I woke up to find that my car has had its battery stolen, so that's how my Friday's going.


That is one way to jump-start the morning.


It would leave me in a negative mood for sure.


Probably feeling pretty flat


Well this cheered me up a little so I thank you for that


I hope the thief will be charged.


I'm positive he was


Rumour has it he is being deported from Terminal 2


That's weird... Some guy down below said he woke up and stole someone's battery and was having a great Friday.


the fook mate


Sorry m8, that was me. I need to money to fund my crippling cheesecake addiction.


Honestly I wouldn't have minded that much if you had stolen it to help Edu fund his BBQ parties


Found the culprit!⬆️


I stole some lads battery last night




I know someone who needs one, you should sell it to them ....... 📈📈📈📈




Fucking hell lmao!


throw it in the ocean. Its legal and 100% safe.


First kiss gang checking in. My mind is floating in the clouds rn.


Good for you!


Savour those emotions my guy.


I'm playing in my first Warhammer tournament tomorrow which is probably the nerdiest thing I've ever done in my life.but I'm pretty excited about it.


Yo is it true that orcs wear red cause it makes them go faster?




Wtf I love this


Sick. I used to have an army of space marines, Dark Angels. Better ways to spend your free time than giving too much of your attention to the ifs, what's and buts of the transfer market. That said I do feel optimistic about recruitment over this summer


Nerdout or gtfo... Life is meant to be lived👍


Will Roy Hodgson be there?




Destroy the Orks like when Arsenal play Stoke!


Hey, if it brings you joy, then that is awesome! Give ‘em hell!


What army? :)


It's an Age of Sigmar tournament and I'm running Seraphon. I just started in December so I'm finishing painting this army and the nighthaunt army I built out then I think it'll be time to look into picking a 40k army 👀


Just got accepted to one of the best and most prestigious law schools in my country. I am so fucking exhilarated.


Congrats m8, can you graduate by Sunday and get the Jesus deal done? Cheers


Thanks! No promises on Sunday but maybe on Monday.


It’s people like you why we always always hear the dreaded “48 hours” smh lawyers amirite


No promises but Tuesday for sure


Congratulations mate! It's amazing to me how law schools are respected and sought after in every country except for mine (Croatia). Here, every law school accepts hundreds of students per generation, so every year you have hundreds of new lawyers (which is entirely unnecessary in a 4 million people country). That's why lawyers are the most unemployed college graduates here (second place goes to economists, third place goes to English teachers). When someone gets into law school here the primary reaction is "Oh, so you didn't get in anywhere else?"


Congratulations mate. Don't forget to keep your mental health in check and to love yourself. Gonna be a tough journey ahead at times


Thank you! Hopefully law school doesn't drain me too much mentally and physically.


Congrats mate, hope you'll do well!


Thanks man!




Thanks my dude


Congratulations, man! Enjoy the experience and soak up everything you can learn there! Make sure to take a break every now and then because law school can be very exhausting.


Congrats!! Definitely didn't come easy so I'm happy your hard work paid off :)


Congrats mate. I am also in somewhat same condition as you. I am preparing for the exam in which if I get a good rank I will be accepted in one of the best science colleges which will ensure me a good and secure life after that.


Some bad thoughts have started to creep back in and I've worked really hard to get to a place in my life where I feel somewhat okay but lately it's been difficult to find any meaning. it feels like I've been on autopilot and it feels like no matter what i try to do everything feels empty. I'm filming my first short film soon and I've really just been trying to focus on that and trying enjoy the little bright moments when life doesn't feel so bland. My desire to make my art is pretty much keeping me going right now (and my excitement to see Arsenal succeed!). Not posting this to to get attention or replies or anything like that i just needed to reflect and get these thoughts out of my head. Some good days some bad days.


Going through a professional rut myself, which inevitably creeps in the personal life. It’s a hard balance no doubt. Hang in there & let’s hope it gets better soon!


Hang in there brother. Therapy is a wonderful thing. I am an artist too and it can be a lot of ups and downs.


