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Remember when we were panicking about how close Leicester was? Those were the days


I told my friends i was quitting watching football forever if we lost the league to Leicester.


We only need 2 more points to be clear. Mental.


2 mathematically just 1 with our GD difference. I still remember being pissed they thrashed Southampton because of the GD.


If the gd ever matter, we would lose out on gd


Not strictly true, because if Leicester were to catch us now then we would have to lose all of our games and they would have to win all of theirs, which would put a huge swing on GD.


Gd doesn't count this season for the top. It goes on head 2 head first up there now.


No this isn't right. Head to head has been added as an additional tiebreaker after all the previous ones. Basically added to make a play off less likely. [Source](https://www.premierleague.com/news/1262217)


You are correct. My mistake. I blame my brother who has been pushing his thoughts all season on how irrelevant goal difference is when city and leicestet were winning big. Thankfully at this time our gd is better than there's anyway. Although the lack of losses and all the wins is the main reason for that. Cheers for the correction, saves my confusion for later in the season possibly for other teams.


Not only do we need 2 points to be clear. Those 2 points would also match us with their title winning point total, absolutely mental


BuT tHiS iS tHe WeAKeSt PrEmIeR lEaGue EvEr!!


Not that I'm one of those people saying this is a weak year but a higher point tally is fuel for their argument. The sarcasm doesn't really work here.


Fair point. I actually want City and Leicester to win their remaining games (except against us), so they finish with a more respectable total to shut the haters up.


I thought about this and decided that I couldn’t give a flying fuck about either of those clubs


The game we beat Leicester away was when I accepted we were winning the league. They were like 7 points off us I think and we just went and twatted them 4-0 on their own turf


Chelsea were sort of a threat at one point too...


Leicester' s form has been dire. It's almost like they were punching above their weight and things are now normalizing. They are actually being saved by their incredible performance earlier in the season.


They’re on track for 68 points which is the one of the lowest totals to finish in top 4 for a while, they are basically only going to be playing CL football next season because the usual top 6 are utter garbage besides us and City


Now they are on form for 68 points, which we surpassed in January


We will potentially become the best English team in history by the end of this season - change my mind


I don’t want to


That’s what I like to hear


I mean we're on course to have the highest points total ever and a lot of people consider the 100 point city side the best ever so I cant see any reason why we wouldn't be the best single season team of all time.


We are on target to obliterate the centurions and im loving every second of it


whats crazy is, for us to even finish FIVE points clear of the centurions, it would take a pretty massive slip up (2 or 3 draws and a loss in our next 11 only playing 3 top 6 and no wolves or LC)


Yeah its absolutely insane how much we'd need to slip up to not beat the record. Still entirely possible but just feels so unlikely. If we get past City without losing I dont see anyone beating us


That’s quite the “if” there, since City are a fucking hard team to beat. I expect they’ve been planning this one game harder than any other since we left them behind, CL included.


Their game of the season. They've become Everton for the season.


At this rate all of Europe (and by extension the world) will become Everton to us.


Yeah I'd says its basically a coin flip


And imagine if we take the invincibles and treble sides with us... We'd win football.


IMO 04-06 Chelsea is better than man city and the best EPL team I’ve seen.


That 2004-05 Chelsea team for me is top 3. If they didn’t concede a dodgy penalty vs Man City then they would’ve finished unbeaten and have conceded 14 goals. Wow.


no no no, you've got it all wrong. When the centurions finished with 100 points, it was because they actually earned it by playing well and against quality opposition. This Liverpool side are honestly terrible and are only performing well because every other team in England are suddenly shit. No way will we win the UCL because Atletico are going to expose us in the second leg and show that La Liga is truly the best league in the world. -average r/soccer user, 2020


The accuracy is infuriating


City forums are actually saying that their 100-point team will be objectively better than a 112-point LFC team, aparently forgetting that it would mean we won all but one game and went unbeaten. But sure, they're better for bottling a home title win against their biggest rivals from 2-0 up...


