AITA for getting mad at my parents for selling my video games for practically nothing?

AITA for getting mad at my parents for selling my video games for practically nothing?


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ESH, though you more than them. They shouldn't have sold the game you wrote down, that is point blank. However... you should've just said no if you had such clear price expectations. On yard sales, you can't expect to make thousands, hell, even two hundred is a lot there. You pretty much expected them to do the work as you weren't available. If you wanted the big prices, you should have taken them online yourself.


Why should OP not expect them to do the work if they offered to do it? OP didn’t come up with the idea of selling the games, the parents did, and the parents agreed to look up the prices like OP said and they obviously didn’t. OP didn’t force them to sell the games or anything like that. If they weren’t selling for the right prices, then OP’s parents shouldn’t have sold them.


Yard sales are for getting rid of things, not making bank, if OP valued these things so much he should have just said no, it was unreasonable to expect the parents to prive properly when they are busy moving


Man imagine if op gave them a list of things not to sell. That would have solved everything right?


I agree on that part, that’s why I said ESH for them selling what he explicitly said not to. My issue was OP expecting them to do the research on pricing them


How is that unreasonable? If they want to sell his stuff, they can at least do the very basic first step of knowing the value of what they are selling. If they were unwilling or unable to do this, they should have either asked for help or left his stuff alone. This is 100% on them for lying about what they were doing.


The thing is that any person who has been to a yard sale knows nothing is being sold at full value, or for as much as it may be sold for online. OP’s parents should have done better research for sure, but if he didn’t have time to price them accurately in thirty minutes, and his parents were having the sale soon enough after he left that it was over by the time he got back, he should have just said no if he did actually have an idea on what price he wanted for them. I don’t think it’s not shitty that they sold a game on his “do not sell” list or to not have researched at all, but since time was obviously a factor to all parties involved this is ESH for me. Parents should have researched, but OP shouldn’t have given permission for something like this if he didn’t have time to do it himself. I have a decent funko collection and I would trust exactly zero people to sell any of them if I were planning on selling them at any point even with a ton of time for them to research. I know OP is still a teenager and I also know that he was bringing his sister to the movies, which was very nice of him. Unless they were applying heavy pressure, he could and should have just said he didn’t have time.


OP clarified below that he knew a week in advance that he wouldn't be there for the garage sale. Seems like he had plenty of time to price his own things if that had been a priority for him.


OH MY GOD THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH WORSE. I really wanted to give him a little bit of the benefit of the doubt in making a split decision and saying that they all suck, but with that context it is a solid YTA.


Not at all. *They* asked him to sell his games. He then gave them a list of games to sell, *which they proceeded to ignore,* and two conditions for selling the items, *which they proceeded to ignore.* OP trusted his parents to do the *three* things he asked them to do, I fail to see how that makes him the AH in any way.


He's not giving the full truth. He knew a week before hand that he was taking his sister to the movies (which his parents asked him to do) while the garage sale was going on, but they asked him 30 mins before he left for that if they could sell his games. So I he didn't have a "full week" to make the list because he wasn't expecting to sell any of his games at the sale before that. He even says he didn't want to sell them.


Yeah like when it comes to collectables, you can't expect other people to do the correct research. For example, someone unfamiliar with video games may not realize there were reboots of the Tomb Raider and Hitman games a while ago, and may accidentally price the older versions.


And you don’t sell valuable collectibles at a yard sale expecting to get anywhere near their value.


EXACTLY. It sounds like he didn’t even give them any idea what these were worth and just left. Zero common sense involved here.


Youre wrong in your assumption that they wanted to sell his stuff. They OFFERED to sell his stuff. He should have done the very minimum of putting together a box of the things he wanted to sell and the priced them. He didnt even do the bare minimum, and now wants his parents to hand over 1800USD because thats what he thinks those games are worth. You cant skedaddle in after the fact and make demands when you havent even done the bare minimum on your part. Thats asshole behavior.


They asked "if he would be willing". That's not someone doing op a favor. Sounds like he was perfectly happy carting a box of video games to the new place.


Or maybe he should have made a list with that info for them but idk


that's what i would've done. list of sellable games plus the absolute lowest acceptable price for each. in this situation the OP should've either opted out or put in the above mentioned effort and OP's parents should've at least respected his Do Not Sell list.


