i dont understand why they have three games and three channels but aren't putting one game on each like if you want to give main event to WSL, knock yourself out, but a channel split of 2-1-0 across the three games seems insane


I've had it told to me that Main Event is available on some package without the rest of the Sky Sports channels, hence why it just simulcasts another channel and never has anything specifically for it.


Preston gets on TV like twice a year, don't complain!


Sky do not care about the Championship. Along with every other national media outlet.


The real idiots are whoever made the schedule. The Championship only gets one TV game most weeks, so don't put three derbies on the same weekend then!


Rather watch Preston v Blackpool tbh


At least your derby got picked for tv coverage. We’re going for the doube doube and putting Cardiff in the relegation zone and we’re not on.


Woeful from Sky. I was fuming when they didnt have Forest v Derby on a few years back. Was ironic because it was the only game at the city ground in recent times that wasnt a complete bore fest with them winning 1-0, and finished 2-2


It’s brilliant in my book. Not because no one will see your lot smashing us again but the fact it’s a 3pm kick off it’s great


I agree in principle, but in this case they only have the rights to broadcast one Championship game on their main channels but can show any non 3pm game on the red button. So I'm guessing they picked Preston vs Blackpool then the Luton vs Watford kick off time changed to 12:30 afterwards which enabled them to show it on the red button. The women's game has nothing to do with it as they have a seperate TV deal with the WSL, it comes down to the fact they picked Preston/Blackpool over Luton/Watford.


I was hoping the date had something to do with it... Like, I know the Beds-Herts derby's been non-existant for the better part of two decades, but you can't be sticking it on red-button in favour of this other shite, much less the WSL with a tiny percentage of fans across TWO of your channels. No offence meant to Preston or Blackpool, but this is the first derby at the Kenny with fans since '06, it's gonna be a sellout with a proper riotous atmosphere.


No one gives a fuck about Preston v Blackpool except for us


No one gives a fuck about any of those games to be fair




Just because i like and follow football doesn't mean i will ever have any interest in womens football. Pissed me off on transfer deadline day when it mixed both men and women transfers together.


On deadline day Man Utd women made a world record bid for an arsenal player. Obviously no media outlet disclosed it was the women’s team. “Man Utd make MASSIVE bid for Arsenal’s England superstar”, wait they’ve bid for Saka? Wtf! Oh no never mind Edit: was the other way around


It was the other way round. We were going for Alessia Russo from United cause our two best forwards did their ACLs and got knocked back twice.


My bad


It must annoy the big clubs fans even more as they will hear ‘there’s been news from Manchester City’ and then proceed to talk about the womens team. It was inevitable that Sky would wank off the big clubs womens teams.


Or last night when they mentioned Arsenal in the Champions League, I'm sat there thinking "I could have sworn they bottled qualification". Sure enough, the women's team flashes up on the screen. All for equal rights but please distinguish between the men's game and women's game.


It’s just going to go the same way as the mens game. Big clubs having the womens teams at the top. Our women’s team got utterly shafted. Because of the restructure, clubs had to apply for their places… and what do you know, ours was unsuccessful and they let WHU and Man United in who were at that point in a lower division than our lasses were. We then got relegated 2 tiers. 🤷🏻‍♂️


They're different sports with different continuities and heritages, at the end of the day. Talking about them in the same breath will always be moronic. I'm glad it's getting bigger, but I'm not going to care about it because it's not the sport I've followed since I was a kid.


I enjoy womens football and still find it annoying when Sky don't distinguish.


Think moronic is a bit of a strong word here?


Got nothing against women's football, but they're pushing it way too much now, way more people watch the Championship.


They’ve given women’s football for “equality” so we have to watch a shit match instead of some decent footy like championship footy honestly fuck the snowflakes around today