What bike rack do y’all prefer?

What bike rack do y’all prefer?


Get a 1 up USA rack!


3-5weeks wait list when 3-6weeks delivery :( “we will email you within 3-5 weeks with links to make a purchase. When the order is placed, lead times are expected to be 3-6 weeks. “


It's worth the wait. It's also possible to buy a 1up roof rack and then a hitch frame and make a 1, 2, 3, or 4 bike rack. It's more expensive that way but might get it faster? (also ends up heavier because the roof racks have a full-length platform whereas the regular hitch racks have platform sections for front and rear of bike)


North Shore Racks


My Yakima HoldUp with +2 has been solid for years.


I just got the Thule t2 pro XTR and I love it. High quality construction. Simple to install and remove. Absolutely no wobble and the bikes sit secure. There is a reason why every bike website lists this thing as number one.


I just ordered one of these. Currently waiting for it to come in.


I have a kuat nv 2. It's super solid and great quality. The built in lock cables are a nice touch if I need to run quickly to the store


I don’t use a bike rack. I use a Sea Sucker. It’s very simple and fast to use.


I would argue against one of these tbh. If you have a hitch already it's way easier to load/unload on a hitch rack. Love my 1up


1Up works great on my WRX. Doesn't go past three bumper.


Also YAKIMA, the FreeRide as I’ve a rear mounted spare wheel (Suzuki Jimny)


Dovetail ferst is a solid rack as well. Doesn't pivot at all, but it's only 15 lbs for a 2 bike rack and install/removal is simple. No issues with opening the rear hatch on my similar sized small SUV when the bike isn't there