Hey, it's really good that you're talking about it. That's the first step towards healing.


Praying for you. I was in a dark place myself several years ago and its tough. Find someone you can talk with.


The world would be colder without here at /r/gunners. Mofo I shall see you tomorrow. Sniff.


Cbt is great for counter acting automatic negative thoughts, google the list of automatic negative thoughts so you can recognize which ones you're doing then you can use cbt to fight back against your head, completely changed my mind after about 6 months. Stay strong my man


Was gonna say this. CBT is great for this OP. It helps you understand that your mind is constantly telling you stories and you are always making a choice whether to accept those stories as the truth (and get hooked on them with all the negative spiral) or to choose another way.


What’s the short film going to be about?


That sounds really tough mate, it’s brave to admit these things and get them out - so well done! First step to feeling better is admitting it’s happening. I had my first integrative therapy session last night and it felt good to take a step in that direction. It’s a long journey but we can all make it. Big love bro I’m sure your short film is gonna be great x


Anyone else feel like we might pull a surprise transfer in midfield instead of tielemans? That's what my gut is telling me


My main concern is it won't be a good surprise.


got anyone else in mind ? can’t think of any . declan rice? bellingham?


Bellingham would be insane. Absolutely insane. Won't happen but fuck me, him and Partey...😘🤌


Hit button to nut


Torreira + €30m + €10m in add-ons for Nicolo Barella. I wish.


Agreed. I feel that the club has no intention of paying anywhere near 30m for a player that has just a year left on his contract that's why we might not see Tielemans coming in during this window(if he comes in at all). We might be tapping him up for a free transfer next year as there are reports that we have agreed personal terms with him.


We are paying 50 mil for a player with just a year on their contract


I watch our comeback vs wolves more than I should


I watch the Welbeck header more times than I should.


Last time I had hope.


That "could you believe it" from Peter Drury was bliss


I was so damn hyped when that went in I took a ball shaped lamp shade off a light and kicked it down the stairs, what a moment


Still love this movement; nephew and I enjoy dominoes moaning that we have missed our chance. Ozil-Welbeck-pizza all over the gaffe. Dad runs in cheering and mom losing her shit (took us a while to realise she wasn’t cheering with the rest of us)


I legit took my shirt off in celebration after the winner, my favourite win from last season I think


2nd best day of the season for me (after nld win) the atmosphere in the stadium was amazing a last min winner feels so good




Good luck


Got covid, my family isn't letting me out of one room so r/gunners is all I have...


Hope you get well soon mate! Time to watch the whole invincibles season maybe?…


Thanks, I was thinking the same thing, or just binge It's always sunny again.


I’d offer you an egg in these trying times


Always it's always sunny, you have too because of the implication


The invincibles - it’s always sunny in Highbury


The gang goes unbeaten


i just recovered from it last week, shit smacked me hope you're feeling as ok as you can and recover soon! get lots of rest and stay hydrated!


No silly. You are all we have ❤️


I'm in the same boat, I have an ensuite which is nice and only my phone for entertainment.


That was me last week. Played an epic game of Civ6 on my ps5 tho.


But do they know about the COVID?


Get fucked Tories


Get ducked Tories


They've been fucked for ages, since Cummings left, then Mirza, then Frost. Those were the ones with a brain/ the plan. The annoying thing is that it's all happening so slowly, just fuckity bye already, the fat cunt.


America really is a fucking joke man. Eliminating abortion rights for millions of women across the country. The lawmakers here are truly just awful awful people.


I got the results from my final exam, and it looks like Im going to college. God Im so happy.




I love how it’s the Catholic Church claiming abortion is morally wrong yet this is the same establishment that has been infested with child molesters from top to bottom for hundreds of years.


Same people that will cry “my body my choice” when it comes to things like cruise lines requiring vacciene mandates - the key difference is going on a cruise is NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.


My son is turning 5 months this Saturday and it is absolutely insane how quickly the time has flown by. But what I’m most excited about is taking him to see the Gunners in Orlando next month. My dad got me into Arsenal, so I can’t wait to continue the legacy. It’s hard not to get a little emotional thinking about watching Arsenal with my dad and son in person.


