I’ve never seen so many people blatantly run red lights


In the past month I've seen two people LEFT TURN on red. One almost hit a shocked pedestrian. And no, neither road was a one way.


Was in the left turn lane to get into Easton sitting at a red, someone turned left from the straight lane


These are the kinds of people that make me concerned at intersections and most roundabouts


I, too, have seen this. It’s wild people think that’s ok haha


So I’m a Cbus native but I live in Charleston SC now. Just joined their sub today and first post I see is “Why do all you jerk offs keep running red lights” and now this here. It’s really great though because I always debate with my mom who moved here a few years before me about whether Charleston or Cbus has worse drivers. It’s a tough call.


I would say Cbus since the bad drivers in Charleston could very well be from Cbus given the Ohio to Charleston migration lol


Charleston drivers are awful! I've always thought they were worse, although it could just be that I'm used to the brand of awful we have here in Cbus. I do think it's gotten worse in the last few years - seeing a LOT more people running definitely red lights and turning left from a straight lane. There have always been idiots who speed and weave through traffic on the interstate but it's gotten worse and I often see two cars doing this trying to beat each other.


I don't have much experience with the Charleston area specifically, but South Carolina drivers as a whole are pretty bad as a whole. It doesn't help that the roads are some of the worst in the nation to the point they rival Michigan without having the excuse of Michigan. South Carolina also holds the title of most fatalities per capita, so there's that.


SEMIs are regulary running red lights on 23 up by Lewis Center




I see this all the time and it's not even cases where the light turns red while they're in the intersection. It'll turn red car lengths before they're there and people just go right through.


How about the people who suddenly pull out in front of you when there is no other traffic on the road and then proceed to drive 10mph under the posted speed limit.


ALWAYS. I look in my mirror and I’m like…. Not a single soul behind me, you couldn’t have waited 2 seconds for me to pass?!


That’s exactly to the word what I say to myself. Plus, they could turn earlier too, but wait until you are almost there to pull out in front of you, going slow. If you’re going to wait until the last second to pull out, at least get on it and speed up!


The worse the weather is, the more often this happens. Bonus points if you are in the left lane and the right lane in completely clear, but they turn in your lane anyway. And then change lanes within 200ft.


Holy hell, I'd lose my mind if some idiot held me up until 10pm.


Excuse the typo! Fat thumbs


The Dublin Road experience until someone gets fed up and uses the center turn lane to start passing people.


I love this. Had someone pull out in front of me and I rode right up on their ass. He started freaking out and giving me the finger in his mirror. Don't pull out in front of me asshole.


I’ve been having this experience a ton lately. Could be in the middle lane with nobody in front of me and nobody in front of the car next to me but suddenly they need to get directly in front of me


God I hate that


I'm convinced they have no speed perception or the ability to block it out. As long as they aren't running into you they think the gap is good to go with no worry about 2 seconds later.


In a hurry to be slow


ALL THE TIME I get stuck behind someone who wants to go 45 in a 55 but when the speed limit drops to 35, they’re **still fucking going 45**.


No matter how many signs they pass by to remind them what it really is


Except Henderson road where everyone drives 10-15mph under the limit


People who ride my ass in a school zone. I'm not going to run over a kid so you can get somewhere 2 seconds faster.


The on / off ramp at 270 south and 33 east is the absolute dumbest piece of road design I've ever seen. "Hey guys, we've got two extremely popular roads connecting right here and nowhere else, how long should we make the connection? I was thinking maybe we'd make the on an off ramps 500 feet apart so all the traffic runs into each other constantly. What do you mean it's going to back up traffic for miles every day for no reason?"


Most of the exits along 270 used to be like that, we used to joke that it was designed by a plumbing company. To be fair, when it was built, 270 wasn't a main thoroughfare like it is now, it was still pretty much out in the country compared to the city proper. It's been swallowed up and traffic has grown by orders of magnitude in the decades since then.


Very true, why the trolley didn’t even go to it. No really


Coming in a very strong second is the entrance ramp from Town onto 315 N that is maybe 30ft long before the lane ends/have to merge and all that remains is the underpass wall support and no shoulder. It never ceases to amaze me there are not daily fatalities during rush hour since people are flying over the hill from 70/71.