They're just a bunch of delusional twats. They somehow buy into that bs narrative that last year and the year before the league was amazing quality but all of a sudden this season its shit. They're just upset that even with their cheating and unlimited resources their record setting campaign might be overturned within 2 years when they expected it to last forever


It's because we're overhauling every record they set in that time. They're pissed off that the only things that would make their side memorable are being overwritten by a better team less than a year later. They might still have "most goals" to cling to, but that's all, and that's hardly impressive when it's only about 20 more than Messi's best calendar year. We're leaving them with nothing but their name on the list of league winners. That makes them no more noteworthy than Forest, Villa, Huddersfield or Preston.


And that team was assembled because they cheated to get the money and trophies to be able to sign them in the first place. None of these players would be there without City having won the league recently, Pep, and without the monopoly money they pay players


>see any reason why we wouldn't be the best single season team of all time. CL. If we god forbid get out to Atletico then round of 16 wouldn't be enough.


if you're only counting the PL, sure, but we're going to have to do better than just the round of 16 in the CL for that to stick. edit: and just to make it clear, I believe we will do better than the round of 16.


>best English team \*best team


The second best. The generation that's captained by Trent will be better.


Okay I think you can be wrong. We may become the best football team in history.


We'd have to win pl and CL this year for that I think. Right now we contend with the likes of 10's Barca for it.


We are. Amazing to think that not too long ago, the others used to laugh at us


Can’t change your mind ... will just upvote!!!!


I don’t want to change your mind, but I hope the season will end as planned, and it won’t be stopped after, say, Matchday 30, due to the covid.




We can also set a new record for 19 consecutive league wins. Think about that. NINETEEN. That's half a season... Absolutely mental statistic.


And it could have been almost a full season if not for Atkinson


Must be so proud to fuck us up for once


"for once"?


Hmm good point


Sometimes when people talk about these kinds of things I try to force myself to wake up since it seems like playing FIFA on rookie difficulty


Yep. The funny thing is, it doesn't even feel that strange. I'm almost used to it, already. Makes me have (some) sympathy for United fans in a way. I'm used to us winning almost every game and it's only been 2 years at this level. They had it for a lot longer than that. It almost justifies how annoyingly miserable they've been over the last few years, insofar as I understand it more now.


They were never close to as dominant as we've been. Only City and us (and maybe Chelsea) have been 95+ points. But their dominance was sustained for 2 decades, so it must have been hard for a few years... Now they'd be used to losing.


I'm not even sure I'd manage to get this rank on rookie level in Fifa


I dropped the difficulty once for fun and played City...i turned it off at 61 minutes, score 36-0 with 91% posession


Yet another cool coconut fact !!!!!






6 teams in the Premier League have less than 29 points - the current gap that Liverpool have over 3rd placed Leicester.


Got a chance to go 28 points clear of City by the time they next play too, and it’s United at Old Trafford. (Unless their extra game gets rescheduled before we play).


Let’s just wrap this up before the FA does something like cancelling the league


Honestly my big concern with the virus spreading ...


it's literally just flu, of which kills tens of thousands a year in Europe....


No it isn't. This sort of false information isn't helping anyone. It is at least twice as deadly and seems to be mutating. It could get significantly worse or slowly die out. If everyone treats it seriously it will probably be contained, if Europe and NA is blazé about it then it likely wont be.


It depends on age: > **In those under the age of 50 the risk of death is less than 0.5%** while in those over the age of 70 it is more than 8%.^[77] No deaths have occurred under the age of 10 as of February 26, 2020.^[77] And location: > The World Health Organization said on Monday that the fatality rate in Wuhan, China, considered the epicenter of the outbreak, is between 2% and 4%. **Outside of Wuhan, it is thought to be closer to 0.7%.** https://www.marketwatch.com/story/coronavirus-fatality-rates-vary-wildly-depending-on-age-gender-and-medical-history-some-patients-fare-much-worse-than-others-2020-02-26 Survival strongly depends on age, location, gender and medical history. Women are less likely to pass away, and so are people with a properly functioning immune system who don't smoke, for example. Also: > Chinese scientists who looked at nearly 45,000 confirmed cases in the current COVID-19 outbreak concluded the death rate was 2.3%. But there are questions about whether all cases are being counted: Infected people with only mild symptoms may be missing from the tally. That means the true fatality rate may be lower. And: > The flu's mortality rate is 0.1%, yet it kills hundreds of thousands around the world each year because it infects millions. So the size of the outbreak matters as much as the lethality in terms of how deadly a disease is. https://abc7news.com/5945128/ But indeed, it's not "literally just flu" even though there are many similarities. It's from an entirely different family of viruses.


