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Bro has no chin fr. I want a jawline


It was never about being attractive, fit, intelligent, none of it. “Alpha” culture is all about trying to dominate and abuse people, particularly women


That is true. Tate fanboys love to portray the one true goal of Tate as to empower men but he reeks of insecurity. Real masculinity isn't elevation of your own esteem through degradation of others, rather growth all around. There are so many positive influencers who tell you to workout and learn martial arts but they do it in an inclusive and better way.


Yep. You don't have to be a douche to be a man.




He said man. Not GOP congressman.




Get out of here, bot


You cannot be a man if you're a douche. It's like racism. Only the spineless cowards & brainless idiots swallow & spew that inbred bullshit. It takes true bravery and selflessness to love & empathize with our fellow humans.


>You cannot be a man if you're a douche. Yeah, I mean one is an organism and the other is a plastic hygiene product. Clearly mutually exclusive.


The siren song of "You're already strong. You're already the best. Society has shackled you and elevated those beneath you and treats them as your betters." "Of course. That's why I feel inferior," murmers the 11 year old who disrupts class because he wants the teacher to slow down.




I tell my nephew it doesn't take strength to push people down a hill, it takes strength to carry them up the hill. This is because he likes wrestling and pushing classmates down hills. He's 7, I don't think he quite gets the metaphor yet.


Some of the "Manliest" guys I know are also some of the nicest people I know. They would give you the shirt off thier backs.


Absolutely. Some of the freakishly large and strong guys I have known are also the nicest sweetest guys. They have nothing to prove.


Yep, but then there's the other 'manly' men who'll make fun of every other guy who wears pink or nail polish, because that shits *unmanly*


Tate is the embodiment of toxic masculinity. It's so toxic its like a dead animal that's been left 3 days out in the sun.


As an example, there's a game I play that I'm REALLY REALLY good at. Too good. (Not bragging, it's an absolutely worthless skill on a very small game with only a few thousand active players. It's just a fact. I KNOW I am in the top .1 percentile in that game as far as skill.) The game works by building up your own base, which has powers available, and fighting other people. You can take powers from bases other than your own, and each base is unique. People who always brag about their skills tend to make sure their base is protected and no one can get their powers. They are insecure, and want to make sure everyone is weaker than them. I however am secure in my skills and so leave the door open for anyone to get my powers if they want them, elevating the threat level of the entire game and making it more fun for everyone. People who are weak and afraid want the people around them to be weak. People who are secure and unafraid do not mind the people around them being strong and empowered. Andrew Tate is the kind of person who'd lock his door, scared that if anyone else had the same powers he did he'd have no chance, insecure in his own capacity to actually stand next to anyone as a true equal. He does not want to empower anyone, because if he did, he might lose, (in a literal sense in the game, or in a social sense in reality,) and that terrifies him.


Well now I'm super curious. What game are you referring to?


"tate fanboys" sir...they are called 'Tater Tots'


If anything, the lack of movie-star good looks helps his grift. He’s selling the idea that anyone can be rich/famous/have tons of women if they follow his system. All it takes is working out and knowing the secrets only he can teach.


Those secrets? Human trafficking...


The secret ingredient is crime.


And a literal MLM scam.


I think people are downvoting you thinking you're standing up for him without them knowing what grift means 😂


Happens a ton on this website lol


Trying to dominate and abuse people, particularly women, is in no way alpha behavior. Just saying.


Beautifully poignant. How strong can one be if knocking others down is the only way to stand tall?


He look like ren and act like ren


Hence the attempt at a beard...I guess. He's so gross and this meme is so dead on point. Fuck the Taint.


> Fuck the Taint. With pleasure.


I'm starting to understand his fight record. Everyone is swinging/kicking where they think a weak chin *should* be but he goes even weaker and they ended up missing.


Could also be that he's good at fighting but just is complete shit at being a human


Could be but I like my wildly improbable hypothesis better.


I also prefer your wildly improbable (yet wonderful) hypothesis. All those poor fighters who went for the chin, to find only the void. It's a tragedy


His face looks like it was pieced together like a Mr. Potato head.


Them blubbery lips haha


His eyes look in different directions. This is peak masculinity and if you don't like it then... Bugattii?? I guess?


TWO DIRECTIONS TWO BUGATTIS one for the phone the other for the roaf.


Leafy moment


And lopsided eyes. No chin and chainsaw teeth. Normally I wouldn't talk about appearances, but since that's all he cares about, I believe it's fitting.


I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t paid for plastic surgery to correct it.


He is trying hard to sculpt one.


No amounts of facial hair can hide that chin.


what chin?


