I actually liked seeing the sponsors on fighters shorts. Even more points if the fighter themselves had something silly on it, or just something unusual. Plus I’m all for them going out and selling the space for some more cash for them, they deserve it. One time back in the day Clay Guida fought and had the carpenters union logo on his shorts. At the time I was a union carpenter so that was cool to see.


It made it seem like way more personalized! More character. It really is a shame because O’Malleys short choice would probably enduce an LSD state in his opponent


Nothing but dispensaries on his shorts. Plus they are made with a special blend of fibers that you can smoke it after.


Bah gawd are those sour diesel shorts?


At least give them a couple designated spots to put sponsors


Being honest, I like the aesthetic of the fight gear. However, given the financial implications I would vastly prefer that the fighters have their own sponsors.


Except for Condom Depot on everyones butt.


Yeah well fortunately we got a [Trojan Condom ad now in the cage](https://www.businessinsider.in/photo/81372311/ufc-bantamweight-trevin-jones-bludgeoned-his-opponent-in-the-second-round-with-an-uppercut-and-hammerfists.jpg?imgsize=247959), and of course be reminded before the fight at the [Trojan Condom Handwrapping station](https://www.ufc.com/news/ufc-expands-marketing-partnership-trojan) to "protect yourself at all times". Thankfully it's much different now.


You know how trash it would be right now, full of bitcoins, NFTs and gambling websites. I dont' really care because fighters would get paid, but it would look like trash.


I can’t tell if you’re being ironic or not but that’s literally the garbage the ufc has on the canvas and on the led lights around the cage and what not, bitcoins and NFT’s and gambling sites. They basically cut the fighters out so they could push that garbage themselves.




Thats how millionaires become billionaires.


Why is it more trash to put that stuff on fighters shorts than the Canvas? The UFC aesthetic isn't clean, it's a dumpster of cheap marketing.


Condom depot on the back was uh.. Quite the unusual one.


As opposed to trojan right on the mat itself now?


The UFC banned a number of sponsors including condom depot over the years. Don't remember the reason they gave at that time if any. But UFC changed the rules so that most of the sponsorship money went to itself rather than the fighters and didn't care what logos got slapped on the mat after that.


UFC: We won’t pay you a lot, and we don’t want anyone else to, either.


Gegard is funny as fuck I miss him not being in the ufc purely for the Facebook live q&a's they used to make him do.


Hey, uh, fuck you too, man, i fuck your mother


Dam did he actually say it? Lmao


He’s the reason they stopped doing that lol


I have a nice long long one


a lot of mothers in the chat today


now I don't know if you guys are history buffs, but this dana white is a real jerk


when your own mother publishes a book just to tell how big of a POS you are, maybe.. maybe that guy is an asshole


(Plankton voice) CORRECT


Fuck Dana and his overlords. I always try to support other organizations.


Haven't given the UFC money since the early 00s when I would buy their DVDs.


Ah the Tito Ortiz, Pedro Rizzo dark ages


not only other organizations, but journalists too. I'm not the greatest fan of Ariel, but at least *now* he can make his own money without needing to suck Dana's dick and I'm quite happy for him. these people in the press conferences are some of the lamest I've ever seen asking questions.


A year ago people on social media were shitting on Bloody Elbow for making a negative article about Joe Rogan. Bloody Elbow, who have been doing more work to engourage higher fighters pay than the fighters themselves in recent years, and who actually talk about the darker side of MMA too (gyms full of extremists, Masvidal wearing a "Free my buddy who murdered a guy" shirt for the 2nd Usman fights, etc). The BE guys surely deserve more love, and I'm sure there are more publications like them that get overshadowed by the more mainstream "Dana White aprooved" MMA media.


Lmao yeah all those other organizations giving their fighters $500 to show, they’re all just as trash


Nope. Obviously the pay and exposure isn’t the same, but theyre still getting a more fair split of the money and theyre not getting forced to cut sponsors that used to get advertised on fighter’s shorts.


