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50m? You have to be joking me. We can't replace him easily for that amount.


exactly, guy is arguably in contention for ballon d'or and is thriving as CF


How much was Diaz or Jota?


Fair, but Jota is a completely different player and not as effective as Mane and Diaz, while showing brilliance, is nowhere near Mane's peak.




Jotas got to improve his passing and link up play if he wants to lock down our CF position


Agreed - he seems to really struggle to link play and has some terrible decision making in the final third. It’s fantastic that he seems to be able to pull a goal out of thin air but when he isn’t scoring, in my view he is well behind mane/salah/Diaz/firmino/even Taki.


Jota does not look better out wide


Yeah the recent stints at RW haven't been great


Jota has never looked better out wide


Get out. Mane is worth > £100m


Not at 30 with 1 year on his contract. How much did Halaand go for a lot younger with one year left?


That was a release clause though, Mané does not have one in his contract


Hazard was 29, 1 year on his contract and clearly more injury prone than Mane. He went for 100m.


Then you just don’t sell him. 50m isn’t worth our time


This. Just have him for another year and let him go free next year if we're going to get shafted on the price.


We won't hold a player like Mane hostage, besides Bayern let 30 year old Thiago come here for pennies with a year on his contract too


It’s not hostage if he gets more money in his pockets on a free. The club would miss out, but $50 mil is almost worth one extra go if you think they can take City. Depends on ucl final im sure


The counter is Diaz looks good on the left, use the 50 as part of a bid for Nkunku say. I don't want to lose Mane, but we obviously can't never sell players when we tend to rely on sales for purchases.


>Nkunku He doesnt even offer half the work rate that Mane does


We’ve sold all the players of that level in recent history. We do let some value go (origi, Shaqiri, wjinaldum), but that’s small coin compared to the Mane’s, Coutihno, and Suarez. The difference between the three is definitely service time. I get your concern but I doubt it will become a trend.


Er... what more do our recruitment team and coaching team have to do to get some trust? If he wants to go with one year left on his contract for 50m\~ then absolutely let him go, with Diaz already here and another player similar to his profile with the 50m I'd be absolutely confident in Klopp's ability to mould two young Manes.


True. It is going to be interesting to see how long we maintain that edge in signing players. Other teams are watching and learning our ways and surely our hit rate is bound to drop sooner or later. It is quite ridiculous how successful our transfer strategy has been since FSG took over and has gone from strength to strength. But it won't last forever I believe.


I understand this sentiment as a fan but who would pass down 50 mil and let someone go for free the next season? Thats just horrible business.


Not in the real world


A lot less than they're worth now, just like Mane.


That's what happens when you have 1 year left on the contact. If he had 3 years left he would cost 90 to 100mil


Hazard went for 100m.


and Thiago went for 20m and lewy is about to go for 30-40m. Which of these examples do we expect would instruct the average offer from the transfer market for a 30 yr old, post pandemic?


Well if the alternative is losing him for free in a year and still having to replace him...


Unfortunately not long left on his contract


But it would make someone like Nunez more affordable, right?


Nunez will be close to 100M imo, now that also Real are without a marquee signing and may go for him


Ornstein in the Athletic said Nunez will go for 60m euro.


I'd take that in a heartbeat


If we’re making headlines and articles about what someone can imagine ….


it's enough for the first installments on a new player, who will be on lower wages. We got Thiago for half that as well.


200m£ + Kimmich. Thank you.


Mark Goldbridge?