Well you're in luck, because ODOT is closing the ramp that people are supposed to use from 70 W to 315 N next week, for six months. The official detour is for everyone to just use the Town St ramp


Fabulous. Cannot wait. /s


Try 670 West at rush hour.


Nightmare fuel


I certainly don't envy other people's commutes. I know how good I've got it. That intersection is basically the only traffic I face on my way home, it's just mind numbingly dumb every time I see it.


How about those who come to a complete stop at a merge? This happened to me when I got off of Sawmill to merge onto 270 south. He stopped completely at the merge and waited for the cars on the left to past.


Driving on Sawmill everyday proved how necessary a dash cam is.


Absolutely! And let's add Hilliard-Rome to the list


The Robert’s Road/Hilliard-Rome Road intersection is just spectacular.


If anyone suffers from low blood pressure, this special intersection will fix that.


>Terrified of Sawmill to 270S.


This happens to me all of the time when I'm exiting 270 south onto west broad. If you're exiting west, people will stop right at the end of the ramp to merge. Backs the ramp up all the way onto the highway


That is equally infuriating and dangerous! I used to live in Galloway and had to exit there frequently so I definitely understand what you go through.


Maybe this person was from Pittsburgh?


I have never seen less traffic enforcement anywhere than what I see in Columbus.


I saw a car pulled over just this morning and also another one maybe 3 or 4 years ago.


Hahahaha that sounds like just about the normal rate!


where do y’all live? where are y’all driving? i hardly leave the house without seeing someone pulled over 💀 and i see an officer clocking at least every other day.


Within the city of Columbus, so I’m talking CPD.


The one I did see this morning looked like a state trooper up north of Worthington. I may never have seen any CPD traffic stop. I wonder why people always pass me on both sides while I'm stopped at a red light.


Hit 270 up around and just north of Easton on a weekend evening…you will see some troopers, I guarantee it!


I'm pretty sure people just use the speed cameras as a way to see if they can reach a new high score now.


In northern Ohio stopping traffic is a hobby for the LEO.


One only needs to drive on 670 in either direction any time of the day to see evidence of this. I have been passed on the left berm multiple times by cars going at least 100 mph, or the assholes doing 100 mph weaving in and out of traffic.


I saw a guy this morning on 71 South drifting left and right into other lanes, clearly holding and staring at a phone... a FLIP PHONE no less.


Flip phones with T9 were perfect for no-look texting back in the day. In school, not driving that is.


How about when you stop at a red light, someone pulls up in the turn lane on the left and then guns it on the green, cutting you off.


TURN ON YOUR FUCKING LIGHTS WHEN ITS DARK OR RAINING OR SNOWING I SWEAR TO THE NIGHT MOTHER. I had a coworker who said he didn't turn his lights on when it rained. I told him he needed to so other people could see him. He said "but I can see just fine" TAKE ONE GOD DAMN SECOND AND THINK ABOUT OTHERS YOU UNSOPHISTICATED APE


No one knows how to use horns in Columbus. They either never use them and just sit at a green light behind someone scrolling away on their phone for 5 minutes, or, like you say, you give them a courtesy honk and its "immediate war". smh


I love traveling to places where drivers honk at every transgression. Bonus points for an Uber driver that gives no fucks and honks their way into a lane they would otherwise not fit.


It would be great if people in this city would use their turn signals


My personal favorite is when they cross the painted lines showing when one highway splits into two. Can't decide if you really want 670 instead of 71? Make the decision at the last possible second and almost hit another car or an underpass. I see this almost every time I drive. Whenever I get a car I always take crash safety into account, because Columbus drivers.


I drive for work and can confirm, this is a wildly common occurrence.


I haven't been through there as often lately, but this has been a constant problem at the Neil Ave. exit/split on 315 southbound for as long as I can remember. The middle lane as you approach that exit is prime territory for a conflict due to one stupid thing or another.


I got into an accident because someone did this.


I drive down Summit every morning for work and it's crazy how many people fly through the school zone just north of 5th Ave. There are always kids on the sidewalk too. Just slow down for a couple blocks


I used to live on Summit and 8th—what an absolute mess weekday mornings were.