Nah they’re really not man look into it a bit. The reason leagues like Bellator and PFL pay a higher percentage is because they compete with the UFC for free agents while making way way less money. They wouldn’t pay them more if they made more money. They’re only doing it because they need to compete with UFC salaries. It’s also spread very disproportionately compared to the UFC. They pay big free agents big money, but everyone else gets scraps and way less than the UFC would pay similar fighters. And even then they’re giving guys $500 and $1000 show money and misusing regional talent in exchange for “exposure”. They’re just as shitty, at least the UFC pays most of their fighters living wages.


Not saying it's perfect outside the UFC, but what about fighters getting to display their sponsors? That's what the article above is mainly about.


It's good that they can display their sponsors in other leagues, but sponsors won't pay the same amount they would for UFC fighters. In other leagues the fighters have way less exposure, thus their sponsors have way less exposure, thus the sponsorship simply isn't as valuable. Unless you're already a big name, sponsors won't pay big bucks


He’s the one that said they get a larger portion of the revenue in his comment, I wasn’t replying to the article. The UFC wanted a cleaner product and were looking for a apparel sponsor. And it’s not like the UFC was pocketing the Reebok money, it went 100% to the fighters. 70% of the money went to fighters and the other 30% was for the actual apparel they provided to coaches and such. (Might wanna double check the percentages but I know it went to the fighters in totality). And even then you can still have apparel and other types of sponsors on social media. Fighters get paid big money for social media partnerships nowadays. It sucks some fighters lost money but I don’t think it was done to screw with fighters, more for the look of the product the UFC wanted. And I think it looked a lot better than having condom depot on shorts, and the UFCs aesthetic is much cleaner and better than leagues that allow sponsors in the cage apparel alongside banners that cover the view of the fans. It made it much more professional and legitimate as a major sports org which in turn will lead to fighters getting paid more as the sport grows and legitimizes itself. People forget the pay in the UFC rises every year.


fighters ended up getting paid out roughly $40 million when the reebok deal ended out of a 7 year, $70 million deal. but the portion of the reebok deal they got wasn’t the point, moose’s point was that they were making more with sponsors on their shorts. fighters would’ve made WAY more than $40 mil over 7 years if they were allowed to sell ads on their shorts. that’s why every fighter has hated it from day one


It was a possible 70 mil estimate, it was based on the roster and number of fights, and that doesn’t include the money for apparel. And the 40 mil doesn’t include the apparel costs which is another 30%.


Can you provide any documentation about that 70/30 split because I’ve seen a lot of breakdowns over the years where people show the fighters always get fucked and the ufc pockets a large chunk. These have admittedly been mostly Reddit posts so I take them at face value, but I’ve never seen anything otherwise and you seem very sure. Don’t take this as arguing with you, because, I’m not, I just want to see if you have anything to offer I can look at.


Bellator gives 44% of the revenue to the fighters.


>People think that we should get to wear our own sponsors because the UFC makes a ton of money from their own sponsors. Well the UFC's been at it since 1993. Dana White has had 10k sleepless nights when us fighters are just showing up to practice, going to bed, laying our head on the pillow.


I'm still amazed that he had the balls to say that fighters are more privileged than poor old Dana. I get that he's angling for a job after fighting, but that was just such a rat-faced thing to say about his fellow fighters.


He didn't lie though, Dana has had these sleepless nights, but because of his cocaine use.


Don't forget sandblasting every hooker in Vegas and Abu Dhabi


Don't forget the escorts


i think thats what Chandler meant, 10k for each sleepless night


The tomato loves a ⛽️ 🐀


That’s the opposite of balls. That’s fucking spineless, groveling, bootlicking, cowardly, embarrassing opportunism. It takes balls to stand up to power; it takes an utter disrespect for yourself, the truth, and everyone else in the sport to say what chandler said. People have rightfully been coming down on him for it, but I somehow still don’t think we’re being harsh enough. Truly gross shit.


Chandler shilled out for a tongue extension surgery just to make sure he could lick the toe-jam from Danas flipflops. He really is the ultimate manlet Loyal like a goddam umpa loompa too


Chandler really thinks 'taking the risks' and 'hard decisions' of an entrepreneur is this sacred thing to be held above all else, virtually quantifiable, its the same ideas that imbues all political power in 'job creators'


I mean yeah it is in a way because without them, you wouldn’t have this platform. Does that mean they can sht on the fighters? Nope. Even if the UFC has done a good job of promoting their brand and not fully levy it on the fighters, the fighters still deserve twice of what they’re making at least. Plus sponsors. You can be both pro-entrepreneurship and pro-fighters. Besides there are other promotions out there that supposedly pays “more” so why not angle for that as a fighter?