Mouthbreathers ain't got no chin.


I've only ever seen douchebags refer to themselves as alpha males, or even use the term. I can guarantee that guys like John Cena and Vin Diesel have never had the need for it.


Oh Vin Diesel would definitely call himself alpha if he could talk


Nah bro He'd definitely say "I am Groot" or "Family"


“You stay, I go”




Blew my mind to learn that he voiced The Iron Giant.






For fifty million bucks I would too.


Vin Diesel say family plz laugh


Dude literally changed his name to Vin Diesel to sound more tough. He definitely uses that alpha male bs.


Been mad for years too, being the 4th most famous bald guy in his own movies.


Is Vin Diesel a dick or his he out here catching strays for no reason? Lol


[man, she's so fucking sexy, I can't do this interview. ](https://youtu.be/gJRqhpl4TVg) He's had a SO since 2007, whom he's had 3 kids with... this interview is from 2016.


Honestly just having fun, but my statements are published fact. Find them on YouTube Fact Fiend.


He's never recaptured the magic of his appearance in street sharks commercial and the fans are just tired






The real insecurity is always in the comments


I'm dead at the accuracy of this hahaha


So what, Alice Cooper's given name is Vincent Damon Furnier. People have stage names, doesn't necessarily make them douches.


I'm Dick Powers now. Ok watch me yell into this camera about how dick and power I am.


Shoulda gone with Max Power "Max Power, he's the man with the name you'd love to touch....But you mustn't touch!!! His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn't fear! 'Cause his name can be said....by anyone!"


Nah, he's all about *family*


Nah. When is he calling himself that? While he’s DMing his dnd games?


Did you think Tatecels don't also play dnd? I'd expect at least a little overlap in population (not that Vin Diesel is a Tatecel as opposed to just being a misogynist).


I’d imagine they’re trying to eat the dice, no?


You just *know* Tate would lie and say he plays a Barbarian.


Probably a chaotic evil Rogue let's be honest


Vin is actually a big nerd. He talks about how much he loves D&D, his Sci fyi nerd, plays lots of video games. The Riddick series was championed by vin and he pushed the video game hard.


The overlap between nerd culture and the more toxic aspects of the manosphere is pretty huge. Not that I think that means anything about Vin Diesel in particular.


[The video where he discusses his passion for D&D ](https://youtu.be/gJRqhpl4TVg) Except he can't stop awkwardly complimenting the interviewer long enough to focus on her questions and answer thoughtfully


Watch the interview of Vins where he keeps hitting on and touching his interviewer despite her clearly wanting him to stop. He 100% would call himself an alpha.




Link us




No excuse, I think he was intoxicated. Not just bad behavior but pathetic.


“A drunk mind speaks a sober heart” and all that jazz


Guys sehs so beautiful.... Guys.... Guys shes si beautiful.... Guys guys guys shes so beautiful.... Guys...guy....s beutof.... F




I wouldn’t question this one bit if they ran this on Saturday Night Live.


I don't see where he touches here, but he seems like he's fucking drunk in that video.


Anyone who has to tell people "I am the king" is no king.


The Geto Boys broke this down for us like 30 years ago.


your ass will make you shit your meal


I've never had to have someone tell me they're a natural leader, same way I've never had to have anyone tell me they're smart, charming or funny. If they're proclaiming it early, loudly and often, it just ain't so.


They don't "claim" this because of his looks, but his trashy fake bravado men's rights activist type shit. Remember, he is a human trafficking ponzi scheming douchebag. Greta's thing in general was funny but we absolutely shouldn't be using "small dick" comments in that way either so I was iffy on that part. We can do better I don't really agree with making fun of his looks - although funny - because there are actually logically consistent and effective ways of tearing down his very dangerous rhetoric


Not to mention making fun of his appearance only hurts other people who happen to have similar physical attributes and are probably not raging pieces of butt fudge.


Reddit and people generally are terrible about this. Anyone who defaults to insulting someone's appearance is wrong


Thank you for these words to live by, SwallowsDick.




I always thought it was funny that body positivity and all that jazz go out the window when a person is in the wrong.


Yeah, i cringe everytime people just throw random unrelated insults at each other when they disagree online. Even calling people dumb without elaborating is annoying. Randomly insulting their looks just because you don't like their opinion is just counter-productive. It doesn't make you sound cool or smart, it just makes me want to support your opinion less. You know how Andrew Tate was making fun of Greta's looks in his pizza video, yeah, you are no better if you are also making fun of people's looks.


Sorry bro


Tbf I don’t think Greta put much care into that statement because Tate isn’t really worth the effort anyways.


