It's been like *three* years since they announced a major first-party game. They've been building up to this moment.




Yup, I think that was literally their most recent game announcement.


That pgw cinematic itself was better than most of the game trailers, or even Hollywood movie trailers for that matter.


*cue Sony boss music*


I thought you said out of check o'clock which was kind of what I'm feeling like what time it is. How the hell do we survive these next 25 hours?


By reading this comment 8 hours later, bringing it down to 17.


I just read this now, it worked pretty ok. Thanks! Should have waited longer though.




Barely? They didn't attend E3 at all last year.


Personal hype levels are quite frankly unhealthy


I am greeting e3 2016 levels of overhype


What happened in 2016?


God Of War, spiderman, days gone, Resident evil 7 were announced. It's really a fucking thrill to watch even now.


Death Stranding too


True. 5 of my favorite games of all time all announced in the same hour. Fucking incredible.


Detroit too Sony literally played every card they had and blew everyone away. I call that moment Microsoft called it quits for the generation.


They had so many moments this gen. The $399 PS4 price announcement, the viral "how to share games on PS4" video, the "we will not impose DRM" announcement, E3 2016 etc.


That E3 was just constant dunks.


Thoughts on Days Gone? Has a 71 on metacritic but I’ve heard good things too.


I honestly really loved it from start to finish. It's a great open world game. With a very good story and the hordes you can strategically kill are really cool. I'm actually mad that critics gave such bad reviews.


To be fair a lot of the reviews took big points because the game was incredibly buggy at launch. They patched alot of it out when the game released but not in time for the reviews to knock it hard


Cool thanks I’ve been curious since it’s an exclusive but want to make sure it’s good before I invest since I heard it takes awhile to get going.


Sweet Christmas how’d you play thru re7!! I was way too terrified, aw man can you imagine next gen survival horror?!


Absolutely loved it. Story does take a couple of hours to get going, but once it does, it's hard to put down


Maybe FFVIIRemake? Don’t remember.whatever year that was, that trailer was so fucking hype.


I love watching Easy Allies reactions from that E3


E3 2015 Easy Allies reactions were more hype, all those games coming back from the dead. FF7, Shenmue 3, Last Guardian, E3 of dreams baby! Edit* Forgetting they were still at Game Trailers back then :)


The reaction they had to Shenmue 3 was literally better than the game itself


Sad but true. The others all turned out amazing though


E3 2015 was legendary. Multiple long lost games / highly sought after ones.






Oh yeah that video is awesome.


I was late to the EZA party, but they are my go to group when it comes to live reactions. I’ve spent the past week watching their reactions and it’s always a jolly good time.


They're not afraid to just enjoy it, trying to watch other groups where it's like 5 grown men grunting and eye rolling reveals is like teenage girls talking about boys.


Yeah, I used to watch Kinda Funny reactions first, but more often than not I would find myself disappointed with conferences because they seemed disinterested in games that didn’t appeal to them. But once I started watching EZA first, I started to become more open-minded, simply because I saw their excitement for games I would have never thought twice about.


I keep reading about them, what's so special about their reactions?


They are extremely passionate about games and it shows every time they talk about upcoming games. Learning about them (like announcements) live is when they freak out.


I love the moment where one of the guys is nodding obsessedly and as one of the other guys randomly mentions Dontnod (studio) he abruptly stops nodding.


So you know how giant bomb is all jaded and highly critical with almost a touch of disdain for gaming? Easy Allies is the complete opposite. They just fucking love video games and they celebrate it through the content they make. Same can be said of MinnMax really, they do some fun stuff like having screenshot contests and doing a game club where you can play along and send questions. I still love giant bomb, they're just on the other side of the same coin. And yes there's more to gaming coverage than those groups but those are the ones I've been mostly hovering around lately.


I think I can credit the Resident Evil 7 "surprise" announcement with getting me back into gaming as much as I have been in recent years. That reveal exploded my brain.


Especially since they did one of those "And you can play the demo... NOW!" things


That god of war announcement gave me chills. Came out of no where as well. What could do that to me this year... ps all stars battle royal remake please.


You forgot the. fucking. orchestra. That took what would ordinarily be a badass press conference and took it to a different level.


With a live orchestra


Yup This time we have to do without a crowd doing nuts, without an orchestra...


that was easily my favorite E3 event ever. I remember watching the livestream with my brother and we both lost our shit when Kratos stepped out from the shadows


Makes sense it's hype then. I don't really watch announcements (I've only seen the God of War announcement)


The Kratos reveal was absolutely crazy. The whole audience erupted


And crash bandicoot remaster and VR details


Agreed, but don’t forget about 2015. FF7 remake and then Shenmue 3. That was insane


Watched it through last night, that opening with the GoW orchestra is something else man. Still remember my hype seeing the spiderman trailer as well, what a great e3 presentation!