They used to have a bike cop out there every morning pulling mad mfs over daily smh like y’all are by a fkn school


Get a dashcam so we can see the Columbus idiotsincars


I remember I saw Wolf's Ridge in some dashcam footage on r/idiotsincars a while back.


Was it some dipshit running a red light on 4th right by Wolf's Ridge?


I 100% don't remember anything about the video other than recognizing Wolf's Ridge


It’s been three years since the Covid lockdown, and we live in a different society now. A soft courtesy honk will be interpreted as provoking, even if you’re right. A honk can start road rage. I don’t look at people anymore or honk. Watch the movie Unhinged with Russell Crowe.


That movie was absurd but I enjoyed it lol


Not driving necessarily but at the gas station I saw a lady take the gas pump out of her car while squeezing the trigger so gas sprayed everywhere. She didn’t even bat an eye. She just got into her car and drove away.


I watched this lady drive away from the pump with it still attached and it ripped the breakaway on the tube off. She stopped her car in the lot, pulled the gas pump/tube out, dropped it, and drove off. I just stood there in awe, went inside to see if they needed a witness, and then me and the clerk watched the footage about 5 times in a row before I left. She was in a really nice Mercedes and it was over by Dublin, like bitch you can afford to deal with the consequences ffs.


I used to work at the bp on Tuttle many years ago, this was a somewhat common occurrence. I'd say like 2-3 times a month. it wasn't a huge deal and we didn't try to charge them or anything like that. It only took the maintenance guys like 5 minutes to fix but I can't imagine it was cheap for them to come do it


This might’ve been me 😅 was it at Kroger on chambers? I didn’t realize I was squeezing the trigger as I pulled it out… I’ll never make that mistake again


To be fair it sounds like you did bat an eye 😂


Any intersection that has a continuous right hand turn will surely have someone just set up shop and stop until no one is within a mile of them to turn out, EVEN THOGUH THEY HAVE THEIR OWN LANE TO TURN INTO WHICH IS WHY IT'S A CONTINUOUS TURN.


Works for me! To the woman who almost side swiped me on 23S yesterday; as much as I appreciate the novelty of almost being hit by someone applying their makeup, please save that shit for home or the parking lot.


How about people who tailgate the person in front in them, which causes them to brake tap every 2 seconds. I'm never sure if those idiots are actually braking or just being morons.


they’re the same morons who just barely manage to slip in front of you because, like a fool, you keep a tiny bit of space between you and the car in front of you.


Yup! The whole point of me leaving space is so I don’t have to keep pressing on my brakes and then they barely squeeze in, defeating the purpose lol.


and god forbid you try to get some distance from the asshole who squeezed in front of you because that makes the asshole behind you start riding your ass.


The daily struggles driving in Columbus. 😤


I live in circleville so I drive 23 everyday for work. My work hours let me beat rush hour so the only traffic I have is at 10am coming up to Columbus. I am always making sure to stay a good distance away from people because of the multiple stoplights the road has, and just general idiots on the road. So annoying when people close that gap off, it was there for a reason! I don't want to get into a wreck because I don't trust the person in front of me to stop normally for a stoplight


Ugh this! This is why you’re supposed to maintain distance away from the car in front. You never know when someone will have to suddenly brake. People are literally pounding their brakes every few seconds because they are following way too closely.


I'm sure the tire and brake industry here is booming.


>You never know when not a single person considers this kind of thing anymore there is no such thing as an unknown. everyone KNOWS everything will work out, because it always has up to this point it's not even just driving, and it goes very high up the chain


Heaven forbid you *do* put enough room between you and the car in front and some jackass cuts in between you and puts on the brakes.


I’m going to go with morons.


I was driving down Old Henderson late at night, there are ditches on both sides of the road. A car was literally coming toward me in my lane. I honked several times. As he moved over to the other side he was staring at his phone. Unreal


I used to live off old Henderson and this was oddly a common occurrence? Hated those ditches.


I totally feel for you, having to deal with this regularly!


