What’s the most controversial take you have?

What’s the most controversial take you have?


Trans women should have their diff category and not be allowed to play in women's category


When people say you're not the centre of the universe, from your perspective you actually are. The only things you experience in life is from your perception, so it follows that selfless acts don't exist because they make you feel good. Also, if every thought and action is the result of a chemical reaction in your brain, those chemicals can only react one way with a 100% determined outcome, so do you really have free will and thought?


There is no such thing as good and bad people. There's just people, and they can do good and bad things.


The mw2 mission no Russia was good


Consensual cannibalism without disease risk (in theory) is perfectly acceptable. It's less bad than a lot of more mainstream stuff and I don't get it. No, I'm not a cannibal.


Don’t give vore a platform to stand on, I beg of you!


As long as it's consensual and with a human, I don't see how it's any weirder than most things


I am all for the death penalty for violent crimes. I personally feel that there is no room in society for people willing to commit violence against other people. I understand that the death penalty, in and of itself, propagates the violence, but it is used as a means to an end.


I don't think it's that controversial but I think Giannis is already the 2nd best power forward of all time. I also think the pinky finger is the most useless part of the human body and there's no point for it


Actually, your pinky finger is responsible for roughly 33% of your hand strength when it comes to gripping things.


I think I could make without it


Life finds a way of rewarding people down the line unfortunately good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Also there are only two genders I know there are some exceptions like intersex but biology has shown us there are only two biological options m/f. So yeah that’s just my take it’s coming from a nobody on the internet


Well there are 2 sexes, but I think gender is how that sec plays a role in society and its interaction with the world. Like how pink is girly and blue is for boys. Stuff like that. Idk


That makes sense


9/11 was a Mossad operation to draw Americans into the middle east.


You're nothing compared to the power holders such as Henry Kissinger and Yuval Harari and the other people that go to Davos. They would destroy your country to have their globalists system put in place. (Davos 2017 was... Yea..)


If you OD I will provide no help at all I'll just let you walk towards the light drugs are bad mmmkay.