Either or, it is a historical season for LFC. It's been 30 years since they last won a Top division league championship, time to bring it home in record-setting fashion.


this didn't age well


never unclench !




Im from the U.S and started watching English football, Liverpool to be specific a few years back due to the rise of Mo Salah. Honestly this season is going so perfect makes me feel guilty being a fan since I haven’t gone through the agonizing title drought. YNWA


A fan's a fan mate. 30 years from now when we're still unbeaten, you'll look back at your first season as an LFC and think of that as our dark times.


So this was the post that jinxed it.


I honestly don't care about a record like this.


Can we wait for these stats to be posted *after* the fucking game is done?


No because nothing we do here has any effect on what happens on the pitch and I want to enjoy every single possible moment of this season 🙂


I’m enjoying but I don’t want to jinx. I’m going to keep the team’s mentality-stats aside. Neither the prem nor the CL are close to being done, regardless of our stance.


Jinxes don't exist, the only ones who need that mentality are the ones who can affect the game, so not people posting on a forum. Chin up, it's done!




Lol didn’t age well did that huh?


Before it gets coronavirused.. :'(


I wish we had followed this advice


Or not


Legit question: if we go unbeaten do we get a golden trophy? If getting a golden trophy is real a possibility, do we still get the regular trophy when we clinch the title, or do they postpone the ceremony until we either lose (and get the regular trophy) or finish the league unbeaten (and get the golden trophy)?






They are official partners still but I'm pretty sure there is no main sponsor in the prem this season. I could be completely off base here though. EDIT: EA Sports is lead partner, Barclays is just Official Bank. PL has no official title sponsor.




Farmers league smh


I will be happy if we break shitty's 100 points record and be the 2nd team to be invincible whole season. This is what i call kill 2 teams with 1 season. If we somehow manage the treble like scum's 99 season.... we will be UNBEARABLEFOREVER




These stats are getting boring now. Who seriously cares about a record for a top 2 finish?


Me! Me! Me!


Aye, you have a passion for top two finishes then? I just think there are far more interesting posts to be had, and these use up space and don’t tell us anything - we already know we’ve having the best season in PL history so far - we have dropped two points. It’s my opinion, and I’m not buying the argument that I should enjoy seeing these pop up everyday - I don’t come here to have arbitrary stats shoved in my face. I think it’s just people capitalising on the sub’s popularity with minimal effort posts.


Cunt 4 Life


The irony of calling someone a cunt for daring to express a reasoned opinion.


Not important. The only thing that is important is winning the EPL. These faux records are getting on my nerves


How can you even be bothered by something like this. The records are there to be broken man the sooner you accept that, the better.


While I agree with you some of the records seem like they’re pulling them out of thin air. It gets to a point where it waters down their importance if your publicizing every little one IMO


I mean, i think they just put into perspective how far ahead we are, the team in 3rd place on matchday 28, has 2/3 as many points as we do, and is trailing by well over half their actual point total, thats absolutely mad


Just enjoy it man. We might never see a season like this again in our lifetime.


I've waited 30 years for the EPL. Nothing else matters.


Okay and when we clinch in the next whatever amount of games, what happens then?


Guess he's done with football.


Outgrown it mate


thats kind of a small club mentality, we are liverpool, we go for the lot


Ok guys let’s stop talking about these records because it gets on this guys nerves. We don’t want him to be angry


How dare we talk about the records this side can break!


The league is already won, we are now going for every record possible. Most wins, most points, fastest team to seal the title and any other we can.


Oh, get a grip. We are already going to win the fucking league and you know it, so stop acting like we're jinxing anything. Allow yourself to dream of more. This is the best Liverpool side we have seen yet.