Those ditches make my intrusive thoughts go brrrrrrrrrr I'll be totally focused driving down old Henderson and my brain says "it would be really bad if you forgot to stay on the road and rolled into that ditch"


Love all these rants. Drivers here are terrible. I recommend more people work from home and stop driving cars to work. I also recommend getting a dash cam, as without it these days, you’re likely to get jack shit from police or insurance if you get fucked by another car.


nobody here understands the concept of a zipper merge. or correctly turning onto a road with multiple lanes. or that the speed limit on henderson rd is 50 mph and not 35 😑


my previous commute consisted of driving on henderson and i do not miss it. between people refusing to go the speed limit in the 50 mph area and the amount of times i’d be cut off right by olentangy river/315 because people love to swerve from the left turn lane to the lane going straight towards high st. was unreal


Just saw two cars on Cleveland driving with flashers on and new beds on top of them. The beds weren't strapped down. One car didn't even have some one holding on to the bed, it was just flopping and sliding as the car drove down Cleveland at like 15 mph in heavy traffic. The other bed on the other car was being held down from time to time by the driver, but he was definitely letting it do it's thing occasionally.


I also love how the speed limit is 45 on Cleveland and no one goes that. So annoying getting stuck behind someone going 30-35, like who does that. You not going the speed limit is making me hit all the lights.


I cross Cleveland at 17th every morning and I have learned to wait a few seconds after the light changes.


Turning right on Kenny Road from Fishinger Road. There are two lanes to turn right. I stay in the outside one because I have to turn left on Ackerman. So many people go to the inside turn lane and try to get over to turn left. Its so annoying. My favorite are the ones that get over, then get in the inside left lane to turn on Ackerman, only to get back over to the right lane to go on 315 South.


Drivers in central ohio have gotten exponentially worse at driving since the pandemic




Not sure why the downvotes, this is literally what happened?


The pandemic brought out a lot of skepticism and/or disregard for rules. There’s got to be some sort of link between “the mask rule doesn’t apply to me” and “the stop sign doesn’t apply to me”


Had a lady come Into a drive through backwards facing the line


I was driving east on 670 when a random piece of metal flew from the other side of the road and hit my car! I called my insurance and they said they didn't have a category for random piece of metal falling from the sky. I'm thankfully okay, but I wasn't able to stop or pull over because it was rush hour and I was in the middle lanes. So now I'm possibly out $500 (depending on what the claim inspector says) all because someone didn't tie down their truck properly!


The only thing that gets old to me is the old: Brake+Change Lanes. Why are you changing lanes, and then braking to slow down the traffic in your lane?


people use oncoming traffic lanes as turn lanes....


😭😭 i just joined the sub because i am going to Columbus from ny. Holy shit not much of a difference


Grew up in NJ and drove into nyc frequently… it’s way worse here in my opinion. In nyc people are predictably bad, if that makes sense. Like you just expect them to cut you off, and they do. In Columbus, imagine the absolute most unpredictable, least logical thing a driver can do and that’s what happens.


Oh no it’s like permanently driving on the FDR


Mine is the girl who was texting the entire time she was driving down Polaris. Of course going about 5 under, slightly swerving, because she wasn’t paying any attention


I’m so close to printing out a bunch of “I’m proudly texting my boyfriend” bumper stickers to smack on people’s car bumpers at green lights


Coming to complete stops at roundabouts… coming to complete stop IN A ROUNDABOUT.


My favorite is when I’m merging onto the freeway and people are fighting for their lives not to let me in front of them, as my lane is ending.


People passing in the right lane just to cut off the sea of bumper to bumper in the left lane causing everyone to slam on their brakes.


My personal favorite is delivery drivers who just park wherever the fuck they want. Like this guy https://imgur.com/jqTT5eq.jpg I also love people going 15-20 over the limit on highways and weaving in and out of traffic. Bonus points if there's no blinkers as if it makes any difference.


i wish i could say i was surprised by that


They park all over the sidewalks on OSUs campus too. It's ridiculous.


Stop weaving through traffic bitches!


Stop camping in the left lane going 55!