He doesn't care about anyone else except himself. Also except his two adopted black kids.


Don’t hate the player.


“Don’t hate the cock sucker, hate the cock” is basically what you’re saying in this situation


You think he gives a fuck? He’s going to have a job for as long as he wants


Lol you act like the ufc rewarding him for his boot licking is a guarantee. Plenty of fighters have licked that ufc boot and found there’s still no place for them once they aren’t top fighters anymore. Chandler will have a job as long as he’s valuable to the ufc. Let him lose 3 in a row at 38 years old and we’ll see where he’s at.


> He’s going to have a job for as long as he wants Well firstly you don't know that and secondly the whole point of a fighters union/pressure is to make HIM more money, hes shittalking his own potential pay raise.


lol is this is going to be in any pay discussion isn't? I love it


Michael "👢👅" Chandler


Moose is one of the few top guys to walk away while still at the top of their game. Fuck the UFC.


The legend of sassy Moose continues on elsewhere... where he's appreciated.


They get paid less to look more bland and generic. The "it looks more professional" argument is straight up dumb.


Dana said he didn't want the fighters to look like nascar drivers meanwhile the entire octagon is plastered in ads


Dont forget buffer having to do an ad during the main event announcement ruining all the flow and hype


Ill always remember the candyman ad he did lol


Sometimes they sponsor shit at the most ridicolous times, I get everything, I do but I remember in the Belal vs Edwards fight, Belal suffered a brutal eye poke, horrible ending, he was screaming from the pain, he was crying non stop, he was terrified... do we really need to hear that Godzilla vs Kong is coming out in theatres? Like, you know what I mean? I was like "You gotta be kidding me, in such a moment who the hell cares about... wait, what you mean Godzilla vs Kong is coming out? That's awesome!" lmao Not but fr, I get they can't really avoid sponsoring shit, but I was just baffled lol


For PPVs there should be no ads at all imo. I already paid for the service. I get pissed off at having to sit through 20 minutes of ads in the cinema after I paid for a ticket for the same reason. Smh I thought we had a deal, either ads or ticket price, not both.


I wish I was recording, can't remember which PPV it was, but they split the picture with an ad during the round. They usually do it right as the round begins, but I guess this time they goofed and missed the window. The guys were grappling on the ground when they decided to show the ad... Couldn't even fucking wait for the end of the round.


the ultimate insult was him saying that, and then him showing up to ceremonial weigh in's in his bullshit whiskey product and rogan in an onnit shirt. Just full on fuck you to the fighters we at the top do whatever the fuck we want


“More professional” as they pummel each other bloody


Prize fighters are supposed to look bland and generic. That's promoting 101


it isn't an argument, its straight up 4 billion dollars. Theyre fucking geniuses. Get USADA, get Uniforms, Get McGregor, Get 4 billion. But at the cost of extorting their fighters.


They could've still had 'professional' looking uniforms with a small space for advertisement that didn't break any 'visual rules', like the nba shirt sponsors. its just an excuse to rip off fighters


tbf it does look a bit more professional without CONDOM DEPOT plastered on fighters butts but that could have been solved by banning them as a sponsor.


They were banned.


As wmplus commented in this thread: Yeah well fortunately we got a Trojan Condom ad now in the cage, and of course be reminded before the fight at the Trojan Condom Handwrapping station to "protect yourself at all times". Thankfully it's much different now.


hey there, so there should be more not less condom commercials.


If anyone was wondering. Gegard is pretty smart and has a lot of real estate investments so he's likely doing very well financially.


Monopolizing the ring ads was a way to sell exclusivity at a higher premium, cutting out the fighters share was just extra profit on top of that. Fight promoters are notoriously greedy but Dana and Co take the cake by a long shot.


