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Recipe for Mac and cheese


Mac and cheese is easy to make but can take patience with the cheese sauce. I used elbow Macaroni but you can use what ever pasta you prefer. In a sauce pan on medium low heat melt 2 table spoons of unsalted butter. Once melted whisk in two table spoons of flour and cook for about a minute. Then slowly add two cups of milk and whisk until thickened. The cheese portion can be what ever cheese you like and you can experiment with what you like. I used a small amount of goat cheese and roughly 2-3 cups of sharp cheddar. When adding the cheese make sure to add it slowly. If you don't it can cause lumps in the cheese. I use a rubber spatula to fold it into the roux. I started with the goat cheese and then added the cheddar. Once those are mixed I added a small can of hot diced jalapeños. If its a little thick add a small amount of milk to thin it out. I then scoop a few cups of mac into a bowl and start adding the cheese fo see what consistency looks good to me. Then once I finish mixing that I topped it with parmesan cheese. Mac n cheese is fun to make and I've made many different kinds. One of my favorites is Cajun shrimp mac n cheese. Ps. Sorry for any typos. I've had a few glasses of wine


You had me at jalapeño Mac n cheese <3


Jalapeño mac n cheese is great. I brought some to work one day and so many people have never tried it.


Looks delicious.


Thank you. It was very delicious.


This plate sings to me❤️


Need. More. Brisket.


Recipe please


That looks and sounds out of this world