How to apply the stereo widening/mono knob on the mixer?

How to apply the stereo widening/mono knob on the mixer?


Probably not best to use it on the master, because it's usually a good idea to keep stuff in the low end in mono. So a third party tool on the master is good if you're going to widen. Mixer track width knobs are fine. It's the same as using Fruity Stereo Enhancer and equally turning up the sides I think.


Thanks, mate


From my experience, I will always turn any straight forward sub bass 100% mono as well as any kick that doesn't have any special transients on it to 100% mono. As for turning things into the stereo side, I just use my ears and try to listen for phasing issues because you can usually start to hear it once you turn your leads full stereo.


Dont use on master channel, it’s better to use it on individual mixer channels. I like to put my kick and 808 or bass completely mono, and then mess around to see what’s best for the other sounds. You can just use the faders built in to the mixer, or try a 3rd party plug-in such as ozone imager


Go for a wider instead if you want to add stereo widening. Completely free plugin that is mono compatible and easy to use 🤘 Infected mushroom was involved in making the plugin and are heavily using it! https://polyversemusic.com/products/wider/ On-topic: I also only use FL:s knob to make signals mono, most likely with subbass or low kicks etc.