Honestly this was the shadiest thing the UFC did. Not the pay scale thing. They're a businesss that have to answers to shareholders. You don't increase cost unnecessarily. Its up to the fighters to unionize. But them taking away a source of income that they had before that would be 1x + their salary and not letting them have a choice is straight up criminal. I guarantee more than 80 percent of fighters would not be complaining about fighter pay if they had the opportunity to have sponsors in the octagon. You'd get shitty NFTs companies and gambling websites but they'd be getting paid on the merit of their fame.


you're right it'd be a fuckin CBD/NFT trade show every night


If fighters were allowed their own sponsors they they definitely wouldn't be complaining about salaries as much. UFC basically killed the sponsorship business when they did this. Fighters made more on sponsorship deals than they made in their fights. It was kind of like the PGA tour or Nascar. The prize money wasn't as big as other sports, but their were huge endorsement deals for fighters. When Frank Mir beat Brock Lesnar in their first fight he made like $50k as his fight purse. But he made like $200k in sponsorship money for just that fight alone. I remember reading it an article, I think it was Yahoo. $200k just to Frank Mir, who most people considered washed up at that point. To have go from $200k in endorsements, down to what would be like $5k for Reebok was insane. I still can't believe the UFC got away with it.


I wonder how Rick’s Tire Barn is doing


Dunno, but HCK closed I believe.


They can hardly fit anymore sponsorships on the mat/cage now days.


they can hardly fit sponsors in any place. sometimes I feel I'm watching a Draft Kings event and those fights keep interrupting my gambling experience. those DK commercials make me miss P3's.


Based, Moose.


Gegard is a motherfucker !


100 percent, it was also a way to take away their ability to build a brand and to create an identity apart from the UFC. Everyone has to tow the company line.


No it wasn't. It was 100 percent about money. USADA, Uniform was all to get the UFC to sell for 4 billion. It just so happened at the cost to the fighters. The UFC loves it when fighters are able to brand themselves. It helps sells PPVs.


reason and logic? we dont take kindly to your kind around here


I think it was obvious to everyone


No shit


The UFC product is bland and desolate looking. They try so hard to be like the NBA that it makes everything look soulless.


I don't know if Bellator will ever become an equal to the UFC, I'm betting against it, but I think Mousasi will definitely be a guy who goes down in history as one of the first fighters who showed you can walk away from the UFC and still make money as a fighter. Unlike a lot of other guys who wind up leaving the UFC to go to Bellator and PFL, he was at the top of his game when he left the UFC and probably the legitimate number 1 contender to the 185lb title.


I like seeing the individual shorts. Is bullshit they’re not allowed there on shorts any more. From cowboys camo/flag shorts to class walkout shirts


100% true


Ali and his boys were big supporters of the Reebok deal, which doesn't surprise me one bit


Gegard is 100% right. Beige Frequency has a video detailing the entire sponsorship saga: it basically amounts to fighters being paid rather generously by sponsors and the UFC deciding to take a grossly disproportionate cut from them and then claim that they're "legitimizing" either the sponsors or the sport. It's a total crock of shit and it always has been just another way the UFC can profit from their athletes.


Rather old news to be stating, everyone knows this already, presumably...


I loved those purple Bony Açai hats and the Bad Boy trunks. RVCA had cool long length compression shorts for TRT Vitor too.


I always thought it was cool seeing the sponsors on fight shorts and seeing new companies pop up. Some of their merchandise was actually cool and impressive looking like Sprawl and One More Round. When I was in my early 20's I did buy an Xtreme Couture Affliction shirt (don't judge me). I'm too fat for it now but I think I've still got it somewhere. Plus, it personalized the fighters more and even added to their brand/character. Especially the top guys. Like Chuck Liddell always had the same blue shorts with the icicles on them. Tito had a camo pair of shorts that he wore a lot. Randy usually wore red. Rich Franklin had the pink American Fighter shorts. GSP had the tight speedo shorts etc. Now everyone has the same bland and generic look.


Didn't Khabib call him the most underrated fighter


This guy is still salty about his time in the ufc eh? Its been long enough gegard, you choked every big fight you had. Take a breather bud.


Dude beat Vitor when he still in the top 5, what are you on bub?


Dana’s alt account


How many REAL belts?