Brace yourself! My oldest is almost 3 years no idea where the damn time went


See if you can register him for the academy


I have my CA exams in Nov, half of my day goes into studying, kinda gets hectic somedays and has hindered my fitness journey a bit.


The US can get fucked if they want to tell my daughter what she can and can’t do with her body. Just took away the constitutional right to abortion and are now trying to take away the right to birth control. Looks like I’ll be moving to Denmark soon lads




I cut the watermelon I got yesterday, turned out to be sweet af. It's a great day boysss


Watermelons don’t get enough respect. Top tier fruit.


They're just big. If i'm to get one at the grocery store I need to plan around it .


Only in summer. In winter it goes a tier down.


Good watermelon is a luxury


Son started soccer camp today. Found out his coach is also a gooner. Pretty cool considering we live 4000 miles from London and most people round hurr have no idea what the Premier League is.


Son Heung Min such a cheeky cunt going to soccer camp and training under an Arsenal fan


Bring out the crabs, agent football coach bringing son to the Emirates


Weird how some people would kill to go to England but the thought of spending 1000s to go spend a week in my hometown is so unappealing.


very unpatriotic of you, -1000 tesco club card points


America. It's bad man


Recently buzzed my hair due to hair loss, feels so weird man


I'm sure it looks fine, and you just need a bit of time to get used to it brother. :)


Maybe hit up Gabriel or Holdinho they might know a few nice places. Turkey is nice this time of year. JK your new cut will take a bit of getting used to. For you and the people around you. But you'll look better in the long run. Stay strong king.


Have a huge medical licensing exam coming up next week and nothing is distracting me more than f5ing this sub


You gat this bro💪💪🏾


America just regressed 50 years. Disgusting.


its a bit of a shithole isnt it


We're just getting the civil wars bits of our development out of the way. England did it in their first 500 years of national identity, we're getting to that point in ours.


I do wonder where this country could be if 1. andrew johnson hadn't been president and sabotaged any actual attempt at rebuilding the union 2. FDR had survived through WW2 and continued his push for a second bill of rights based on economic rights and welfare for all.


3. MLK launched the Poor People's Campaign without being assassinated. So much of what is wrong with America is the lack of class consciousness. Poor African Americans and your typical rural conservative voter have more in common with each other than the average conservative and the people they elect. The hatred and polarization you see in America today is the direct result of the suppression of the working class by the capitalist elite




Not wishing death or to be morbid but If the Reagan assignation attempt went different also.


I miss Keiran Gibbs


Same, was gutted when he left for Liverpool


I thought he went to West Brom?


Just a dumb joke based on when Gibbs was wrongly sent off for a Ox handball after the referee confused the two


He did. This bloke is probably referring to Ox, who is the photo for today's thread.


Omg! Thank you for saving me from the embarrassment.


So does Andre Marriner


I went to an awards do at work last night and this is undoubtedly the worst hangover I’ve ever had. We went out to a club after and some lad was peacocking and long story short I ended up getting kicked out of the club infront of my boss who then had to deescalate the subsequent fight on the streets. I genuinely can’t remember what happened but I’m about 90% sure I didn’t instigate the physical fight, but I’m also 90% sure telling the peacock he had a shit haircut wouldn’t have helped the situation. 10/10 night would do it again, dreading work this morning. Happy Friday.


I absolutely hate the Twitter posts with a photoshoped image of the player with the Arsenal jersey? Can we ban that? Am I the only one?


Sick of this country gotta move


Wow, the idiots really did overturn Roe v Wade. Further proof that modern America is a third world country masquerading as a first world country. Seriously feeling bad for American women right now.


Met a girl and finally got the courage to ask her out. We had a really fun date but then I was ghosted the next day. I then got a text from her late at night that she liked me but just wasn’t in the right head space for a relationship. I told her I understood but shit still hurts.


