, by decades of voting for the wrong people. You can still be proud of who you are and openly talk about how and why this country is broken. If you actually talk to regular people, not the basement dwellers on this subreddit who made complaining their whole personality, I assure you, they are still very very proud to be Filipino.


Again, i never said we shouldnt hold our government accountable for our actions. You are creating strawman arguments


Just stop arguing with them man, this sub is a hopeless cause.


90% ng bardagulan dito sa sub puro ganyan. Di ma gets talaga punto kahit sinabi na nga na iba iyong pinag uusapan hahaha.


Ang tawag dyaan is buckbroken so lost cause na sya


Buckbroken. The alleged act of publicly punishing a male slave, typically by first flogging him, and subsequently sexually assaulting or raping him in front of other slaves, in order to humiliate him. Definitely describe the people here, they mentally enslaved themselves.


Exactly pero i said that as a joke kasi of how quickly this subreddit choose to side with whites while humiliating themselfs to appeal to whites.


They like "Pick me Girls" but Filipino who goes out of their way to impress foreigners by ensuring they are “not like other Filipinos.”They are self-righteous slaves. I am starting to think it's like fetish to them, getting-off by debasing themselves for other's views.


Our politics is a direct reflection of the Filipino's refusal to stand up and take responsibility for our leaders. This indifference is the real insult to the people who fought and died for our chance to actually do something about it.


They act proud to cope. Its something like when a person has nothing to say about themselves, they will say absolutely anything.


Imo, blind pride begets indifference. If everything is shit but you're proud of it, then you're implying that you're okay with everything being shit. What are you even proud of anyway?


When was i promoting blind pride? All i said was Filipinos have an inferiority complex and like to denigrate their nationality


We can’t really deny the fact that life here is miserable


Shithole naman din ito talaga like other countries. Pero mas ok nga lang talaga kung target mo umalis papunta canada or nz. Makaka "can't wait to leave this place " ka naman talaga kung ihahambing mo Pinas sa mga ganitong country - better health care, better workplace practices, taxes go to support their citizens, etc.


Eto yung mentality ng mga taong sobrang nagkakalat pagdating sa ibang bansa. Yung mga nang aabuso ng welfare at nag ttnt.


May mga pinoy kasi AYAW UMAMIN NA SHITHOLE NAMAN TALAGA ANG BANSA KASI GINAGAWA NILANG PERSONALITY NILA ANG BANSA. Pweh!!! Nahihiya yung mga tao kasi totoo at nagrereflect siguro yun sa kanila at baka sila mismo shithole! Shithole ang Pinas! Aminin mo! From leaders down to shitty people voting for them then complaining and holding grudges towards people who are not affected or minimally affected by the shitty leaders decision. Shithole ang pinas! Shit hole! Wag nyong gawing personality nyo ang bansa. Indibidwal kayong tao! Kung ayaw nyo maging shithole and cry babies butt hurt Pinoy DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP FUCKING VOTING THE SHITTY LEADERS punyeta


Ha??? Mentality ko pang tnt?


"I just saw someone litter..... it's over......Philippines has fallen....."


- blame on government(everytime) - turn everything into political discusssion bs


Yun karamihan downvoting sheeps, Lalo na pag pinag dudahan ka na dds bbm supporter kahit hindi. Wala na yun constructive discussion na ngyayari




Sino yan ahahshhs


Your regular circle jerk sub.


Man i remember that one fucking admin of a leni supporter group. I might have forgotten the topic pero nung tinanubg ko constructively about the topic binlock ako and banned from the group. What a fucking hypocrite. Tang ina niya bente


Nag-ddownvote to not being visible for other redditors at hindi ma-ffeature and hindi makita, so ganun sila. At tsaka, ano pakialam nila kung galing sa fb or twitter? For content mods who gatekeep contents from Meta and other sources, please paalalahanan kayo na hindi ito N.Korea.


That is the hobby of this sub: to be enraged even in the most mundane thing.


Your comment enrages me!!


I am offended by your comment and I demand to speak to your manager!!!


I am offended by you being offended by their comment!