What he should have done is to take care of it himself unless his parents are into video games. I would not expect someone who isn't into a specific thing to take care of it with the mind of a collector. I have some video games that are worth a lot today, especially in my country, where they weren't released originally. Import cartridges of classic games are worth a good amount of money, especially when you still have the box and manual. Even if I gave my mom a list, I cannot see her digging through all the Final Fantasies, Marios, Zeldas and sort them by "No!", "Yes, whatever" and "Yes but only...!" Yard sales and flea markets are also the last place where you try to sell collector's items for the price they're worth. On the contrary. That's where people go in the hope to find collector's items sold by people for cheap because they're blind to their worth (not just video games, but also comics, especially different conditions and editions, pens, china, art, etc.) Now he knows that. That's a mistake he'll not repeat with any collection or a valuable but specific type of item in the future, be it with parents, partners, or friends involved. I'm stuck between e.s.h. and n.a.h. since everyone sucks a little but also went about it with being a little naive and unassuming. Mistakes were made on both sides and next time, OP certainly won't let someone without a clue take care of his valuables and the parents will say, "We're going through old stuff that's in the way, please pick your Box with Things up before Christmas unless you want us to give it away to charity." We call that "Lehrgeld zahlen" - to pay learning money. When a wrong decision based on assumption or lack of knowledge that could have been remedied with foresight turns out to be costly but while frustrating, it won't ruin your life.


It’s a YARD SALE. Everyone at a yard sale is expecting a huge deal and never expecting to pay market price. Everyone knows this.


Or they could have said "these gamecube controllers are selling for $30 a pop on eBay. This random game he told us not to sell is apparently with $80 for some reason. Maybe we shouldn't sell them for $1 at a glorified lemonade stand."


NO ONE is arguing that they shouldn't have sold the games on the list. NO ONE. However, if he wanted top dollar for the games, the last place to use is a yard sale and everyone knows that.


> How is that unreasonable? If they want to sell his stuff, they can at least do the very basic first step of knowing the value of what they are selling. That actually doesn't seem all that basic to me. Valuing a collection is probably a pretty straightforward task if that collection is one of your hobbies. Doing it on something that you aren't interested in sounds like a nightmare. Sure you could painstakingly look up the game on ebay/craigslist, and see what somebody is offering it for. However are there version differences? Is the item being sold new in box vs used? Are the sellers just hoping to get a sucker here with an inflated price? Or does the OP have some sentimental value and just 'thinks' the game is worth more than it is in reality. If knowing the value is that basic then OP should have done that work himself, or just said no you can't sell anything.


They didn't want to sell his stuff. They asked if he wanted some of his things put up for sale or not. To use an analogy, the parents having the garage sale are the store and OP with his games are the 3rd-party vendor suppling some of the product to sell. The vendor sets the prices of their own products, which is exactly what OP should have done here.


To be fair if supplier doesn’t give the store their games, the store owner doesn’t just show at the shipping company taking whatever they want.


I think OP's main problem with pricing isn't selling a $10 game for $5, probably more for selling a $200 game (that he put on the no sell list) for $5.


Or maybe, I don't know, handed them the ones he was okay with selling?


Thank you! How hard would it have been for OP to simply box up the games they wanted sold. And if there was a precise price they wanted for each, OP should have done the research and listed prices. Seems OP wanted to both make market value (which isn't something you get at a yard sale) and not do one ounce of work.


This isn't about what yard sales are for. The parents agreed to look up the prices before selling and they didnt. If they didn't want to do it then they shouldn't have said yes. OP is NTA


I do agree that they shouldn't have sold the ONE game in that list, but.... He knew a week in advance. Why didn't he sort the games he wanted sold into a pile for his parents? Why didn't he move the games he didn't want sold to someplace else? I imagine he has a decent amount of video games. He expected his parents to sort through EACH INDIVIDUAL game and look up a price for each one when he has a good idea of how much they're worth. Why didn't he write down the prices beside each game while he was making that list? Would've taken him a couple minutes longer. They weren't selling these games for their benefit. OP has a distorted view of how yard sales work. No one is going to buy one game for $200 at a yard sale. He basically wanted all the reward without putting in any of the effort himself. If he wants to sell them for what they're worth, which this is what it's about, then why isn't he putting in the work to sell them himself?


>He knew a week in advance OP said in a comment: >They asked me about 30 minutes before I left. I'd known I would be taking my sister and her friends out for almost a week So OP only had about 30 minutes to put that list together


He also said in another comment that he was taking his younger sister out while his other sister helped with the yard sale. My question is when exactly was the yard sale then? Does that mean 30 minutes later they had the yard sale? I still think he could've written a price by each game on the list if he really cared. It sounds like he has a pretty good idea of their worth and it wouldn't have taken much effort. There's also no indication of how many games. If there were 5 to 10 games then the parents could've looked it up. Honestly, $200 worth of games at a yard sale sounds like a TON of games. That would be a ridiculous request to have someone else look up the value for each individual game. It's also kind of ridiculous that OP is expecting $1800 from them. Good luck OP, let me know how that turns out.