Today finna be a good day for some juicy confirmations


Picked the game back up since college after 10 years and joined a 6v6 side. Also, have just been accepted into my first pop up photography show for emerging artists in New Orleans


What did you guys pick up from the Steam summer sale?


It's a great day to be alive, even better because I am an arsenal fan


As a follower of both sports its really funny comparing how player moves are facilitated in the NBA vs football. NBA you need to make sure salarys match, throw in a traded player expectation maybe if not. Maybe throw in a future pick that may or may not be lottery protected that conveys to the following year as a top 3 protected pick, on top of a second round pick from 2027. You cant trade consecutive first round picks so put in pick swaps to circumvent that rule. Make sure all that aligns with CBA,salary cap rules, and you might just have a deal. Oh and the player has no say in this and may just demand a trade anyway in a year. Footballs just like, "You like money ? Here's a whole lot of it"


Could you imagine the premier league with a salary cap? Would make things unbearably interesting. I’d guess you’d have a lot of teams with big money join the Prem from lower leagues so that they could meet the cap floor


I love this sub and that's all I wanna say


It's Sweden's most classic party/family day today: midsummer. Gonna get drunk and dance in a ring around a wooden dick. Take care people!


Last A level today, hoping I walk out to an Orn Bomb 🦀


Closed the largest deal of my career today. Life is GOOD!


Todays that weird Swedish holiday where we jump around a flower clad pole with two giant circles on each side singing about frogs.


Does it involve mushroom tea drinking and a last woman standing dance to crown the may queen?


Glad midsommar from Finland


We used to do a maypole dance at primary school every year in rural England. Sounds quite similar.


Got a spasm in my lower back 2 days back. Been recommended 6 days of total bedrest. Fml


Huh? How did that symptom lead to that diagnosis? Was it a non-stop spasm? What was the severity of pain? Did any form of magnesium help? Apologies for all the Qs. I work as both a PTA and LMT and am just naturally curious with how the human body functions.


Finding a job in London is so hard. The requirement always so vague and when you feel like you fit for the role it's just straight up decline.


Work got me some business cards. They don't have my number, or my name, or my department on them. Woo.


I'm finally playing and enjoying Dark Souls. Got remastered for the switch and it's the perfect game to grind away at whilst the other half watches something I'm not interested in on telly. Just been Ornstein and Smough which at first felt like it would be impossible, the rush is undeniable!


Netflix is apparently adding ads so that company is about to die


Working probably 100+ hours this week. I’m fucking sad, exhausted and run into the ground candidly. Sometimes I debate how much longer I can cut it in banking. Been here for 3-4 years but old enough now to not just consider comp as a reason for work.


It’s my birthday today and frankly, I don’t really have that many friends, and my family are back in the UK. What’s something Arsenal related I should buy for myself?


Unfortunately taking the bar exam like a week before the friendly in Baltimore which normally id try to go to, isn’t crazy far by train. But of a shame. Maybe next year!


Anybody follow the NHL? Kroenkes Av’s are one win away from winning the cup. Would love to see them win it, their star Nathan MacKinnon grew up not too far from me.


Am I allowed to like Oasis?


Yes, lots of people like to be a bit sniffy about them but there's a reason they were the biggest band in the world at one point and thats because the music was brilliant.


Why wouldn't you? They might have gone a bit uninspired on later albums but Definitely Maybe stands up well to any other rock album imo.


dont let peoples opinions of stuff influence your own. Listen to the Wiggles as a grown adult if you think that shit slaps.


FIFA 23 would be released in October. Predict our players' ratings. My predictions Ramsdale will definitely get an upgrade, but not too drastically. 77 or 78 is my bet. Tierney and Gabriel will both get bumped up to an 82, as both have shown to be quality this season White would get a good upgrade after a good season, up to an 80 Tomi would be changed to a 79 Xhaka would probably stay the same, though I strongly think that he deserves an 80 rating Partey and Odegaard would be bumped up to an 84, the highest rating out of anyone in our team Martinelli would be a 79 Saka would be an 83


I think ramsdale is already like an 81 in career mode so he will probably be at least that in fifa 23.