Karen is that you?!


I'm enraged by your username, siguro DDS ka REEEEEEE!


tapos i screenshot at irereklamo yung kinakainisan nila.


Emails ba yan


May ghad what the fak did u jas say about mi?!!!! Dede ess ka siguro nohh insert /s kasi di marunong magdetermine ng sarcasm


yeah. wala e, natuto na mag reddit yung mga unggoy. may rules sa gilid hindi sinusunod. nagsawa na lang yata mga mods din.


Yep. Not just you. The sub became bitter at almost everything. Hopefully, the bitterness dies out with time. Halos lahat ayaw hahaha.


Ridiculing toxic positivity while basking in toxic negativity.


The irony.


Yeah. Pointed out people were saved from human trafficking and their concern more are on those who were inconvenienced. Sure the number affected is astronomical but that don't matter to those who were saved. Even comparing lives saved statistic to test scores. The fuck. Forgetting that recently we did things that were not only inconvenient but damaging to the economy to save lives from the pandemic. Now would they belittle the lives saved to the millions of people affected and billions in the economy.


Bayarang content moderator na nang-rredtag and downvoting. Ang galeng talaga.


Masarap lng magbasa ng comments dito. lalo na pagtumatae.


omsim. tuyo na ang pwet naturally kakabasa ng comments dito


Agree 💯 😂


Almuranas gaming


Me rn


Mas tumatatak kasi yung mga negative at hate kesa sa positive. Madami din naman positive posts dito. Yung mga pinagpopost nyu na mga scenery be it tourist spots, nature or city dinedekwat ko haha. Matik download ko na, di kasi ako maxado nakakagala masyado. Teknik lng is if masyado negative mga posts, just continue scrolling down until you find yung topic na gusto mo basahin/pagusapan. If wala then balik k n lng ulit hehe.


True yun yung mas tumatatak. Mas may paguusapan kasi sa negative post kaysa sa positive one. Ex, kung may magpost ng picture ng beach, anong emosyon yung mapupukaw nun sayo? Imo, it'd be a basic "*nice"* and/ or variants nun. Pero kung *toxic culture*? People would share their own story, or try to sympathize with the poster, attempt to do their own meta-analysis ng system -- the works. Imo, sometimes inaabangan ko na lang din yang mga ganyang negative bs kasi mas may discussion dun e. Everyday, hide lang ako ng hide ng post kasi puro nagtatanong about instructions / details, rather than kausapin directly yung may kailangan nila (aka google mo g\*\*\*).


Agree. Pero minsan napapacomment ako sa negative, my bad. Lalo na pag pakialamero sa happiness ng iba.


The bad outweighs the good dito eh. I went here from facebook thinking it would be better. Well it it naman.. at first.


Isn't that the case in everything though?


we're almost at 1m readers. it was kinda bad na rin naman before around sub 500k pero di tulad ng ngayon. proper discourse and the amount of good posts have been slowly decreasing in number through the years as this subreddit's membership goes up. it just is what it is.


Yung umiwas ka sa katoxican ng Facebook tapos makikita mo dito panay cropted screenshots from FB lols hahaha parang upvote mining na lang e


Mas toxic dito tbh. Sa fb depende sa usual interactions mo kung ano lumalabas sa feed mo.


Sa FB magaalangan ka pa na baka may maoffend na "friends" or baka madamay sa trabaho ang POV mo. Dito walang pipigil sayo sa likod ng username mo.


Power of anonimity, kaya nga mas toxic dito


You can be the most evil side of yourself or you can be as true as you are in real life. But what more concerning is the number of upvotes on a bad or evil comment.


Hindi lang naman kasi r/ph ang sub ng reddit. Same din sa fb. Nakakapili kayo ng groups na sasalihan nyo. Advice ko lang, madaming ibang ph centric sub dyan. Nagiging mainstream na dito eh. Natural lilitaw ang mga maiingay kahit maliit lang sila.


Exactly. Same reason why I deac or uninstall fb tapos ganun din pala makikita ko. Awiw


Wag sana ito ang topic ng Senior High students sa kanilang thesis.