People who make a right turn on red WITHOUT stopping.


people who creep forward in anticipation of the light turning green and then don't go when it actually does


I make a right to avoid the 23/750 intersection every day. Cannot count how many times I've nearly been rear ended there because the person behind me apparently thinks right on red means you don't have to stop and look before proceeding.


People who still turn right on red when there’s a “no turn on red” sign… that’s the same thing as running a red light


Someone did this yesterday at Summit and Lane right in front of me. Not only is there a sign, but you’re even given a green arrow when it’s time to go.


Had someone almost pull out of a side street onto Cleveland in front of me today (like rolled half their car into oncoming traffic) and they got angry that I honked at them I swear, people in linden on Cleveland don't know how to drive for shit.


Person fighting driving anxiety for the past couple months… You don’t have to race every sporty car you see. Revving at me and cutting me off isn’t going to get me to race you. Let me try to shake off these yips in peace.


I mostly rev at someone who either drives a corvette, camaro, challenger, or a car that has been clearly worked on by a enthusiast (civics with lips, WRXs, GTIs, ect) almost always its taken as a sign of respect, especially when I throw a 🤙


Every driver should be allowed one consequence-free pit maneuver per year. Put their ass in a ditch, fill out a form and submit it online.


a western express truck almost crashed into me when getting off 10C! it was really scary! had to take a short breather on the shoulder of the ramp then drive somewhere else to calm down some more


270 west between Brice and downtown this morning. A huge pick up truck coming from the on ramp moved across all four lanes in one swoop at 90+ through 20-25 cars. I hope those kinda guys just drive right off the road into a lamp post.


Yeah driving down Livingston this afternoon and some guy came into my lane, no warning. I had to slam the brakes. Gave him a honk and a wtf motion and he spent the entire two minutes we were stopped at a light yelling and flipping me off. Truly lost it when I gave him a thumbs down. Turned on his flashers for some reason? I don’t know, my man clearly lost the plot and I hope he seeks therapy.


Here’s one that people just f***ing ignore all day long: According to Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.36,when making a left turn at an intersection, you must use the lane that is nearest to the center line of the roadway on which you are traveling. When making a right turn at an intersection, you must use the lane that is nearest to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. If you are turning left onto a road that has two lanes going in the same direction as you are turning, you must use the leftmost lane. If you are turning right onto a road that has two lanes going in the same direction as you are turning, you must use the rightmost lane. You must also give an appropriate signal before turning and yield the right of way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction or any pedestrian crossing your path. If there is a red light at an intersection, you can only make a left turn after stopping if both streets are one-way streets. You can make a right turn after stopping unless there is a sign that prohibits it. In both cases, you must abide by right-of-way rules and make sure it is safe to proceed. https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-4511.36


I totally get this, and I have to say that you’re not wrong, but sometimes it’s tricky. What if the person turning left needs to immediately turn right into a parking lot? It gets a little difficult sometimes.


💯 I mean I do it too. Either we need to change the law, or enforce it… I never trust people turning right out of an intersection into the same direction I’m turning left into, because 9.9/10 times, they turn right into the lane furthest from them. Again, stupid people? or stupid law? /rant


Having grown up here, much easier to assume everyone's going into the far lane and protect myself by not making the turn simultaneously. I get that it's the law, but this is the one thing I notice EVERYONE do that I can easily adjust for and it doesn't ruin my day.


My rant is a suggestion to eliminate headaches during evening rush hour. On 70 eastbound the 33 Lancaster exit can back up to the Livingston exit. It also causes congestion to the other 3 lanes of traffic. We need the current exit to be renamed the College Avenue exit and then add a second 33 bypass exit along side.


I would be here all day listing all of my bad driver stories. A recent favorite is someone turning left onto the same 1 lane street (blocked for construction) I was turning right. I had the very green light and 3 cars had turned right ahead of me. I slammed my breaks and laid on my horn and almost t-bones their car-they hadn’t even slowed down. The other driver looked at me like it was my fault and was pissed.


FOUR WAY STOPS. You ACTUALLY have to stop.


Is it illegal to use turn signals here? Did I miss that announcement?


Why are people incapable of getting their entire car into a center turn lane??? I can’t believe how often someone will have their backend in the left lane of traffic.


