I read something today from a Monaco fan that made me want him even more: >The other thing is that I think he might be one of the smartest player I've heard at the club. When you listen to players being interviewed they always say stuff like "oh we didn't play well, we need to focus on the next game" but Tchouaméni usually understands the team's plan and strategy and could give really interesting insights on where the team was lacking. I've always been impressed at how smart he sounds and how he seemed to understand the game better than most players at such a young age, his interviews are a delight.


Paris can go fuck themselves. And I mean the team not the city.


but city can go fuck themselves too


And I mean the team and the city


The city, City and Paris can all go fuck themselves.


Maybe if they're all down for it they can fuck each other and we just leave them to it?


This guy better be worth the hype


Worth every cent


He is a monster


I feel like Liverpools actual summer policy is “Act” like we’re going for a crazy bidding war style player. Just to have someone in our back pocket that we actually want. That way we completely miss a bidding war.


Take the spotlight away from the player we want, while other teams who somehow use us a scouting unit (ahem Chelsea) pounce on our perceived player


Madrid or PSG will pump 80+mil onto him. We'll nab Sanagare or someone like that for 30mil and after 6 months with Klopp he'll be the lovechild of Makelele and Pirlo.


Yep, reports were already coming out that we are looking at Sangare


The only things I care about with regards to Paris and Madrid are that we destroy Real Madrid in Paris this weekend.


I hope he joins P$G just for the lulz


PSG owner can go fuck himself


It’s not worth getting into bidding wars with both Madrid and PSG. There are other talents out there as well. For us, our backup transfer options have always worked out and done well.


I like how our fans mostly have finally come to fully trust the transfer team and coaching set up. Last year's melt down was a let down but this year it's been amazingly calm over transfers.


Yeah. two cups, one final yet to be played and almost a league title will put faith into people. a year ago we were more sceptical.


Guarantee you that there will be a meltdown this summer


Ya I think teams below us are getting desperate. Big warchests from Chelsea, Spurs, Gunners and United. I'd expect City fans to calm cos they got Halland. They just need bench strength like us. some Fans don't get that teams that are completely needs only a few changes to keep going, like maintaining a perfect house. Whereas teams that are rebuilding a house needs a lot more spending. Spending on transfers anyways doesn't guarantee you success. Wages do. Just look at the mighty Everton.


We are **Liverpool FC fans**, for hell's sake. A summer without a meltdown isn't a proper summer.


yeah. The thing is also if you win it. the pressure on the new player is going to be huge, which is problematic when he has to compete with Fabinho for mimutes in the biggest games.


I feel like this is exactly the kind of player we have avoided in the past few years... Look at the Fab and Diaz transfers, we don't like to sign players who like to mess around and drag sagas out for more money. If that's what they are interested in then their character wouldn't fit at this club anyway imo


Feels very obviously like Monaco/Tchouameni's agent trying to drive up the price for Real. More reliable sources have already confirmed that this one is dead, better to move on


We’re getting tossed about here. I’d be amazed if the club hadn’t already cut ties with signing him. We don’t play this game with transfers


For once I feel like club should come out and say "bruh we are not signing him" He would lose all bargaining power


I don't think we are overly arsed with Monaco making a bit more money tbf.


Incredible talent, but I want us to walk away from this transfer. We're being played off against Madrid and PSG. I'd much rather go for someone who is dying to come to our club.


That's not a wise transfer tactic. Just because a player isn't dying to bin off the biggest club in the world in our favour on the spot doesn't mean we should just stop trying to get him if it's a possibility.


We categorically cannot won a bidding war against Real Madrid and PSG though




What do you mean by "moneyball"? This just looks like basic negotiation, which i'm sure all the players we got have done if they have actual agents in their employ. Alisson was linked with both Chelsea and Madrid for a good while before he chose us. Fabinho was asking United in the press to come and get him the summer before we got him. These things happen, not all players sleep in Origi pyjamas in their youth. What's important is what they do once they are here, them trying to get the best contract they can doesn't bother me one bit.


You had me until the Divock pjs…piss off with that, all players sleep with divock pjs


No, our strategy is if the player worths the money and suits our style, we'll pay for him. That is how our scouting and transfer done during Klopp's tenure.


Like Carvalho and Elliott?


Real Madrid and their media should take a lesson from the Mbappe ordeal. Hyping transfers that aren’t done; heaping pressure on these young adults to make life-altering decisions quickly; weaponizing their media and fans when an Mbappe happens. It’s all kind of gross and toxic.


Le fuck off


Trust the administration not to get suckered into a bidding war. We can't compete with PSG or Madrid on wages, even if we can meet the transfer amount they're offering. I'm sure there are other CMs available.


I feel like Madrid will pull out all the stops to get one over PSG, if their interest is legit. The fragility of the egos at that club is something to behold. In any case I reckon we probably won't be getting him unless Klopp and the team are absolutely adamant


Oh yeah. The copium I needed


RMC & Julien Maynard (who earlier reported him moving to Real Madrid) are far more reliable for French Football news, so you're better off following what they're saying rather than this guy.


Can't even be arsed with him anymore


How do Paris have any money left lol


They're a corrupt club owned by an oil autocracy and given a free pass by all sectors of the French state because they feel the need to kiss up to oil autocracies.


You mean like Manchester City?


They have unlimited money


QSI is worth 300 billions dollar and the oil price is rising unstoppably.


Don't have time for this. We've handled most of our business so well because we do it on our terms and are prepared to walk away if parties start getting cocky.


We're not just going to France for number 7, we're going for Tchouameni too. Winner takes all.


We're not stepping up for shit and I mean this in a good way. Every player we got under Kopp wanted to come here as first destination. We don't 'step up', either you want to come or we move on.


This isn’t really true. Fabinho was twerking for united in the press before we went for him


felt that was more Monaco trying to pimp him out than Fabinho


Liverpool transfers are rarely in the scope of bidding wars. Absolutely don't see this happening; don't want this happening either.


Tchouameni gonna pull a Hazard: "I'll be joining the 7 times Champions of Europe"


No point in believing any of this.


This is the reason why the club has briefed Maddock and Grost that the player has chosen Real Madrid - we wont up the bid since the player have already set his mind on Real. Whatever happens now is just Monaco and player/agent trying to get the best deal for the club and player.


Why do players even question coming to us at this point? Real Madrid, I get it, I do. But the shit you'll win with us and the manager and players you'd be surrounded by is just unreal. Aye sure, PS too many G'z will pay you stupid amounts but you're fucking loaded playing with us anyway. Maybe it's just the weather... Petition to move Spain closer to Liverpool for fair play reasons.


I believe winning the cl will play a role (not a big one, but still) into choosing his path. However it is not the end of the world, transfer team has shown very good results before, i trust they will do the same in this window too. YNWA


*So youre saying there's a chance?*