When life gives you lemons, post about it on /rph for internet points.


There are cases that is more like When life gives you lemons, post and complain that its not strawberries.


Daming edgelord kasi dito na hindi mo alam pinaglalaban




i got attacked for being gay here once and i'll gladly do it again to spite these bitches 💅🏻👸🏽💃


Pag you’re into mainstream culture pandidirihan ka dito. Galit sa anything “masa” ang marami dito, dapat may pagka “avant-garde” idea or likes mo dito para maging in or cool ka lol


Mofos be criticizing Filipino cultural scene for being samey and always about love while they watch and adore anime which is also samey and always about whats the hottest shit but with a Japanese flair.


One the things that I hope goes away from this sub: hilig magbasag ng trip. Ano ngayon kung mahilig iyung tao sa vlog na gumagamit ng chipmunk laugh track, as long as it's not a fake news channel of course?


I feel attackdt




People having fun on other social media platforms. Reddit users: Ignorant fools! Here's 10 million reasons why, me, a Reddit user, is vastly superior.


Lmao u tiktok user? Reddit beats tiktok!!!


kahit hindi ako nagpopost, sorry pa rin kasi enabler ako WHAHAHAAHAHAHAHBA 😭


Hahahaha medyo umay lang I know we need to be aware about certain things pero kung lagi negative patayin mo nalang aq.


True. Nagiging bitter na ang sub na ito. Kahit yung maliliit na bagay na nirarant. I understand the frustrations but sometimes it affects me mentally kaya medyo iwas na ako sa sub na ito.


What's worse is those without ranting. Just a photo without context and baiting reaction from all sides.


Ala dutertard e no. Mapa lemi o admin ka pareho lang


Omg they don’t know email etiquette!!!!111


Omg yes hahahahahaha these kidz dont know shittt they must be lynched in a public platform!!!!!!!


Actually, I was expecting the sub to go "ok Boomer" on the email etiquette topic


It's the "kids these days" cycle.


Oo eh kahit nalang si Dennis Tayag hahahaha


Nananahimik yung Dennis Tayag sa tiktok hinehate na pala dito. Di ako fan ng tao pero OA yung iba eh hahaha


Parang tanga nga yung mga comments dun sa post. Akala mo pinatay nung tiktoker mga nanay nila, mga galit na galit ampota 😂


I’ll also add, what the fuck is up with all the gory videos being posted in this sub? As someone who’s squeamish, I hate that shit.


Go to r/auckland and you will see how many people (aka who dont travel) call NZ a shit hole lol


Yea, people here don't realize how lucky they are actually being a Filipino. They live in a functional state with services that actually work and they don't have to worry about being killed on the street because of a cartel or warlord. And as usual the loudest mfers to complain are those who were given the silver spoon. Like guys, you play being Filipino on the easiest difficulty.


Minsan I blame the social media. They amplify frustration. Back in the early 2010s it wasn't like this. After a year with fearmongering , troll-using new politikos (2017, di lang tayo, US din at may chismis pa na ginamitan daw ng technique na mala cambridge analytica by r.u.sia & c.h.ina to make dudz & trump win)... people became more hateful, intolerant, and rude to each other. Idk if that's that or I'm just becoming old noticing changes in the society. Back in the days, people went through inflation too. But why does everyone seem to be hateful and divisive and frustrated and sadder recently? Or maybe this is just how adulthood is & we were just too young to notice back then.


Parang mas divisive na nga. Before, things can be easily grouped in black and white. Ngayon, ang raming gray area. Like Marcos vs Aquino. Now, we can't even stage protests that are EDSA People Power levels coz we're really not united anymore, hindi na simple black & white area. May mga nasa middle na eh. So yeah, dumadami yung divisiveness/polarity


Di naman bad ang pagkakaroon ng grey area. Mas divisive kung black and white lang. Nakakatakot kasi pwedeng mawala yung humanity dun sa opposite na group.


