It’s most noticeable with single shot weapons, especially snipers. Crosshairs steady on center of mass at less than 50m. No hit. Repeat, same result. 3rd shot hits and kills.


This!!! I don’t understand why two identical shots produce different results!?!? As a kbm sniper it’s soooo annoying


It could be your dead zone when your aiming it can move very slightly and it's barely noticeable which makes you miss during the shot


Or on shipment you can pointblank someone and get a hit marker with snipers and marksman rifles... Never seems to happen to anyone else in the same lobby however....




Damn this brings me back


I got a point blank hit marker with a shotgun…with incendiary slugs…so…


It’s way off, I have the crosshair setting on my monitor and despite that being accurate for most fps…COD it’s off cause where ever that crosshair is should be a hit, and it’s not.


I had to turn mine off bc I was always aiming with the crosshair but the absurd “visual recoil” in this game had my gun sights half way across the screen.


Yeah I’m like this is a cool feature….noooot, in MW2 at least lmao


And then, just for lols, the game announces "One Shot Kill!"


THIS omg so I'm not insane...


Skill issue


Yes! Was just telling my cousin how I used to kill it with snipers in the old school battlefield series. Bullet drop and leading moving targets were realistic. Then I get into cod and aiming don’t work lol


When you're putting whole mags into people and they live...you know the games broken.


The funniest thing is you will jump in the next game and every single bullet hits perfect, you'll lay waste to the lobby, so much so you'll do jump 360s and nail them in the head, feels so clean, you just mess around and kill everybody. Just a shame the lobby after that you know half your shots won't count again.


> The funniest thing is you will jump in the next game and every single bullet hits perfect Yep, just proves it's not the netcode. Never know, could be aliens.


I've had games with a 50-60ms where the lag felt insane, but then I'll have 100-120ms game and it feels fine-no lag...


The fucking Kastov 762, when I first used that I absolutely tore every lobby I was in to bits, 3-4 bullet kills every time from one end of shoothouse to the other, thing was a machine, logged off after 6 games using it... Came back the next day and we're talking half a mag to kill someone standing still, had to check the patch notes thought they'd nerfed it in to the ground overnight... 10 games getting absolutely shit on later it was back to 3-4 shot kills.... Like someone had flipped some sort of switch....


So true, I think a lot of us tend to forget that when it’s being inconsistent that can go both ways, and just like we didn’t deserve to get creamed sometimes we don’t deserve the accolades either. That being said IMO overall it tends to do a relatively good job, although it seems that there are “periods”, which I’m guessing (because I really have no idea what I’m talking about) correspond to some major adjustments they’ve made in the game and seem to last a week or so.


That’s the wild thing, watching a kill cam of a dude I shot countless times who didn’t die. For them to kill me with the damn X13 on seemingly unlimited ammo even though they had the default magazine…or when you have a dude dead to rights and somehow after you put a couple rounds in them they instantly kill you…it’s very far and few but the cheating is evident most times and at certain times of day I’ve noticed.


And you notice it has ZERO recoil, but you use it and you're pointing at the sky three bullets in... I know recoil control is a thing but there's a big difference between that and it just not moving at all


Exactly. Then you have so many hog goblins, running around here or other places being like “Nuh uh there’s no cheating you suck” or “they’re just better than you”. Nah they’re not, I can do really well for periods of time and then do crappy once I’m in a lobby with those clowns. Playing ranked is the only blessing cause it seems like those tools don’t want none of that for some reason, maybe because the leader board will catch them I’d assume?


There's leaderboards for casual too so idk I mean someone atm has a streak of 556 or some shit and there are people that only played one game but have like 155k score in that one game... Shits completely fucked


Wait this isn’t Halo?


This here. Absolutely! I dump a mag into a guy and nothing meanwhile I get one tapped all the time. This game is so broken. I’m either dead last or first no rhyme or reason.


Oh its a thing, its alot more noticable in the firing range


I’ve definitely noticed it in the firing range but I wasn’t sure if it was just an issue there or overall


Firing range has been bugged since day 1. I wouldn't compare it to actual gameplay.


Same here. Only there to test recoil cus im too lazy to make a private match


I agree


I just tried the firing range for the first time recently and have seen this a bunch. How can this game have such a fundamental issue? It's ludicrous


I have a clip with the XMR at the range. 3 shots in rapid (but not too quick) succession, center mass - hit, hit, miss. Attempted a good number of times and more often than not, the results were the same


There are gap’s between the limbs


Crazy, didn't know there was a random limb in the center of someone's torso


There is on the firing range dummys. Holes in the stomach that bullets can slip through


Oh they’re registering, I just need to sink 20 bullets into someone to kill them sometimes but I die in 3-4 Sometimes I’ll straight up stop shooting because I assume the person should be dead but nope


My favorite is dumping half a mag into someone's chest point blank and dying to their throwing knife.