No joke, a straight swap would have Bayern fans fuming while we solve our midfield AND right back issue immediately. If Kimmich wants to come in any fluke miracle we should get him 100%


Sometimes I forget how cutthroat football management is. Divock has played his last game at Anfield and I'm sad enough. Sell Mané? He may be 30 but he outruns nearly everybody and is strong, is reliable, is ultra-competitive and never gives less than 100% and he's seven years younger than James Milner. And his goals this season were incredibly invaluable. I remember the Barcelona game and although he didn't score, he covered every blade of grass to recover the ball and ran Barca's players into the ground. At the end, they were walking around exhausted and Mané was still running down the ball. Mané is one player I definitely want to see walking down the tunnel in Paris. Can you imagine what its like being the defender who has to mark him? A nightmare


standout player in 18/19 ucl final


And 17/18!! Often forgotten performance for obvious reasons but he grabbed that game by the scruff of neck even though he looked like our only attacker.


I honestly thought he was gonna go win it himself


when he hits the post at 1-1 when he has no right to it was a big moment


Definitely a big game player!


Does he even get injured? He’s a beast and would hate to see him go


Completely agree, not to mention I feel like he’s really opened out his game for us with his ability to play really well in the CF position. There’s still so much he could do here for us so it would be an incredible blow to lose him.


I've never once seen him gasping for breath. His expression is the same whether he woke up from a nap or just finished a lung busting run.


His trophy haul at club and international level speaks for itself. Mane is world-class and has been for a long time


He had insane potential before he came to us, but he was considered a speed merchant, sometimes it’s about the right fit which he proved many many times he is. Having great speed as your main strength isnt a problem if you can run for 2000 minutes a season


Bayern transfer media basically works like this: Journalist: Don't you think X is a great player? Wouldn't you love to see him at Bayern? Bayern Rep: Yes, I think he is a great player. I would love if he was at Bayern Headline: BAYERN PREPARED TO MAKE A MOVE FOR X. REPS SAY HE'S A GREAT PLAYER THEY WOULD LOVE HIM ON THE TEAM. HERE'S A TRANSFER FEE AND TIMELINE THAT I PULLED OUT OF MY ASS


this soo like FM(football manager)😂😂 This is what i do to shake things up."Declare interest" 😂


Mane has shown to Liverpool this year that he is irreplaceable. Playing world class football as a CF/False 9 in the middle shows he has no weaknesses. He can finish, pass, link up, build up play, seen him track back and defend in Liverpool's own box across multiple games. He is able to play LW and fill in for Bobby when he is injured? Wow. massively underrated too. Scored **16 goals** this year and he isn't even playing his natural position or taking any penalties. \*Massive Assumption:\* if he took salah's 5 penalties, he would have 21 goals and only 1 goal away from joint golden boot. Two MOTM performances against City in the span of 1 week (one in the PL and FA cup semi final against city (that 2 goal performance in the first half was a highlight of the season)). Won the AFCON, two cups, and can still fight for the CL final. Even if we do let him go, the 50mln price tag is a joke. if he was English, he would be worth more than Jack Grealish.


Agreed with all that, bar the irreplaceable comment. Teams evolve and part of that process is adapting to new personnel.


Really don't like it when players are deemed irreplaceable. A well functioning recruitment department should be prepared for losing any players. I'd expect a list of at least 5 ready made players that could come into our system and perform for each position. Mane is a world class player and a huge asset in our attack, but by no means should we be put in a vulnerable position by him leaving.


[x] doubt


No way we sell him for that. We don't sell important players with deals running down for cut prices usually, so unless it's a much bigger offer I don't see it. Think it's telling that Plettenberg's figure is probably from Mané's reps. Think Bayern are in for a rude awakening if they try and call up Julian Ward with that figure


Jules is laughing down the phone for 5 straight minutes when he hears that can of ass valuation


Mmm idk about that, we’ll prob sell one and if we get 50m for Mane I think we’ll take that instead of 70m for Salah.


Yup! I think we’ve shown that we’re willing to let players go for free. Can and Gini are prime examples. Even Origi too believe, there were talks of offers for him over the summer… I think, don’t quote me on this


Transfer fee less than 50 mil is making me not believe it.