Yeah I had someone cut me off on bethel yesterday and brake check me cause I was close… because he cut me off.


I just about T-boned some moron pulling out onto Gender Road in the rain after dark last week. If I hadn’t seen him start to go and slammed on the brakes about two seconds later it would have been a bad accident for sure. Some absolute menaces out there lately


If you're one of those people who droves 37mph on henderson road while passing all the 50mph signs I personally dislike you and I hope you were late to work this morning


It’s why I don’t even honk anymore most times. I just get as far away as I can as soon as possible. So many people think they are so fucking special that they can do no wrong and how dare you accuse them of the horrible thing you just did.


All the people who slow down for a light changing to red but then gun it to fly through the intersection.


This happened to me on Kenny! I’m in the right lane and this big as all hell blue truck is squeezing me into the curb from the left. I honk to let him know he needs to correct himself and he honks back at me! The audacity!


Call those mfers out. They start swerving, then it's the horn and waving fingers, brake hard and get behind them. Grip the wheel with both hands, and follow their ass. Rest your chin on the wheel and smile with your bottom teeth.


What happened to the post from the guy who (1) merges onto the highway going 45 and (2) thinks there is one “natural merge point” where you’re supposed to turn and (3) is putting people’s lives in danger but thinks it’s other people’s fault?


How about letting people merge


Twice this month people have swerved in front of me into the fast lane and damn near stopped entirely, then have the audacity to look at me like I’m an asshole for blowing the horn. Both times have been on 270 just before 161 comes into it heading north


I was crossing High Street the other day and got honked at because this guy was running a red light and wanted to let me know I was in his way? I guess? The people around here drive like maniacs.


Started walking to work last year given my new job is <1 mile away from my home. I will never commute again. Any time not spent on the road is better for my soul.


Every person on the east side of 270 heading south exiting on to 70 E that thinks they are so important, they don’t have to wait in line to zipper merge like everyone else. Getting right to the exit and slamming across three lanes to take the right exit from the left hand lane.


I had a guy pull out in front of me on riverside Dr just north of the zoo one day. I had to brake hard and I threw up the wtf hands. Guy proceeds to go super duper slow flicking ME off… We get to the zoo and the road widens. I go around said douche and then he starts tailgating me. I sped up to like 70 and he still followed. Once we got to new Dublin, he pulls up next to me at a red light, rolls down his window and wants me to pull over to fight!


This is when I act like I’m rubbing tears away and frown at them. They get pissed everytime lmao


If I were emperor for a day I'd revoke everyone's license and make them retest. I'm sure we'd kick out 20% of current license holders.


I was talking about this the other day. Everyone should have to retake the test every 5 years. Would serve as a good refresh.


What’s with the new bell end trend of leaving one or two car lengths in front of you at stop lights?


I was following someone who put on their left turn signal about 1/4 mile before the T intersection, then turned right at the stop sign without stopping.


I stay home more because of the terrible drivers. Everyone likes to drive to close to the rear end of your car, if I can see the leaf in your radiator in my rear view, you're too damn close. Then, the best part, the f'ing road rage people have. People in Columbus suck really hard wheen it comes to driving and being reasonable. It's pathetic when driving is like playing chess. I gotta think of my next move while thinking of the 10 cars around me's next move because everyone likes to cut you off, swerve into your lane, ride your ass, drive with their brights on, go under the speed limit. That's the best one, driving under the speed limit and then brake checking me because I can't see your black car in the dark since you don't have lights on. I hate people, I don't enjoy driving anymore because it's only getting worse.


why is it that people get mad when you’re going faster than them??? I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to pass someone going unreasonably slow and them freaking tf out and either deciding it’s time to race, it’s time to get behind me and tailgate me even though I am now going 10-15 mph faster than they were originally or just straight up trying to follow me home and act big out their car window. People would rather risk their lives than have you pass them.


If I have to hit my brakes when you are merging in front of me, you are doing it wrong.


Why doesn’t anyone drive the speed limit on west case between Godown and sawmill. It’s 45. There are several signs telling you that. Why does everyone drive 35-40?!