Yet ppl whine about TTK in this game


Uhh yeah?? And?


It feels 10x worse on keyboard and mouse.


yup, i agree. hit reg in MW19 was so much better


It was perfect in MW19. All I needed was the uzi with a monolithic suppressor, no matter the range.


MW19 had pretty much the best hit reg of any game I’ve ever played, and I had a lot of issues with that game. Hit reg was not one of them.


That’s what I play on and sometimes I do a whole double take like huh???


Yeah man, half of these weapons are useless for us. I wish I could use the Vaznev as consistent as these controller players I’m up against.


Bro same Vaznev on controller may as well be an entirely different gun. It’s like a combo SMG AR with no downsides whatsoever


Yeah man, it’s insane how much better it plays on controller. I don’t even bother with SMG’s anymore, the Kastov has been my go to recently, so I just try to avoid close combat battles. It’s crazy because all I used in MW2019 were SMG’s.


I'm climbing Ranked as high as I can on M/Kb this season just to see how well I can push at a disadvantage, made it to Crim 1 so far. 1000% breaking out the Elite controller for next season lol.


Damn, that’s actually pretty damn impressive for being ok KB. I’ve been stuck on Plat 2 for a couple of weeks now. Playing solo is rough as it is. I’m taking it as practice before the new season drops lol I haven’t played on controller in a few years, and it seems like controllers with those paddles in the back are the norm these days. I’ve been tempted to buy one, but I’ve spent too much time getting used to KB.


Yup. We get shitty skill-based hit reg (based on SBMM prioritizing skill rating over connection for MM) and no aim assist whatsoever, feels great lol


I think it’s their tick system. Cs2 is trying to compensate for the latency with their new implementation. I’m not the best at explaining how it works.


But it’s a nice heads up :)


I've noticed this as well. Shot someone like 20ft away in the chest with a sniper rifle and was shocked it didn't even register a hit marker.


Yeah for sure, not every game, I feel like it’s better certain times of the day. I’m running major internet so I know it’s not that. Not that I’m complaining, but I know a lot of times I didn’t die wasn’t just due to my elusiveness


Yeah I don’t think it’s our internet. I think it’s an issue with latency and their servers. I’m only speculating though.


Yupp game is inconsistent on everything. Good luck 👍


I agree with you especially when you hear them hit their target and seem to do nothing. I blame my old console and internet connection lol


The game's a laggy pile of shit and works when it wants to. Some days it plays fine, other days you get shots not registering and people teleporting. But, the Stan's will act like the game is fine and it's your internet, or some other excuse to defend their dopamine dealers.


I’ve been having a lot of point blank shots from the magnum or marksman rifles not killing someone with one shot lately


Dude same,I was using the expedite shotgun and shot right on the face and that dude lived


It’s bizarre. Then I get shot 2 times in the legs and die lol


The basilisk is so inconsistent it was driving me crazy last night. No hit marker/no kill on point blanks seemingly half the time. Then I’m snapping one shot longshots… Put akimbo on and it’s double the frustration smh


Either bullets not registering or I’m like behind the whole game it feels like and I can’t get a shot off at all.


probably my biggest complaint about this game is the delay. getting shots off and dying


I play hardcore. Not sure if it counts but I seen this too. I like to play accurately and not spray and pray so I often use my SAB or Desert eagle(gs.50) and even in the kill cam sometimes, my first shot is on point but it takes an extra shot to kill, and I’m talking almost point blank. Thought it was just me. Sucks because I like burst weapons but if I can’t rely on all shots hitting, it becomes really unfair. I know how to tune my guns and make adjustments as I go to improve accuracy and velocity but point blank is point blank.I was a monster with the carv in BOCW. Hope they introduce a similar gun in Mw2. M16 burst rate doesn’t cut it for me.


I got 4 hitmarkers point blank with an smg in hardcore the other day


I’ve noticed that also . Try to use the chimera and watch EVERY shot hit . I noticed certain guns actually hit more then the others as if the bullets don’t get lost or something .