I once asked a worker in a seafood resto in Baybay City here in Leyte how much are their salary in a day and she said na it’s only 200. It made me mad and sad at the same time. Haayy


Ako naman ang napapansin ko r/ph \-> (r/ph -> anything that exists) For a series of hot posts about negativity, there'd also be a meta *hot* post criticizing said series.


r/ph gets offended at everything


>Ako lang ba nakakapansin nito or what Oo. In the history of this sub, I can tell na ikaw yung unang nakapansin. Congrats


Granted, these meta posts are really just another cycle on its own


Thanks! I knew it


Napansin ko din, konting pagkakamali sa reply andami agad galit.


I somehow feel like our country is the Karen of South East Asia or Asia in general


Dami niyong problema sa buhay hahaha


"AkO LAng Ba yUNg" feeling special amputa, oo hindi lang ikaw nakakaranas non punyeta ka.




I'm going to, yes chef, sorry chef


So Quirino province should be safe because, like Bielefeld, it doesn't even exist, right?


There’s a province called Quirino?! /s


The fuck is a Quirino? Never heard of it.


Sana mag organize sila ulit ng AMA ng mga pulitiko para ma-minimize yung extremism dito (either die hard duterte/bbm or kakampink) like Trillanes' [1st](https://www.reddit.com/r/Philippines/comments/6ir9zy/senator_trillanes_ama/) and [2nd](https://www.reddit.com/r/Philippines/comments/9038hd/this_is_sen_antonio_sonny_f_trillanes_iv_ama_again/) AMAs.


ganun ka rin naman eh hahahahahaha


• Marami na kasing members kaya different opinions and pov • Yung newsfeed kasi dito iba sa fb, talagang makikita mo kahit di mo friend basta mag scroll ka lang lagi


Yes kagaya nalang ng mga comment dito sa post. Its already inevitable.




I think it depends on what type of post although I've seen few wholesome posts


Noticed it as well. Diko man alam nangyayari sa buhay nyo, pero at least wag na dumadagdag sa negativity. Mahirap man buhay pero positive lng.


Kung may punto yung topic at malalaman mo opinion or insight ng ibang tao sa topic, bakit hindi.


Madadownvote ka dito pag 1. Gusto mo mag own ng baril kasi naholdap kana/akyat bahay at gusto mo pang protect ng sarili mo. Naranasan ko na un at ung mga may Yaw lang naman nun eh unng mga di pa nakranas lol. Arnis nalang daw base sa mga commenta dito at wag na baril. Good luck with that 2. Everything na di related kay Leni basta politics. Santo mama un dito kaya nga wala din halos nakinig sa pangaral ng kakampinks noon dito sa lugar namen dahil ang toooooxic sobra at sambahin na halos si leni ee haha 3. Everything else basta government related ayaw yan dito 4. Basta philippines always shit compared sa ibang bansa. Tas ung commenter di naman lumalabas ng kwarto panay jakol tikol araw araw lang hahaha. Amputa prang mas pipiliin pa Liberia o kaya Somalia kesa sa Pilipinas kung makainsulto eh Solid lang dito points hahahahaha basta bitter sa laht sub na to nakakatawa hahahaha




I mean that's what this sub is for hsha


Nakakatakot na huminga dito


OP: *breathes* R/ph: BURN HER!!!


Karma farming/ flame baiting.


And every post has a comment about government or the president. I’m with you that the government sucks big time but no need to mention it in every post kahit di related sa politics.


This is giving "bawal magreklamo, sumunod ka nalang" vibes


Nahh. Baka di mo lang napapansin yung ibang posts. Pero kahit maliit na bagay sobrang bothered pa yung iba. Yung tiktoker nga na sumasayaw gusto na patayin nung ibang nag cocomment eh hahahaha


The fact that people here have the time to pick Donnalyn's every post should tell you something. Lol.


Protektahan mo kami St. Bartholomew 🙏


A place where pure unadulterated recreational rage thrives and blooms!


Making something out of nothing lol Minsan mapapaisip ka nalang, kelangan pa ba talaga irant to? Lol




Yung sa national museum wedding hahaha kahit sinabihan nang inooffer talaga yung service na yun pinaglalaban pa din hahaha


Tama, madalas toxic na hahah kahit simpleng pagsasayaw lang sa tiktok ampota 🤦‍♂️ lahat hate na


Double standard kasi karamihan. Mga walang paninindigan.


