Fuck the premier league revisionist history. A rebrand of the top division shouldn’t discount the great players managers and teams before it.


End of discussion, really.


Gary Speed


Yeboah. Back to back goals of the month. Wallace. Best solo goal ever


James Milner?


Milner would be a good shout.


Wilko. Last English Manager to win the top flight.


Unfortunately the Hall of Fame only thinks football started in 92/93, which is a shame


half the country thinks the same thing too. so annoying. Wilko for getting us to the league cup final in 1996 then!


wasn't the premier league though


I wonder who will be the next one. Potter probably the most obvious candidate as it stands Or ofc the combined efforts of Lampard, Gerard and Scott Parker as a super group of managers taking over the Spurs job - surely that much disappointing shite would be guaranteed to win it


Ranieri probably? I don't know. I'd prefer it to just be players tbh but fergie's probably been moaning for a year.


Ranieri isn't English


You are right, i misread his question. Reddit makes the convo show up wierd. Doubt they'll be another good english manager whos on the level of Wilko for years. Pretty much revolutionised the england set up


Neither is Fergie


Nobody said you have to be English to be in the hall of fame? The thread essentially reads "I wonder who the next English manager will be to win the prem"


Sorry mate, misinterpreted your comment


Eddie Howe with KSA Newcastle?


Gary speed, brilliant top flight career, changed the wales team for the better and gone way too young. Will always be me and my bolton supporting dad's favourite


realistically, probably not anyone for their time at leeds, based on who is in so far - nobody at leeds has achieved anything close to what any of the inductees have (someone like rio ferdinand might get in eventually but that would obviously be predominantly for his scum career, not anything he did in white) if they eventually start adding in players on that next level down where you don't need to have won a billion things, you can see an argument for someone like Speed, perhaps, but right now I don't see anyone


Would be slim pickings I would imagine. Cantona is already in there but fuck him. Rio Ferdinand will probably also end up in there at some point. Batty? Speed? Maybe Radebe if there's an element of their community contribution considered? Maybe Brian Deane for scoring the first PL goal?


I had to look up what SAF meant. Fuck that scum cunt. Gary Speed all day long.


Roque Junior?


The most likely feel like Speed, Milner and Gary Mac - but more for their careers after us. Would be good to see The Chief and Gary Kelly get recognised for their service one day.


There's a huge list of Leeds players that could get in. Radebe, Kelly, Yeboah, Speed, Batty, Wallace, Viduka, Dorigo, McAllister, Strachan, Harte, Wetherall, Palmer, Deane, Beeney, Lukic, JFH, Haaland, Martyn, Robinson, Smith, Keane, Matteo, Woodgate, Bridges, Milner. Can't think of any more off top of my head. ​ You could add Cantona, Rio, Judas Cunt to that list as well.


>Beeney, deane, haaland, bridges, matteo Stop being silly lol


Gary Speed


Gary Speed - Arguably one of the greatest Welshman in football history. Paved the way for the modern era of Welsh football. Beloved by Leeds and Newcastle fans everywhere. Genuinely hard to see how he wouldn't get the nod. Mark Viduka - As an Australian, I know I'm probably a bit biased here, but without a doubt, the single greatest striker our country has ever produced. Probably in the conversation as one of the greatest Leeds strikers of all time, definitely the best of the early to mid 2000's. James Milner - And this one kind of sucks, because I don't think he would be inducted purely based on his contributions at Leeds. I actually think that it's his time Liverpool that would probably get him the nod in the end. But I'm sure we will all find a way to take credit for that lol


Sorry but Gary Speed is not the greatest Welsh player ever that goes to another Leeds United legend John Charles. The late great Jimmy Greaves picked him as the greatest player ever.


Both are better than Mr Wife Beater Giggs


Milner, Ferdinand, Fowler. Sadly, doubt any player will get in just on their Leeds United merits due to being Prem era


I'm not sure as I think the PL HoF is weighted more to longevity rather than individual brilliance. There're probably a few you could name but for mostly their careers once they have left Leeds not really for what they achieved at Leeds


Apart from Revies side, Gordon Strachan, 2nd only to Bremner as captain!




Speed 100%.