I have seen a lot of people doing 40+ in 25mph school zones lately. Also people purposely running red lights on high in Clintonville. Turns red, they slow down, no one coming, keep going. Witnessed one person who did it to 5 lights in a row. No fucks given as of late.


Apparently there is a sign at bridge park that says “you can u-turn wherever the fuck you want”. I haven’t found it yet but based on the number of people U-turning it must exist.


You are not kidding. I thought drivers in Phoenix were bad, but this is some next level fuckery. I've almost been ran off the road trying to change lanes on the highway and I've had people stop traffic to let me in. Soooo I'm at a loss on either side. Seriously tho as the city gets busier , driving is gonna get more dicey.


DON'T HOLD THE LEFT LANE. Signal, THEN look, and THEN change lanes. Zipper merge. Rule of roundabouts= yield to the left, fuck 'em on the right. Wipers on=lights on (including taillights, not just daytime running lights) Don't pace the car next to you and block 2+ lanes. It's fine if want to take your time and not drive the speed limit, just don't take mine, get over.


I hate when people come to a complete stop in a 35+ mph lane and turn and go 5 mph. There's no way you all have a baby in the back seat or are looking for an address.


I want to call out the EEW WEEE i see at least once a week because the noise and mental image i have from that plate does not match the BMW it's attached to. I swear if I'm ever not being passed by them and manage to see that it's not an enthusiastic white man in a cowboy hat, I will be deeply upset.


u/JameisWeTooScrong omg! similar thing happened to me on Avery a few weeks ago, same situation, courtesy honk, then the guy speeds up rolls his window down and just yells “Fuck You!” to me multiple times while giving me the finger. like bro, you’re the one in the wrong here for swerving into my lane bc you’re trying to drive and be on your cell phone at the same time. fucking unbelievable. wasn’t by chance a black suv for you was it?


Simple as this: Ppl in Columbus has zero common sense, even though they know Left lane is to pass and Right for the slower. If you’re going to putt-putting on the Highway, geezzz louisssss move to the right. If you don’t understand the common sense of roundabout, then take different routes or learn it. Use directional and stop looking at everything else, but focus on driving!


Is the speed limit 25?


I have too many examples of dumb asses to name.. I hate driving in this city!


Don't we already have daily bad driver threads?


Stop giving me dirty looks about the sound of my brakes, I live check to check like most of you


Why do people love to pull up into another driver's blind spot and stay there, pacing them? This mostly happens on freeways... it's like they are trying to cause thick traffic and increase the risk for accidents at the same time. Can anybody tell me why they do this?


I was in a roundabout clearly in the outermost lane and some guy in a van rolled out immediately ahead of me. If I hadn't gotten a bad feeling as he approached the yield sign and kept a close eye on him, I would have t-boned him, which is exactly what he would have deserved but not what I wanted to deal with that day.


Columbus drivers are the worst


The driving here is objectively bad, but much better than Houston. I'm enjoying the driving here in comparison.


Some guy turned onto a road, I was behind him, then he started just backing into me until I laid on the horn. Then later today I was stuck behind a van going 20 on a ramp onto 270 then driving 40 mph, made it almost impossible to merge with traffic coming on the left 30 mph faster. All this happened today and it’s not even all.


Make sure you have a camera that records in the front and back. Too many idiots out there and at least it won't be he said/she said when their idiotness was recorded.


All of the above… but experiencing it all on a motorcycle is literally playing Russian roulette on my commute. It is terrifying! I come from 33 to 270 and thankfully it’s early enough in the morning that I don’t encounter much traffic, but on the way home… wow.


Left lane campers on the freeway. That’s all I’m gonna say


The one that bothers me the most is when I'm in the right lane of a multiple lane road, and I slow to turn right. The car behind me, instead of slowing with me, waits until the last moment to change lanes to the left without braking. This causes the car behind him in the right lane to have to slam on their brakes because they are delayed in seeing me slowing and turning. I get that "hey I don't have to slow down if I just change lands to go around a turning vehicle" but it's the down stream consequences that should have you reconsidering that. I've almost been rear ended multiple times because of this.


Does anyone have any experience using the 'report drunk driving' number you can see on the expressways? I mean, if all you need is a license plate number and if the OHP actually responds...