This is Dan James 2.0. Highly rated young talent, perfect Bielsa signing, January transfer saga...mark my words. If we don't get this across the finish line in January, we'll be outpriced by Scum in the summer.


Similar type but James probably has more speed. Aaronson better at goal scoring, at least with his time with the USMNT.


Why does everyone say the USMNT? It's never used to describe any other national team, it looks so American (which, granted -it is) and shite. Not having a go at you personally, I just see it everywhere. No one's saying they're glad to see Kalvin called up to the EMNT. Don't know why they're not using Team America, personally.


Americans fucking love acronyms.


Initialisms too




Google it brah, I just learned something life changing


Haha I’m 40 soon, I’ve only known it a few years.


because the womens team in the US is good and, by some metrics, more popular than the mens. it definitely gets more media coverage of late. as a result, it's common practice in the US to clarify.


we dont really have a cool nickname like the three lions, even just saying "america" doesnt work like "england" because there are lots of american countries. we could say "the states" but thats also lame. we could and do say USA but that is more of a chant. its a real crisis. i think we have "the yanks" but people dont really use it and we have a womens national team that at times in the past has been nearly as popular as the mens usmnt also is similar to teenage mutant ninja turtles, which is something that is very cherished edit: also hello leeds, get ready for more americans on reddit when/if brenden is transferred because we will be watching every game. we're mostly cool though, so dont worry


Whenever I see it written down my head wants to chant 'US MUTANT NIJA TURTLES! US MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!'


I don’t have an answer for you lol. Probably just an American thing. Idk why they don’t say US mens team and US women’s team


Kalvin's in the Ninja Turtles?!


Our women's team is just better and are generally more known than the men's team (at least in my world), therefore I think people are just more likely to differentiate.


It's just what they're called. For instance, why does everyone say the Three Lions? It'd be like the USMNT going by the name "the Fifty Stars," it just doesn't stick for us but it does for y'all. Also you ever find it weird there's way more than 3 of them on the field? I get it's about the coat of arms but this feels like something a boomer-humor comic would find really easy to make jokes about.


Tbh, no one really calls them the three lions outwith commentators. I'm not English, I'm Scottish, so I can't relate to that. Surely the US Soccer team would suffice.


If you say "US Soccer" with any amount of ambiguity over here, you're probably talking about the Women's team--or people will just assume you are. "USMNT" is just a catchy acronym that covers all the information we think is important. Considering a lot of our involved citizens are from areas like STL, a catchy acronym is just gonna be the favored way to talk about something


Fair enough. I guess I just can't relate to ever thinking about the woman's team when anyone refers to anything football, unless it's specified. It seems the situation is reversed in the US, possibly an exception in the world of football. Also, what is STL....I feel like I should know it but it's totally gone from me.


We just try not to ever think about our men's team. The situation's definitely reversed, 'cause our women are the pride of the country. STL = St. Louis, which, along with being a major city in the USA, is also home to people who are bothersome about making acronyms for just about everything. I grew up in the same state and considered college in the city. I swear, the campus tours were 70% just tour guides explaining every acronym relevant to their specific college, side of the city, etc. WUSTL (Washington University) was the worst about it.


More a comparison of the situations than the players. To your point...they have similar attributes, but they do not play similar roles. Aaronson would slide in as a 10, a position we've been patching with Tyler Roberts and Rodrigo (both natural 9's) since Pablo left. It hasn't worked out. DJ is a winger by trade who we've had to use as a 9 due to the ongoing injury crisis.


Gotta say I disagree with Phil that it could wait till the summer, if we don't sign him now, I think he'll end up at a team in the Big 5 leagues with some level of European football in the summer. Already been some links with AC Milan and Atletico Madrid.


Unless we end up buying now and loaning back for Feb to get them past their CL loss to Bayern?


Yeh I don't know why they are keeping him for Bayern they are going to lose anyway. It's just a way for them to justify the increased price tag.


Yep, hopefully not too high and he’s still good value


You can’t do that all, due to the fact you can’t register a player that’s not at your club out of a normal transfer window, unless they are a free transfer.


Why couldn’t we buy him, register him, loan him back and terminate loan to bring him back?


As the Premiership registration rules of players don’t allow that to happen at all.


Yep. I have a feeling this will happen.


No chance we splash 20m+ to not have him now.


Better to spend 20 now than miss out in the summer when everyone else wants him.


Ahh don’t see that bit, he might read it.