Do you not remember us signing 30 year old Thiago with a year left on his contract for £25m? It's the same situation


Plus you'd expect Thiago to run a longer career than Mané. For a midfielder getting older you just sit deeper, run less, but the range of passing and vision is still there. Even if he wouldn't fit into our system with that role, he'd still have value selling him on somewhere else. For Mané I think that unless he's another James Milner he's realistically only going to have a few more years before he loses his edge with pace and pressing and is no longer there at a top level.


He has a year left on his contract and is 30, not that unbelievable


Yeah similar situations to Thiago going the other way. Ideally we keep Mo and Mane. If it's one or the other keep Mo. Also if we sell Mane and Origi we probably have an attacker in our sights, Nunez would be great but even a player like Ivan Toney who has made it clear he would like to be here.


I’m really intrigued to see what we do in attack this summer, only guarantees to be here next season are Diaz Jota and Carvalho. At least one of the OG front 3 will leave I think but it wouldn’t shock me if 2 do


Nobody is bidding for Firmino, and we won't let both Salah and Mane go.


Origi isn’t going to be sold, his contract has run out. He wasn’t on massive wages anyways. I get it if it was £50m, not if it’s €50m.


He's 30 years old and entering the last year of his contract: that's a recipe for a low transfer fee. The same issue also applies to Salah and Firmino.


42m for Mane? The dude in his prime and got 4 year left in him. For me it better to give him the contract he wants.


I believe it with 1 year left on his contract.


Lewandowski +€25m


No thanks. A 34 year old who has never played outside of Germany and 20m for one of our greatest ever players? I'll pass on that mate.


Hes only a top 3 all time CL scorer and demolished Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal multiple times. Would definitely fail in the PL


Lewandowski has proven himself in the Champions League and even on international level with Poland. He would do fine outside of Germany. Also this is an option if Sadio really wants to go for whatever reason. In that case I'd gladly take Lewandowski who wants to leave too and a little bit of cash.


He's 34 and has never played outside of Germany. You think he just rocks up and gets 35 goals for Liverpool? In a much more physically intense league where there's a lot less space. He's got 1 maybe 2 seasons left in him. On a free fine, but we shouldn't be spending big money on a pensioner


Less space lol... Every team parks the bus against Bayern so how does that matter


You are deluded if you think that Lewa has only 1-2 years left. He is a mentality monster like Ronaldo and Zlatan and could play until he is 40. And who said that he is supposed to score 35 goals for us in a season? Does Sadio do that? If Sadio wants to leave for Bayern it would be good if we get money plus Lewa as an exchange. Also if Sadio wants to leave I'd rather get Lewa and some money now instead of losing Sadio next year for free. The best option would ofc be to keep Mane and renew his contract but I'm just presenting my ideas for the possibility that Mane really wants a new adventure.


> He is a mentality monster like Ronaldo and Zlatan So he'll carry on playing even though he's a shadow of his former self? I don't want that thanks. But you carry on fanboying


Your crazy for that take. One of the best players in the world CURRENTLY


This was my first thought


Yeh how longs he got left, it’s a year right? I’d take him


Fuck off Bayern


Sorry you’re half a year too late, Bayern. CF Mané is at least double that.


Nothing says journalistic integrity like the word “probably.”


Well put.


>Transfer fee probably less than €50m (£42.5m). They wish. If they want him they're going to need to go much nearer €70m (£60m) at a minimum.


You realize he only has a year left on his contract?


So does Salah. Do you think we would sell him for that? Real paid over 100m for Hazard at a similar age with a year left.


Hazard had said he'd renew if he wasn't bought though, did change it


And we got Thiago for 25mil at a similar age with a year left. A club like Bayern let's their players go for a reasonable fee if they want to leave. A club like Chelsea will squeeze the player for all he's worth. I think we'll be more like Bayern. For Mane, around 50 mil would be reasonable, and since Salah has more market value than Mane, around 70mil for him. Not that I want either of those things to happen.