Hate every time someone high profike is a huge shit people take it as an opportunity to be really fucking vile about appearances, race, disabilities or whatever they wouldn't be excused for with other people. It makes the actual problem seem lesser imo.


or more recently: body shaming. not that greta is a horrible person now, but why go for the small dick joke? just weird.


Because those kind of jokes are exactly what get to people like Andrew Taint—hence why he retaliated and doxxed himself. I don’t understand why you’re trying to feel empathy for such a despicable piece of shit.


Yeah, I’m not gonna get into some body shaming debate over a grown man harassing a teenage girl online.


Exactly. Like that’s not the point or message here. The point is to shame and ridicule this scumbag until he’s the world’s laughingstock, which he pretty much is already, we just need to keep at it. And for someone as superficial as he is, insulting his personal appearance is going to upset him, and that’s what we want.


Bro you are missing the point. Completely. Other people who aren't Andrew Tate have these same physical characteristics. Yet they have to hear all this shit about how their appearance is disgusting and undesireable. What's so hard about attacking his character instead? It's not hard, and it's what actually matters.


Ok, first of all—I am an ugly mother fucker. I’ve go a fucked up face, bad skin, body asymmetry, and a dick so small you’d think it was an acorn peeking out of a small shrub—not once did reading through any comments attacking Taint’s physical appearance upset me. Hell, if I’m being honestly he’s probably better looking than me. That being said, that argument is fucking stupid. Anyone reading this thread, which is meant to humiliate Taint, thinking these insults are about themselves are fucking delusional. And why don’t we attack his character you say? Because those kind of insults have literally ZERO effect on people like him. Maybe they do to you, because you have a conscience, but for people like Andrew Taint—**they don’t give a fuck**. That’s something that **you** and so many others don’t seem to understand. The only way for an insult to have an impact on people like this is to attack the things they’re proud of. For someone like Taint, that’s his appearance, because it contributes to his ego. Get that through your thick skull. Calling him a reprehensible human being, scumbag, piece of shit, degenerate—people like that are gonna laugh in your face. They just don’t give a fuck. Call this mother fucker a small-dicked, bucktooth rat and I bet you ruffle some feathers.


>Anyone reading this thread, which is meant to humiliate Taint, thinking these insults are about themselves are fucking delusional. Yeah because someone with a receding chin who sees this: >Bro has no chin fr. I want a jawline Will definitely think it's only a bad attribute on Andrew Tate, but others will definitely think their freakishly small chin is actually really attractive and cool. You are the only delusional person in this conversation.


I don't relate to the purism about looks being off limits. Not everyone is a visual dynamo. It's a fact. While ymmv most people are average and below. Most of us still have great qualities which make our looks irrelevant to the conversation, since we still contribute to society in equally valuable ways. Andrew Tate has the gall to not only be a major pos but ugly on top of it. So people naturally go for the throat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *I don't think attractiveness redeems terrible people but at least my eyes don't have to be upset too.


I guess the issue is if you're someone who HATES Tate, but you have a small penis and you are self conscious about, you might feel alienated Honestly, I've never thought about this from the "small dick" angle, but the making fun of bad people who are fat or ugly BECAUSE they're fat or ugly and not because they're bad can be alienating to the fat and ugly people who are good people


He's not trying to feel empathy for a despicable piece of shit, he's feeling empathy for all the nice dudes with small dicks who became collateral damage when small dicks were mocked on the world stage. The point isn't that it doesn't hurt andrew tate, it's that you're also hurting a bunch of random people who didn't do anything wrong.


Tate's an idiot who prides himself on not reading and being an "alpha" A small dick joke is something he'll understand and be angry at, no point of trying to make a clever joke for an idiot who wouldn't understand one.


because it's always morally justifiable to mock toxic masculinities obsession with its penis size by telling it it lacks the penis size needed to be an adequate male by its own definition ​ we know the toxically masculine obsess over the size of their penis, so the joke attacks that obsession, and has nothing to do with body shaming ​ but if you think it is about body shaming, then i might have some bad news for you lol.


Yikes, bad takes all around. Just because body shaming is “socially acceptable” when it’s done to people like Andrew Tate doesn’t make it “morally justifiable”


Seriously...there's so much stuff to bury tate with, why resort to such bad low hanging fruit? I'm not going to make fun of him for his dick size, I'm going to make fun of him for being a human trafficking misogynistic piece of shit.


Exactly. Anyone who immediately goes for body shaming lacks any creativity


like i said before, it isn't about body shaming lol ​ toxic masculinity picked arbitrary physical characteristics in an attempt to make them feel superior to other people ​ mocking their obsession with arbitrary physical characteristics by claiming they lack the characteristics they hold to be superior to others has nothing to do with body shaming lol ​ and per my last comment, if you still think its about body shaming, then babe i got some really bad news for you lol.