Not gonna lie, I've now developed a crush, although I told myself not to get too invested before there was anything more firm. This Aaronson kid is a straight-up Duracell bunny: all speed, all the time. As soon as he's on the ball, he'll head straight towards the opposing goal. Fearless and skilled dribbler, layered and perfectly weighted through balls. Good with both feet, which I find is an underrated quality. He looks to be a bit raw still, but I love his mentality, and would absolutely love to see what Bielsa could get out of him.


"Before there was anything more firm." Now there's definitely something firm, it's in your pants.


Stuff like this makes me crazy, on one hand this shouldn’t be in the press as it should be done behind closed doors so others don’t come sniffing but on the other hand I WANT TO KNOW


I know we wont get relegated but surely overpaying for him is a small price to pay to guarantee we dont get dragged into a relegation fight if we get even more injuries


Plus I'm certain this kid will have a massive price after we mold him into a world-class talent, he'll be a great investment and maybe I'm stupid, but I seriously see no way on how we lose in this situation. It's not like a Rodrigo situation where he's already 30, where his value has a very real deadline after which we'd struggle to recoup the cost. This kid is 21, Even if he flops (which I seriously doubt would ever happen under Bielsa) he's still young enough where he's paid extra for a "what could be". Why aren't we throwing everything and the kitchen sink into this offer?


"Considering". Negotiations happening via the media. Seems dead to me. Hope I'm wrong.


The actual Athletic article itself says Leeds are upping the fee to £20m, not just considering it.


Well, the article says Leeds "are *preparing* to make Salzburg a £20m offer". The fact that the media are hearing about our position before the offer is formally made to Salzburg feels desperate and doesn't bode well.


Tbf I'd say the majority of PL clubs do a lot of negotiations through the media, it's just not usual for us under this ownership, but it may just be a sign of us getting more worldwide interest now we're back in the PL.


Well to me, it says that negotiations have stalled. Why would a purchasing club want the world to know the figure they're *considering* paying for a player they haven't yet bought? Essentially we've turned a private negotiation into a public auction, and invited every club in Europe. We'd only do this if we were out of options and throwing a hail Mary pass to try to get the deal over the line, by using the publicity to encourage the player and his family and his agent to really push for the move. On balance I don't think we'll get Aaronson this window, and by the summer, other clubs with deeper pockets will be circling.


Considering that the first bid was in the media even before Salzburg had responded to it indicates that this will just be a deal done in the media, rather than necessarily indicating that something is off with the deal. Plenty of standard negotiations are instantly picked up by The Athletic or Fabrizio Romano etc. It's just the way of the modern football world.


My feeling is that the deals Orta has done tend to be pretty much signed, sealed and delivered by the time the press finds out. But you might be right, maybe we'll get it done this time regardless. Time will tell.


Still confident the deal will be done?


Irrelevant to my point, tens of deals in the media have been done this January already, just look at Vlahovic to Juve. So your stupid point is still stupid.


I realise now that you have completely missed the point of the discussion. Don't worry about it.


Not a chance. If we don’t buy him *now* someone else will in the summer. Really can’t dick about with this one. If they want a bit more money due to the inconvenience of the timing, then I say we pay it.


Leave it until summer and in the meantime just go on the Dark Web and buy a bunch of parts - hamstrings, a few ankles, one or two complete legs - to keep us going until the end of the season.


Well you won’t know if you don’t try. Sooner the better because if it’s a flat out ‘no’ then other options need to be considered (whoever they may be). I can’t imagine we’d be willing to spend much more over £20m.


Apparently his asking price is around £22-23m, so maybe £20m plus a sell on clause? We wouldn’t be sending over representatives if we didn’t think we could get this over the line


Useful context: Philadelphia Union has a 20% sell-on of any fee Salzburg gets so that's going to factor in heavily into the price Salzburg wants.


I agree, but that would factor in with his valuation surely?!


I don’t understand how this is released to the press, is it Salzburg advertising that he’s for sale ir his agent trying to get other clubs interested?


Thats what ive been thinking


Unless the owners and Leeds management have cottened on to the fans having a part to play. As soon as Aaronson sees all the memes and wiki page edits and fans over familiar terms for friendship and worship of him. How can he not be convinced to come to us.


I'm kind of over this now, I'll believe it when I see it. Not because I don't think he'd be a great signing but because I don't really think we're getting all the info to know what's really going on [Edit: deleted my rambling]


Pay 30, pay whatever it takes. One of the rare occasions I’ll say spend stupid. He will go for more than this to a CL side in the summer if we don’t spend now. And right now he represents value well and above 20’mil to us. We can’t afford the same squad shallowness in the second half of the season. It’s not just about avoiding relegation, it’s about doing well enough to convince the likes of Struijk, Raphinia, Firpo, Joffey etc to stay with Leeds for a few more seasons.