I bought expensive internet and an entire ethernet cable prevent this, but it still happens. Not as bad in older CODs. This one is by far the worst COD I’ve ever encountered.




its been really bad this past week


COD games are heavily rigged with Skilled Base Match Manipulation "SBMM" and literally have the patents to prove it. These manipulation include hit detect TTK/TTD, Loot, sound, and aim assist. Just know that you're being profiled down to who you are, how much you spend, and to where you're playing from. 75ms = 0.075 seconds and no packet loss means that every bullet should hit at 0.075 seconds ​ When people say my KD is blablabla in COD it's funny because of how the game manipulates almost every aspect of gameplay. If you feel you're feeling the effects of SBMM I would spend your time on something more deserving of it or just keep playing helping more important clients to have fun at the expense of your time.


Go play Cold War. You can really feel the difference. I was shocked at the shots I was hitting compared to MW2.


Playing MnK in these 20 tick servers against a softwarer that locks on your first pixel it sees instantly is fun af 🙏


Skill based hit detection


I said this months before mw2 even launched, and again before wz2 launched https://www.reddit.com/r/CODWarzone/comments/xcook4/deleted_by_user/io6rwe6/?context=3 On their shitty servers high visual recoil sight misalignment platform, you're getting so much of those hit reg issues


This game has the worst hit detection ever lmao


This game is fucking trash. It was trash when the beta was released and it is still trash today.


Oh yea, no doubt. With SBMM as heavy as it is, it’s pretty safe to say that’s the game “not allowing” you to get those kills. So many times I watch enough hitmarkers to kill the guy three times until he decides to one shot me. It’s “his turn” to do well that game, not mine.


Fow show


It’s eomm doing it’s thing among many others


Yes IW specifically looks at your KD and decides if your bullets should land more or less often this game /s


That's actually something they CAN do with algorithms. It's called dopamine drip feed. Dynamically adjust the game to allow for small bursts of times when you own, making you want to keep playing while, the rest of the time it's designed to keep you as close to a 1kd as possible. I'd he interested exactly how many players have a 1.1 kd because I've always been closer to a 2 kd in cod but mine hasn't moved from 1,1, and nearly everyone I play with is right around that. I know you were being sarcastic, but it is legit a real thing.


Sbmm is checking you out if you are getting better.


Bad players will say it's skill based hit registration. In reality you either missed or you're having some connection issues.


While i agree skill based hit reg is nonsense, its real when sometimes you feel like john wick hitting all your shots, then the next match you feel like a storm trooper. I'd guess to a more skill based tick rate lol.


Lol nah it's just SBMM prioritizing the best matchup in lobby members over the best match for your connection.


I don’t really believe in skill based hit registration either. But to say this game doesn’t have terrible hit registration is also not true. Go to firing range and look at how many shots don’t hit when nothings moving and you’re dead center.


Pretty sure the targets in the firing range have gaps in between the hitboxes and actual players don't. Which realistically makes sense, but that's kind of shit game design.


If my connection starts acting up My bullets start disappearing


There recent update seams to have ruined gun balance. The vaznev is being completely outclassed by the tac now. They are slowing the meta down to make more guns viable but in the process they maybe throwing the values for guns people really got used to off a little too much. Personal opinion. Today was really rough trying to use the vaz, and idk if it’s just too weak now or if there are just too many cheaters in this game.


I'm sure you get nerfed mid-game. Sometimes, it can be a three hit kill. Sometimes, it can take six or seven


Don’t post clips trying to prove skilled based damage mods will remove it


Nope. Haven't noticed. I average a 50ms ping and have had no issues. EDIT: Imagine getting downvoted when someones reply doesn't fit your whiny narrative about how the game is bugged instead of you missing shots.


Must be nice


Imagine believing everyone complaining lacks skill, just because their story doesn't fit your narrative.


I never said that. I just provided my findings with the ping that I'm playing with as was asked.




Had this problem when I tried unlocking the Crossbow using the SA-B 50. So many hit at close distance were not registered. Switched to TAQ-M and the problem's gone. Couldn't understand why.


Been grinding headshots in hardcore with the M16 in single shot and the reticle is in their chest or head and I'll shoot 3 times and no hits? Then they turn and one tap me with a pistol or AR. Like what? How?


Hmmmm I was trying to used the SA-B 50 as a fast tapping rifle too. Maybe the problem was with the single shot mode? Like if you tap too fast the third shot might cancel the second shot?


