Grats on doing bingo! I just bought The Girl Who Married A Skull this weekend and was thinking how I'd not seen it mentioned anywhere


thanks! I had never heard of that book tbh, I just happened to bump into a friend browsing the queer and feminist section, and the next shelf over had this, s figured "looks cool, why the heck not?" Glad I found it, I was very pleasantly surprised


Wow, excellent writeups! I feel like you used a lot of books I don't see recommended as often on this sub - nice to see such a variety on a card!


that was mostly because I have weird tastes and have barely read any of the super popular things on this sub, but also partially intentional in that for a few categories I've read two books, but chose to talk about the less prominent one (e.g. Children of Blood and Bone also features an ocean, but has like 100 times the goodreads ratings for The City of Woven Streets, so I deliberately talked about the latter)