> because it's always morally justifiable Morally? Really? It's not.


If someone comes to you out of nowhere and is immediately being a dick you don't have to worry about the sensitivity of their feelings. If you think a quick insult will get under their skin as you tell them to fuck off then feel free to say it. Be nice to people but if someone isn't going to be nice to you then fuck 'em.


Wasn’t it “small dick energy”, though? In the modern/Gen-Z parlance, that’s got nothing to do with physical dick-size or even dick-ownership. Ellen DeGeneres being cruel to her production crew is small-dick energy. People with physically small dicks can have big-dick energy. It’s a mindset and a way of carrying oneself.


??? Bruh it literally says it right in the name. The implication that society has set is that Small = bad, big = good. That kind of talk is something we should move away from


Yeah well that's never happening. We literally have songs about big dick energy. People need to stop taking things literally. It's about going in with a certain attitude that makes the difference. Hell I do just fine with my 4 inches.


We also literally have songs about how black people are inferior... That doesn't mean we should spew that rhetoric or agree with it


Another person comparing genitals to racism. You have some serious insecurities if you need to make that leap.


I'm trying to get you to understand why your logic is wrong. You should be consistent in your beliefs and I'm trying to highlight to you why that is. You're justification is that we have songs about it. well we have songs about a lot of terrible shit that doesn't mean it's justified. Theres songs advocating domestic violence their songs advocating theft and murder and rape and all number of terrible things. Do you support all of those as well? Probably not but I've concluded you're a moron so I'm going to stop this conversation here. If you want the last word go for it.


Being offended by common word associations sounds like some pretty small dick energy tbh.


This thread has such fat woman energy.


I like this as a response because I hate everyone equally. Let me guess: your response is going to have some big forehead energy.


How did you know I have a massive forehead. Genuinely spooky.


Criticizing terminology =\= Being offended. Does it require being personally offended in order to speak out against potentially offensive terminology? Due to my race I would not be offended by certain racist remarks, but I would damn well speak out against anyone using them.


When I hear "small dick energy" it makes me think of the energy/vibe/w.e that someone gives off when they're toxically insecure about their dick size. That's the reference. Think about those idiots with the big ass pick-up trucks that only use it to go to Walmart. It feels like they're compensating for something, it's toxic because those trucks are horrible for the environment, and they're the type of people that will get irrationally upset about being called "small dick energy" which makes the insult an effective way to attempt to change their behavior. Misuse of "small dick energy" to talk about people that aren't being toxic is small dick energy itself. That's toxic as fuck. Especially if it's to talk about someone's actual dick size. There's obviously gonna be misuse, people insult each other and hurt each other with words all the time. I doubt we'll ever be able to move away from that, and I feel like there big = good has been around for like thousands of years? Not saying it should be a thing, just saying that it's probably not something we'll see disappear in our lifetime, and even if we do it'll probably be replaced by something similar.


Lol, it's obviously derivative of the general mockery targeted at dick size. Y'all don't get to pretend that you aren't body shaming people just because you aren't literally suggesting the person has a small penis.


There's a lot of dissonance going on here. On the one hand they say that you have to use that expression because it's the kind of thing to get under his skin (making fun of his genitals) as opposed to a character based attack. But then turn around and say it's actually not about genitals at all it's about his character and has nothing to do with small members. Like you gotta pick one guys.


Small Dick energy is a state of mind.


He seems to be in good shape. I'm fairly sure his looks have been a bragging point Too bad he skipped chin day


Meep Andrew


It's the same picture.


Careful he can hear you


You joke but that's what his simps have been saying nonstop like he's Santa or some remote viewer "yOU'Re jUst giving hIM wHAt hE WanTS!"


There’s only one anchovy on the left, can’t you do simple math? /j


I've said it before and I'll say it again - both of my chins are stronger than Andrew Tate's.


Anything I heard about this guy I heard against my will. Never heard about that dude until everyone started posting about him a few months ago.


Same. I have never heard this duchebag before this Greta episode. I was amazed to see a huge following for people like this.


Call me crazy, I still think he's a plant. He blew up over night. He doesn't exist and then suddenly I wake up and my social feeds are content and reactions. I know a lot of money was spent to artificially kickstart that celebrity blitz.