I do but I also realise that he's a player who's still an important one for us and who will give any team he's on a guarantee of at least 15-to-20 goals a season, something that very few players in the World can offer.


Not sure why everyone in this thread is acting like LFC *need* to sell him either.


This is the same thing they said when we were linked with Thiago though.


I'd be tempted above £40m, not gonna lie (assuming the transfer committee have someone in mind as a replacement). He's 30, he's just hit a rich vein of form that's inflated his transfer fee above what it would have been pre-AFCON, Diaz and Jota are good enough that we wouldn't need a replacement to hit the ground running and I'm guessing whoever we signed to replace him would be on lower wages than Mané would want to re-sign. I'd be sad to see him leave, but I think there's an argument that we should cash in.


Twist the knife a little further after yesterday thanks


I can see it ending up at that price with a year left. But Mane has really been a revelation since afcon. He has basically an upgraded Bobby which is crazy. He was the first player signed to kick off the Klopp era. I don’t want him to go.


Nice try Real Madrid




£42 million for Mane…. No bloody way.


He's 30 with a year left on his contract. We signed Thiago for £25m under the same circumstances.


Mane is still on top of his game and very rarely misses games though


Thiago was comfortably the best midfielder in the world when he signed. Mane is nowhere near the top of his game, that was in 2019.


Forwards always cost more. Thiago is injury prone. Yes he’s quality when fully fit. I wouldn’t say he was the best midfielder in the world when we signed him. If you believe that then that’s fine


Yes Sadio will cost more, twice as much according to this report so we seem to be in agreement. Thiago made the FIFPro World XI when we signed him so it isn't just my opinion.


We all know how crap those fifa awards and teams are… the fact VVD didn’t win still pisses me off.


Rather hold onto him and lose for a free than sell him for 50


I can only imagine that happens if they absolutely cannot secure a suitable replacement.


It's already confirmed we will commence talks with Mane once the CL final is over. These guys are gonna milk clicks till then. No point giving to these journos.


If he does go and I hope not Nkunku has to be top of the list.


Hate reading shit like this a week before a final


50+ Lewandowski more like


Forgot /s




Lewy plus 30m or Lewy + Gnabry


Nah can’t take anymore tears. I really hope he stays. Please don’t go Mane…


Oh fuck off please, not the news anyone wants to hear!! 50m??? He's worth a lot more surely.


£40 million for mane? Get to fuck.


I hope Mane is staying.. arguably player of the season for us.


He's been immense in his new role. What a fighter.


100% Let's be honest, midway through the season he struggled and people were talking about Diaz coming in as his potential replacement. Bobby gets injured and Mane steps up and now there's no way you want Mane off that team sheet.


Haha, we might have a bunch of Bundesliga players, a German manager and a big focus on fans, but we're not a Bundesliga feeder club where that kind of offer would fly, Bayern.


Isn't this the Bayern guy they all say is unreliable? Less than €50m would be around £35m, I can't see it happening for that price unless he was absolutely desperate to leave


Can't keep all three, can we? Gonna be a big shock when any of them go, whatever the details.


Is this even a source? I know he's a sky reporter but I've never seen him report anything. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places, but what's his track record like?


Funny joke, except not really.


classic click bait


No one can stop Sadio leaving if he wants to go. It will be his loss ultimately given what this club is poised to do over the next few years.


I will vomit.


Absolutely no chance. Mane and Salah should retire here.


I think his agent is pushing for a fat renewal or a sale.


Oh fuckoff. Can’t wait until after we win the CL and Mo and Sadio sign new contracts and these rumours will be put to bed. Pissing me off


Mane is our most important attacker imo. Can play anywhere along the line and rarely injured.


Anything less than 80M will be one of the the worse deal in the history


No chance for less than 50m. Unless he wants a 5 year contract, he is 30 but he is also an absolute beast and could still be world class in 4-5 years


No way we sell him for that.