It's possible. I find the same happens for me with most semi autos like the EBR too. Probably latency or something but super frustrating


Man I've been experiencing the phenomenon in this thread way more recently. Whole game just suddenly feels way less consistent. I've had experiences like this before but it's almost constant now. I'll watch the replay/killcam and I just can't make it make sense.


Game works for me. Only in 10v10 it sometimes may get a bit sus


So often. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s especially noticeable with one hit kill weapons. It even happened in the cod league on Lan. Game is just busted.


Maybe because of the hitbox and operator sizes? The hitbox stays the same with every operator so you can hit the model of bigger operators like Hutch but dont hit the hitbox.


The servers have been shitting them selves this week, I’ve had all sort of weird things happen this week. I got all the two launchers poly in one game cause the game was running at 2 frames a second


yes+ the fact i died in 1 second yesterday,the ttk is now even worse,they massacred our game,switched back to caldera with the movement and the delightful weapons #winwin


Yep in rank the most


Lol - glad I’m not the only one. Is it maybe a latency issue? My ping stays right around 50 tho.


That's the norm


I like either no hit or a hit marker point blank with a shot gun in hardcore. I don't main shotguns, don't hate me for it, just trying to level all guns.


it’s because they straight up dont, i have a feeling its an issue with the RNG but i could be wrong


Yup, it’s a thing. Sometimes connection, sometimes processing, sometimes skill deficit, and sometimes I wasn’t paying attention and loaded my mags up with spongecake instead of lead. But remember, nature or nurture it’s always IW’s fault.


Meh. I think lag has a lot to do with it. I was nailing this team with my sniper yesterday in DMZ and half the hits were right on the dot and didn’t register. But the ones that did register…. registered about a whole second or two late 🤷‍♂️


Nah if u unload a mag on em and they dont die...change ur ps4 man it aint em


If you're on mkb then yes. If you're on controller then no


Same has happened to me many times the past two days. Evident on kill cams too


Yea I'm trying have a kid and it's not happening. I wonder why?


Incoming robots ab to message; “if you don’t like the game don’t play it, you guys always find something to complain about”


Just play hardcore then.


Find this a lot when shooting shot gunners. Like 3/4 hit markers an then bang I’m just dead, then the next game everyone dropping like it’s hardcore..


Or when you hit an enemy at least 6 times but he jumps and kills you


Or when you hit an enemy at least 6 times but he jumps and kills you


My brother showed me himself, he was at the shooting range and he showed me how the 3rd shot on the gun he was using wouldn’t register


My ping has been terrible ever since s2 reloaded and worse since the free trial weekend. Hit reg has gone to shit too. I don’t know why.


Yeah this game suffers from some pretty bad servers. It’s not even like a “MW2 is bad” kind of thing. Im p sure it’s kind of a big problem because I’m assuming all cods run on the same servers, so maybe it’s time for them to restructure themselves. I’m hoping this doesn’t carry over to every cod afterwards


Just here for the tin foil idiots


I’ve noticed it in the firing range as well. Very clearly aiming at the dummy, some smoke/dust/whatever comes off of the dummy, no hit marker. Shoot in the exact same place again, hit marker.




Lag compensation


Its 100% something that needs to be addressed. Like for real. I get 300mb a sec and dont lag at all unless its stormy. So far ive had problems with the lmg aug and the bizon for very very inconsistent play.


NO, YOU'RE JUST GARBAGE. Quit whining.


No need to yell lil bro


yeah, i’m definitely noticing that with my shotguns and snipers. i was trying to level those up last night and i almost emptied a clip into someone and it took them so long to go down lol.


Was playing HC shipment and noticed this wtf


Hit-marker’s with sniper’s, then getting straight one- shotted in the same body part is infuriating.


It’s all about the aiming stability, plays a huge part in this game, if you’re experiencing this build weapons to eliminate idle sway and you’ll see a lot more bullets hit properly.


Was happening to me last night with deagle/basilisk


Yes and it’s sooo fookin’ annoying.. trying to get me sidearms has been a mission this weekend


I've actually pushed people in the torso with my taq-56 unloading an entire clip into them and not a single bullet registers. Its almost like I was too close and barrel of the gun was past them.


Game is laggy af anyway. So I mean, yeah. Have y’all tried to get long shots with the machine pistol? Takes like 35 bullets to get one dude. Either it’s not registering, or the gun sucks. Both of which I find super plausible.


No same


Skill based bullet reg :D


This is nothing new and has been a "feature" of the game since release.


This is facts. I have hours of clips. Its bad with snipers and throwing knives.


Hitreg has been dogshit since beta. Nothing new.