Best E3 of the decade happened


The best goddamn E3 ever. Sony opened up with a live orchestra performing the God of War theme, immediately going into the God of War reveal.


The Cavs came back from 1-3 series deficit and beat the Warriors


2016 got shit on a lot because Trump was elected and a lot of beloved celebrities died. But I'll always remember it for this. I watched game 7 with my dad (a diehard Cavs fan even through the absolute worst years) on Father's day and witnessed the most miraculous victory in all of NBA history.


This is all you need to watch https://youtu.be/JwS3LMVzIBI




my erection has an erection


> my erection has an erection You should really see a doctor about that.


Plot twist *He is the Doctor*


I’ve seen myself, and frankly, ___I like what I see___


We NEED more excess hype dumping destinations. We're going to explode!


Fortunately mine are low still. For hindsight reasons I measure my hype in Brink levels, for brink, I was at max hype, for the ps5 I'm at like .2 brinks for cyberpunk I'm at a whole brink. For xsx I'm at .1 brink.


Damn i forgot about that game lol did you end up liking it


I enjoyed it with my friends when we could get it working. The game got a patch 3 months after launch that fixed the net code and made it easy to group with friends and it was really enjoyable, unforunately by 3 months after launch there were only lime 50 people playing it.


**Well this is what happens when you show an industry changing game engine BEFORE both of the consoles games showcase.** Seems like if I keep my same hype level I'm going to be DRAMATICALLY disappointed in both Sony and Microsoft games launch year.


Mine are over the top because I feel like they might announce a new Silent Hill. But I also know it'll never happen sooo


Can't wait for when it turns out Sony is just revealing what the game cases look like.


Can't wait for Sony to show us the power button on the console.


Oh stop it, I can only take so much excitement. ​ Do you think they're going to show the included power lead?


Came. Just thought about it for half a second and the seal just fucking burst.


Bruh the PSVR Move controller in my pants just lit up.


There will be no power button as the PS5 simply e x i s t s


The PS5 just ***works***


I’m reminded of their move at gamescon where the presentation started with the GUI. https://youtu.be/EaPoLJyDZmM


I hope they got rid of the stupid beep that’s plagued PlayStations since the PS3. It scares my dog, man.


Can't you turn it off in settings or is that only on Xbox?


the only way to turn off the beep is to cut a wire inside the console


The only to turn off the beep is to just destroy the console all together.


button on an angle with strong backlighting, smoke and a sheet draped over it.


Or just focus on why usb c is the best way to charge a controller.




Pretty sure any tv with an hdmi input would be compatible with the PS5 and you could put any hdmi cable but for 4k 120 you would need an hdmi 2.1 cable with an tv with hdmi 2.1 input.


You also need at least HDMI 2 for 4k60 or HDR, the high speed variant of HDMI 1.4 could only do 4k30 without HDR.




I just want to see the back of the DualSense


Definitely keep your expectations in check. I’m not sure there will be buttons on there.


Probably going to be an actual look at the games. Like, just a look at the disc/drive/whatever and call it a day.


I actually do want to see how they'll look


Whenever I hear Geoff hype something all I can think about is how Peter Molyneux would fool us with hype then we get disappointed. I hope I'm wrong! I'm so excited!!!


While im not a fan of geoff as such he is nowhere near the level of peter. Geoff knows his craft well and does a great job for gaming news and generating interest. peter meanwhile is a compulsive liar.


> Peter Molyneux That's a name I haven't heard for a long time. Dude was a snake oil salesman.


Agreed, Geoff’s job is literally to engender outsourced hype for games - he’s just an extension of the marketing teams these days.


In this case though, Geoff has clearly been losing his mind a little bit arguing with people around the "SSDs are just better loading" argument for a while now. I've suspected that he'd already seen 1st party development WIP and been *really* impressed based on the tone of his interactions, and was frustrated as could be having an embargo preventing him from being able to shut down people that didn't know what they were talking about. Typically I think he's full of it (and himself) - but I'm pretty sure tomorrow is the real deal.


Keeping my expectations low af so that I will be really surprised if I see something great. At least that’s what my mom says about me anyway.


I'm keeping my expectations in check. Honestly just happy that we're seeing something :)


Finally something to look foward to in 2020!


2020 is gonna be over in 2 months so...


did I miss the memo on an asteroid or something


Zombie asteroid


Affectionally referred to as the 'Zoid'.


Famous last words


"oh...not again"


Nah my dude. It’s an asteroid sent by an ancient alien race whose mad at us for canceling Freakazoid in the 90’s.


Didn't you head, we all decided that 2020 sucked and that it would be better to just skip it altogether and start 2021.


Er...do you guys want to tell him ? I can't break his heart like that...