For the love of god no


No way he goes for less than 50m


Lewa, Gnabry, Kimmich +50m then we can maybe talk


If we sell one of our world class attackers I’m sure Klopp has a plan in place to bring someone in who will be a world beater within a year 🤞


This has only compounded the **PAIN**.


He appears to be a sky sports reporter with a focus on Bayern Munich, which leads me to believe he's reliable? I'm sure someone can tell us his tier status. Of course, this still doesn't mean Mane wants to leave, but one of the original front three is going to move on at some point.


Tier 2


Give us Lewandowski and Gnabry + 30m and you can have him


Less than 50mil euros excuse me?


sub 50m ? You shouldn't include the number to make it more believable. No way in hell FSG will sell our key player at that price....


LMFAO not worth the rag it's printed on


50mill euros? yeah right lmao fuck right off


70M or it isnt happening. We would sooner let him play out his contract rather than sell at a cut price. One year of Mane at the level he is right now is worth that.


If Mane really wants to leave I would explore a cash plus Gnabry deal. I believe Klopp can turn Gnabry into a world class player. Edit: I mean cash to us obviously if somebody misunderstood.


I wouldn’t take Gnabry. Bayern offered him around 300K and he is holding out for more. His best season came two seasons ago. Unless he lowers his wages and we somehow get the player who he was back then. Also, he’s turning 27 in July, there’s nothing more Klopp can probably get out of him.


If Mane actually does go which I doubt, I’d hope we explore Nkunku as an option for Cf


This is a great shout. Nkunku playing in that false 9/CF role for us would be a match made in heaven


Problem is he'll cost upwards of 75 mil


Net 25m out of pocket though if we take 50m for Mane. Would rather just keep Mane and buy Nkunku outright though.


Nkunku would earn way less than whatever Mane would demand, it would be a clear net positive over the next years.


Maybe so. I have confidence that Klopp and Ward will find the right guys.


I would be amazed if nkunku didn't RBL this summer. He's 24 and ready to take that next step to become world class. He's 100% the type of player Liverpool look for. I would be amazed if we weren't In for him already regardless if Mane stays or goes. Keep the van warm!


interestingly Mane and Gnabry share the same agent and they are having problems renewing Gnabry's contract rn.


If he does want to leave, I don't think Klopp will stop him. I imagine we're probably going to sign his replacement well before we actually sell him.


Well am just hoping this ain’t true… but if he does leave Nkunku is probably the best direct replacement for his false 9 role… god knows how much he would cost tho.


Right time to sell. Only downhill from here and this only increases our chances of keeping Salah




For that price, i can see lewi being part of the deal






£50m is insulting. £80m is more like it given his age and contract status.


No way pool are selling him yet




Not a hope they get him for 50 million


Mane for at least 100. Get Nunez. We go again.


Don’t sell but 30mill and Lewandowski would be ok


Can we just do a straight up swap for Lewandowski? Win for both teams.


50m is silly. Hazard went for 100m. Mane should be in similar valuation considering he is as good, similar age and contract length.


Like it or not, until his contract is renewed, this will keep coming up. He is the most versatile attacker we have and can easily lead our line for another 2-3 years if not more. Hope they work on his contract ASAP.


No this can’t be happening


Sadio mane for balon dor i cant emphasize enough.


We are surely fucking idiots if we sold him for less than 50m. Who can we even get for that money who's on his level? He rarely misses a game for us too.


Mane should be the first contract renewed this summer, he has been immense in that CF role and can play LW to and his work rate of the ball is insane. Would love to keep the front 5 going for another season or two but I wouldnt be surprised to see one move on this summer


I don't want this to happen. Who could come in as a replacement?


dont go bb


50 fucking million. Piss off.


Probably less than 50 million? Not even trying to hide the fact they haven't a clue what they're talking about!


Mane for less than 50m? Wow we are a charitable bunch.


He ain't leaving for that fee.