Wayne's auto repair in Westwlerville does oil changes for half of the big shops.


Any place can change your oil: Midas, Jiffy Lube etc. Put whatever weight and type of oil in that is recommended by the manufacturer.(It's in your owner's manual.) Don't use synthetic if it's not recommended by the manufacturer. It won't hurt your car but it will cost a lot more for a oil change. Just don't buy anything extra they want to sell you: air filters, wiper blades, etc. You can replace all of those things yourself for less money. If you buy wiper blades at Advanced Auto Parts, they might install them for you, if you ask.


A mishap at Valvoline on Roberts Rd caused me to need a new transmission several years ago. I now only go to my dealership. I do not care if it costs more after that cluster.


An oil change isn't something you need to worry about finding a reliable mechanic for. Walmart will do it cheapest that I can think of.


Still wouldn't trust Walmart lube techs with changing oil.