For anyone paying attention, Geoff has clearly been quite literally going a little bit crazy arguing with people online saying "it's just faster loading times bro." He's definitely seen a while back some of what we're going to see tomorrow, and has been losing his mind not being able to reference it or talk about it.


Keeping my expectations low af BUT




The event is going to be dope, but I’m dying for anything on the Harry Potter RPG lol.


What I wouldn’t give for the return of SSX 😔


Skate 4.


If skate 4 exists, it’ll be at the EA thing though Rumour is that EA is announcing the Star Wars Maverick game during Sony’s thing


Sony would win the ps6 console wars if they announce that tomorrow


As long as its like SSX Tricky, and not the other ones. Just give me an SSX Tricky Remake.


Respectfully disagree. SSX 3 was superior.


I’m sorry but it’s tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that’s right on time, it’s tricky. SSX tricky for life.


It's ok. Opinions can be wrong.


I'd be happy with either. As long as it isn't like the 2012 game. Don't get me wrong, it had some good stuff, but the bottomless pits, squirrel suits, deadly decents were kinda lame. I enjoyed the crazier, more classic style tracks a lot.


I’m so fucking glad some people remember this game I never got to play it, I’d even kill for a remake, watched so many hours of that game in middle school.


SSX was my first PS2 game. I got the game before I was able to get my hands on a PS2 based solely on reviews and how cool it looked. So I just looked at the package for a month or so until I finally lucked out and found a PS2.


It’s been too long. I hate that mobile version I just wanna free roam Hogwarts ugh


Can you imagine a Persona style Harry Potter game? I'd buy that instantly.


Oof, that would be so cool


I played the crap out of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the Wii. I also played the crap out of the HP games for the GBA back in the day. Good times


I've never been very hyped about Harry Potter games until I read your comment. That would be absolutely amazing.


I love how one of the most hyped game (I saw it mentioned a lot) is a game that does not have (as far as I know) an official confirmation yet...At that point, I think even if it is not in the plans, they just beter commit to it and make it.


People just want another good Harry Potter game. Such a good world for a game.


Yes, I totally agree. Also, I imagined myself in Hogwarts so many times and so did a lot of people from my generation, so I guess a RPG would be perfect.


I think literally every kid and maybe adult too imagined themselves in Hogwarts when they read the books or watched the movie haha. I know I did


Seriously, I'm not really a huge fan of the films or books, but I played the shit out of all those games on the PS2 to the point those movies felt like video game adaptations for me Returning to Hogwarts in a real game would be nostalgic as fuck


Don't expect that here though.


Hopefully Hagrid is just as sexy as the ps1 version


I just have a feeling that Sony will be going for some WTF moments like they have in the past with FF7 remake and Shenmue 3.


Can't really think of any long dormant games or franchises that would get that kind of pop though. Jak and Daxter maybe?


Sly Cooper


Silent Hill pls


Legend of Dragoon and Syphon Filter still have fanbases and nothing in the market similar. Ridge Racer as well honestly. It's been years since a good one.


If they announced a LoD remake...my head would explode


Ridge Racer would be a good one, they do have history with it at playstation events. Remember people used to be quite into SOCOM back in the PS2 days, maybe that would get some reaction.


[It’s Ridge Racer!](https://youtu.be/eaBUeINW_3s)


Socom, man. Socom.


I don’t think anything could ever quite top the FF7 remake reveal. There was so much leading up to it over the years (all the teased tech demos and rumors) that primed everyone’s thirst for it in such a particular way. Kind of a unique situation. Game also has one of the most fervent fan bases ever to begin with.


I literally screamed when Shenmue 3 was announced. Sony is smart, they know that even showcasing the most niche of titles (and having a wide variety of them) ultimately draws and excites the most people to your platform.


Georgeforeman grill 5 will be capable of rendering 4D graphics


So real you can smell the game.


>EA YOUR IN THE GAME! No really... we locked you in the game. If you attempt to illegally remove the VR headset it will explode. Please pay $199.99 for an unlock code.


This actually made me laugh out loud.


Look I like a lot of what MS is doing with Series X. Not all of it, but it's worlds better than what they were attempting at this start of this current generation. That being said... the difference in hype surrounding everything Sony does (even stuff they DON'T do) vs. what MS's done and shown so far. It's absolutely night and day. MS really let people down with their xbox wire video talking about 'seeing the future of xbox' or whatever it was. That was their moment to really sell people on the power of the Series X and their vision. Instead it was just Xbox one games that'll get yet more mid-gen patches. That's hardly 'next gen' even though the hardware is a beast. If sony comes out swinging with stunning gameplay, MS's only hope then is to make it a price war. I'm talking Gamepass contracts... 2 years gamepass and get a series x for $199 type of thing.