My 18th birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately today I’ve woken up with incredibly bad hay fever, I’m just really hoping it’s cleared by tomorrow otherwise I ain’t gonna be happy. Also heading to the UK soon, for the first time in 3 years because of covid, can’t wait.


If possible take loratadine instead of cetrizine. Loratadine was a life saver for me


Good morning. Time for some eddie flakes and Jesus weetabix


I want to ( / think i might’ve) coin(ed) a new word called: “FASTALGIA”. My definition: A phenomenon (song/dialogue/quote/event) which is very recent but feels like it’s been around for a long time already, due to oversaturation & excessive use across many directions/platforms. Submitted this to Urban Dictionary & it’s up for review (standard process). I’d be amazed if it goes through. One of the criteria seems to be having many separate sources / folks using it - so it reaches a critical mass of adopters. Which i have very low hopes on On a related note - Do we have any inventors / creators / authors in our midst?


Wanted to get into the nba and was curious which teams arsenal fans on here would support


Well, KSE also owns the denver nuggets so if you're about that #brandloyalty they would be the go-to.


I’ve got a weekend gardening, I’m 30 in august too if you hasn’t guessed 😂


sick my dude. I'm 30 in august as well and my garden game this spring/summer has been straight fire.


Can't move in with my best friend because his past roommate had a history of non-compliance and for some reason that means the owner won't add anyone to the lease. Not sure how it all makes sense but either way it means I have to live with my nightmare of a roommate for at least another 6 months.


Had a good week last week but slipped into some bad habits again this week. Oh well, we go again boys


I can't remember the last time a transfer window got me so psyched.


My youngest son turn 7 tomorrow. We got him the classic bruised banana away kit, he’s worn out some hand me down he got given. My eldest who just turned 9 is getting the classic home kit. His going to go from gutted to elated when he realises I’ve not left him out. I’m also dreading going to this indoor kids play centre. Snakes and Ladders. Shoot me now.


Doing a handover at work atm and it's so painful man. She puts in like 2 hour meetings to ask the same questions that were asked yesterday and doesn't read any of the documents I've sent. I'm trying to be patient but they also don't seem to respect I've got a lot of other work on


Just gave the last presentation of my masters course. Can’t wait to begin my PhD now :)


I went to get a safety check. Turns out I need two new front tires and to replace my shock absorbers because of leakage. Total estimate was 1200. Called around. Local shop allowed me to bring my own parts ($170 for 2 shocks) and only charged me 120 bucks for the labour. Vs other shops $175 each (have to use their parts) and $460 labor with a 120 “shop fee” Crazy thing is rip off shop has better price on tires (130 each installed vs 200 each). So my total bill is now 600 instead of 1200. Anyway point is Always shop around for auto repairs and try bring your own parts.


I have an instagram account called @arsenalmonarchy where I’m trying to reach 4,5K followers before the end of the summer. Any help is appreciated :)


I’ve played so much golf recently as there’s no football… I’m not sure which one is more stressful


I love golf but it’s all mental. Sometimes when you’re having a bad round you just have to treat it as a pricy walk with your friends where you have a couple drinks


how do you network?


Elden Ring continues to eat up all my free time and I’m loving it


That game’s not for me but I’ve got people on my friend list that have been on it since it came out including my brother. Glad y’all got a solid release too I didn’t hear about any major bugs on release.


I’ve finished it three times. The FromSoftware titles are all masterpieces. I have a couple of tattoos inspired by their games


As of next month I’ll finally get to be making a living wage, as I’m getting promoted with a %40 raise. Also I get to see Arsenal play irl for the first time in my life.


Hypothetical Question: who will be the next player to break the transfer fee record? Who will buy them and when will it happen?


my exams are done, and i got into college, im doing computer science engineering, im excited for this new phase in life, do leave some tips for me


I think I like crocs


Bro I have a pair of red and white crocs that I’ll wear to the River or lake on occasion. I’ve been wearing my chacos more nowadays but I’ll still break out the crocs if the vibe is right!