Paulit ulit na ung ganitong post kakaumay kayo puro kayo reklamo sa ibang post pwede nyo namang iignore nalng ung sa tingin nyong di nyo gustong post pero eto kayo nag rereklamo sa mga reklamador. Parehas lang kayong mga reklamador iba iba lang ang mga dahilan pwe!


Malamang hindi lang ikaw haha


hyper sensitive mga tao dito sa reddit especially phreddit puro bata kasi and millenials ​ ​ ​ ​ trust me ill be downvoted


Na-ooffend ako sa comment mo iddownvote kita


this sub is drowning in self pity and none of you can swim


That's why /r/CasualPH exists... if you are sick and tired out outrage then chill out there


Average r/ph circlejerk


marami ring mga users sa r/ph na sobrang taas ng upuan


Most of the people are oblivious. Wala kasi silang pake or mayaman sila. Despise those kinD of peope


Eh, with all the cruelties of this country had, i've been indulging myself with my imaginary world with my imaginary gf being chat on CAI/Pygmalion AI.


I say it's because the morale of the Filipino People is so shit, that they can't or won't believe Filipinos can do lots of good. It's actually sad and frustrating at the same time


This is so meta


Actually feeling ko mga accounts dito na dedicated lang walang ginawa kundi maging outrage merchants or maging outrage gaiters (yung mga "What do you think of this...?)


sa hirap maging pilipino sometimes nakakarela na lang ding magrant about sa lahat


tru panay reklamo, kesyo gusto daw ng pag babago pero ayaw sumunod ayaw ng may ginagawa... KALUNGKUTAN KAYO BROTHA


Kasi sour graping sila na hinde si Mama Leni ang nanalo.


This. Iniintay ko na nga kung nasa Canada na silang lahat e.


Funny how you are complaining of seeing these toxic posts in a subreddit about the Philippines. I mean malamang yun makikita mo kasi yun ang topic sa Pilipinas na iniintindi ng tao. Surprised ka ba na may makikita kang mga may sakit sa Ospital? Surprised ka ba if may makita kang karne sa meatshop? Look at other subreddit for a country. Same thing. Lahat nandun mga problema nila sa kanilang country. There might be a good news here and there but mostly we talk about things that affects Filipinos. If toxic sayo ang reddit, that is because of the subreddits that you follow. If you want a giddy subreddit, may r/casualph naman. Don't burden yourself with discussions you don't want a part of and don't blame the sub for posting contents it was intended for.


Some are legit concerns, some are trivial


I'm not blaming, observing lang. I follow many subreddits pero dito ako nakakakita ng maraming negative posts so....


Kaya nga haha. Kung gusto nila magpost ng positive edi go. Eh ung current issues ng bansa eh di naman talaga kagandahan. Nagiging toxic lang kasi di nila kaya iaccept ung current situation. Dun pa din sila sa “kaya natin yan, look at the brighter side blablabla” luh. Hula ko sila ung may same ideals na “kahit sino naman maging presidente parehas pa din” hahaha lol kikitid ng utak


So many flaws with your argument I'm not even gonna bite. 🤣


I don’t mind. Enough na sakin na nasabi ko ung gusto ko 😊 sayang lang di mo ko kinagat rawr


San mo gusto makagat? 😉


Sha ano 🤭 anoba wag dito hihi 🤫🫦


DM 😉 Jokes aside, damn people are thirsty including me.


Hay nako totoo. Gusto ko man lumandi kaso dami ko pang gagawin. See you around OP 😙




Madami kasi keyboard warriors dito . Puro nalang puna sa gov. Kahit ano nalang gagawin ng gov. May masasabi talaga sila. Lahat nalang yata kasalanan ng gov e


Kita nyu nag downvote mga keyboard warriors 😂 masakit tlaga yung katotohanan , ika nga "Bato2x sa langit ang matamaan wag magalit"