He's a republican sex trafficker; this breed is known for it


I hadn't heard anything either, until I visited a friend from 6 years ago. My friend played one of his videos and tried to get me to listen. It took about 45 seconds to gather all relevant talking points. I literally said "holy shit, how long have you been listening to this?" My friend took huge offense that I refused to finish the video and it started an argument. He kicked me out for saying I thought listening to this guy was bad for his mental health. Haven't heard from him since Oct. I've thought about reaching out since the arrest, but I don't have life energy to argue about something that should've been obvious. What pissed me off even more is he was simping for a streamer he had never met from a different state. I could tell she wasn't into him from their phone conversation, but he still considered her his gf. He talks to her like he would to his mother, the opposite of Tates "teachings." It was honestly just sad bc of how defensive he was, so I didn't burst that bubble.


Doesn’t he call himself the alpha male?


Dude's not even a prototype yet, let alone an alpha.


Yes, which is why it is so hilarious he incriminated himself by making an entire video response about how he wasn't owned by a tweet that a woman 2/3rds his age probably spent twenty seconds thinking up, typing, and sending. Under the "rules" of pickup artistry and being an "alpha male" he's supposed to be a master of, rules that say the proper order of things is submissive people talking and talking to justify themselves to aloof and dominant people who have them wrapped around their fingers, Thunberg was unquestionably the alpha in that exchange.


Beta fish now


If he slapped you with that fivehead and then mesmerized you with those fish eyes you too would succumb to his wishes after he and his brother drugged you and forcibly took you to their apartment. What’s more alpha than rape? He’s going to be so alpha in jail, bro. Just wait. Gonna be ~~queen~~ king in lockup.


It’s not his looks that are his problem - that’s just a cheap shot. None of us can help that. It’s the fact he cuts about like an absolute cockwomble that makes him so utterly dislikeable.


Hey man, I'm a cockwomble, that is offensive to cockwombles. Please adhere to the list of government approved insults. Try things like: 1. I dislike this entity. 2. Someone call the waaambulance. 3. They are off-putting.


Please accept my most sincere apologies. I I did not mean to offend such a proud people!


We forgive but do not forget.


is this that andrew taint guy people won't shut up about?


That's clearly the expression of a man who just realized he browsed porn on the family computer without going in incognito mode


Oh my goodness I’m crying


No chin. bald. Dirt beard. Idiot. Yasssss


He looks like a testicle


Looks like Earthworm Jim


I have no idea who this is


Keep it up


It's Karl Pilkington.






That smelly smell


You mean a smelly smell that smells... smelly?


Bro look like a truck with the tow mirrors out


Anyone that buys into the Alpha/Beta/Sigma nonsense is a total idiot


He is fugly.


Dude doesnt even have a chin.


Ah the delusion is strong. Baby boy Trump set the precedent for weak chin alphas.


Not a handsome fella.


Cockeyed no-chin looking mothafucka


Why is Tate's face at a different angle from his head?


He got a face that only misogynists can love


This is what "alpha males" look like: trying to look way more tough than you really are.


His eyes are backwards. No, wait, they are upside down


Alpha, as in the first pre-release version filled to the brim with bugs, maybe.


Beta male energy


\*Beta fish


I’ve been saying it forever: every time you listen to Andrew Tate your jaw gets weaker and your hairline recedes.


I see Thierry Henry with a little bit of Richard Pryor


Is that seriously what he looks like? It's like Karl Pilkington without the charm.


I wasn't generally aware of this person until recently, and the other thing that strikes me is just how much of a complete dork he sounds like when he talks. It's literally shocking to me that anyone can look at this goofy motherfucker and see some impressive paragon of masculinity. Dude sounds like a fucking Muppet.


Dude’s been a bitch since he pooped out of the womb


He is definitely not what Eddie Izzard [had in mind](https://youtube.com/watch?v=MwpuJoIvMyA&feature=shares) with his 70/20/10 theory.


That strong alpha jaw…


Someone said he looks like the poster child for FAS


There is a panel in Preacher where he confronts the KKK that is perfectly fitting here. Gimme a second… [this one](https://64.media.tumblr.com/02cdca338bcde5a8df9b4f2521a3c8bc/tumblr_pl06hdDj8y1rm6i5u_400.png)


I am so fucking tired of seeing this dude, reading about him, and thinking about him. Wish people would just stop talking about this fuckhead already.


Hilarious face… so meme-able… if not for that purpose that person should not have any fame /notoriaty. Repulsive


Weakest chin since Leafy.


'Alpha male' in scientific terms is now seen as a bogus term. The scientist who 'coined' it was only studying caged animals. Latter studies showed male wolves don't behave that way in their natural habitat / when not overly stressed. Human alpha male basically just means d*ck at this point. I would agree Tate is one.