If nothing else I'm thinking Microsoft is learning that less can be more but when they do present something it MUST be polished and professional looking. I expect they're July games reveal will look a LOT better than their last attempt. And fortunately for Microsoft they still have plenty of time to get everybody hooked.


I've always thought that Sony is keeping back their information so Xbox goes first and then Sony does what they did back in 2013.


>or whatever it was. That was their moment to really sell people on the power of the Series X and their vision. Instead it was just Xbox one games that'll get yet more mid-gen patches. That's hardly 'next gen' even though the hardware is a beast. If sony comes out Not going to be quite as easy for Sony this go around. MS isn't the MS of 2013. Granted, Sony isn't the Sony of 2006. So...we might actually have two companies with very competitive products and more relevant to this discussion, very competitive marketing strategies and we might finally break the video game generational cycle of "one company does well the previous generation then gets a large does of hubris." Exciting times!


The best thing about this corporate "war" is that us, the consumers, we will be the winners no matter what. Unless, somehow one company decides to go fully corporate and stop having the consumer as the focal point.


Generational cycle? The PS3 was a great machine that lagged expectations due to the cost of trying to make the worlds best console almost completely from scratch. How was hubris involved in hitting the wall of what custom hardware could do against commodity PC parts? Leaving purpose build consoles behind kinda makes this old guy sad... two fixed build PCs and a tablet with joy-cons attached.


The price, the cell architecture. Look I won't go into it all but it's pretty much acknowledged that the PS3 launch wasn't the best. Bumpy start after a great previous iterations. Honestly you really think that the corporate focus of the PS3 was just as good as the PS4? Might be some rose colored glasses there.


The cell architecture wasn't hubris. RISC processors served PlayStation well until they couldn't compete with the cost of x86s. Corporate focus wasn't going to make that hardware any cheaper. Apple ran into the same thing and had to convert.


Welp if Geoff Keighley says so then I have no choice but to believe it.


Doesn't this guy do the same shit for every event? Lol.....


Yes. Also no shit the reveal of next-gen gameplay with brand new game announcements is special.


Yeah if he's in it. Which he isn't in this case.


He'll be hosting the post-show.


Only his hosted ones, aka his YouTube gaming one that’s going to be after the os5 event


I really feel sony has a huge load to blow on us tomorrow. Like grabbing the industry by the balls type shit. Of course they aren't going to show everything under the moon but I feel they have greatness to share. I can't wait


Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 Announcement?! I'd nut..


I mean, it’s already been announced really. We know it’s coming. Something like a new resistance game or another new Kojima thing seems more unexpected.


Geoff Keighley is the personification of hype. that's his job. I wouldn't read too much into that.


Same way they never read too much into his hype of the Unreal Engine 5 PS5 demo. And look how that turned out. I trust Geoff on this one too! Get ready to be amazed tomorrow!!


I'm gonna need you all to go ahead and dig two graves. One for my guts, and one for my face. Because this time tomorrow, my guts are gonna blow outta my face.


Please please please 1st party Berserk game by Sony. Give the series the Witcher treatment 🙏🙏


By all accounts, I have a hulking mass of an erection.


As long as I can play as Guts, sit down and hold up a massive sword between my legs and wax poetically about Griffith, I'll be enthralled.


Anyone else feel like this is going to be quite the jump in gaming? When PS3 and 4 were revealed sure I was hype but it's more this time, looking forward to seeing what this SSD can do.


Gonna order a pizza, drink some beer, and tell my kids to leave me alone for an hour. This is gonna be special alright.


Man, if I were your son, I’d join you for all of that. You seem like a cool dad


Geoff isn't the most reliable hype source but still good to know lol.


If he stubbed his toe he would hype the story about it. :p But he was right about the UE5 reveal!


Yeah I just got an ad for this event on Hulu. Never had an ad for something like this before.


Silent Hill remake please I WANT TO BELIEVE


Really hope we get a Spider-Man 2 reveal trailer


My flair is getting excited


Playstation 5. Who'd have thought all those years ago. I'm definitely hype right now.


Yeah, I'm sorry but even if God literally made himself known to me and said "Look, Dean, you've gotta temper your expectations, mate. I've been watching them make the Metal Gear Solid remake, it's dog shit. Proper dog, mate" I would be like "whatever xbot"


Yea, that's about onbrand for this sub.


A new Rockstar game.


Kyle bosman dos and donts? That’s all you had to say I’m in.


Geoff Keighley hypes everything up, but I sure hope it is.


If someone misses the live stream, will he be able to watch it elsewhere?




I hate that I have a 6 hour long meeting at work tomorrow so I wont be able to watch it until tomorrow night. :( I'm still so excited though!


Is it too much to hope for a new Crash Bandicoot announcement?!




No shit....do not fall for this guy. He is a shrewd business man who makes more money the more hyped people get!


I hope so. I got my lotion ready