Then the simple thing to do is tell them not to sell the games. I think it's unrealistic to expect his parents to exhaustively research the market price of what sounds like an extensive amount of games when it sounds like he gave them the list shortly before the yard sale. They weren't even benefiting from it since they gave him all the money, so if he wanted higher prices he should have done the research or sold them himself.




Then he just should have said No.


They probably suggested selling at the yard sale because if they said "get rid of some of your shit before we move" OP would flip. If he cared so much about the price he's a grown man, he could sell them himself.


Because they are older and unaware to the true value of things and thought he's exaggerating because in their eyes it's toys


So they lied when they said they’d look it up, making them TA. I don’t think OP is TA for trusting his parents, or to his reaction in feeling betrayed by them.


Yeah but asking for 1800 USD from his parents is absolutely ridiculous. Frankly, I'm sus that his games are even worth that much. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen a "collector" be completely delusional about how much their games are worth. Secondly, he asked them to choose what games to sell. Because he said he gave them a do not sell list. And that they sold ONE game on that list. But then he's also upset that they sold all of his gamecube/3DS/DS games. But if they weren't on the do not sell list, how were they supposed to know? It's almost like he should have taken his collection seriously instead of expecting others to do all the work for him. Frankly, this kid is a dumbass. And while I feel sorry for him, if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Sucks to suck.


Yard sales are for getting rid of junk you don't want any more. If you want market rate prices, you sell online. No one coming to a yard sale is going to pay hundreds for a video game.


ESH. OP had a week to prepare and should have handed them a box with the games he wanted to sell with a price lable on them if he wanted to get what they were worth. The parents suck ass for selling the games he told them not to sell and do owe him the money for the games on the DO NOT SELL list or copies of those games.


How on earth is this an ESH? OP said the parent could sell all the games on the list **IF** they look up the prices first. That’s not him being an asshole, that’s the parent being an asshole. Of the parent didn’t want to go through the hassle of looking up prices for video games then they shouldn’t have sold any of them. What is wrong with you?


YTA I don't think you know how yard sales work. You were never gonna get 2K for those video games.


NTA - he gave parents a list of games to not sell that was ignored. Nothing in this post says op doesn't know how yardsales work. It seems he knew how they work as he didn't want expensive things sold in the yardsales.


He had plenty of time (a week) to pull the games out that he wanted to sell. Giving a list to the parents and expecting them to "take care of it" was inviting trouble.


How was that inviting trouble? I think it’s reasonable to tell somebody “Hey, don’t sell the shit on this list.” And not be concerned that they’re gonna be morons and not follow basic instructions.


Yeah not that simple when he's probably got a Pokemon game on the list and he's also got 15 other Pokemon games. Parents have trouble discerning that kind of stuff.


Thank you for pointing that out. Most parents aren't into video games and they're not gonna able to figure out which Pokemon game is which, which games are for what system, or how much any of them might cost.


Note, if there was a specific game or games he was not willing to sell, and those were marked, I agree parents shouldn’t have sold them. I’m sorry one of his “do not sell” games was sold. Hopefully they will replace that one—although I also think he needs an attitude adjustment before demanding an apology. But I still don’t understand why he didn’t pull out any “do not sell” items and put them away beforehand.


Are you saying that parents aren't able to read what's printed on the game?


Are you saying you're having a hard time understanding two simple sentences?


No, it wasn't. He gave them two conditions, and those conditions were not met.


>No, it wasn't. Yes, it was inviting trouble. ​ >He gave them two conditions, and those conditions were not met. OK, but that's the trouble he invited. 'Hey let's sell this shit that's been cluttering up the place for a decade for you' 'OK but only if you do more work ahead of time looking up game prices' 'Hmmm looks like games go for $1 and up. Let's price them all for $2'. ​ Imposing on the parents to set the price for each individual game, when they don't know the difference between Legend of Zelda and Legend of Zelda 17, is *inviting trouble.* ​ YTA.


Idk what you’re reading. The parents sold ONE thing that was on OP’s list of unsellable stuff. OP definitely doesn’t know how yard sales work and should have just said no if he was expecting 2k for his collection.


Selling *one* game on the list is an honest mistake. Not ignoring the list.




He didn't expect to get 2K for the game at a yard sale which is why he told his parents not to sell them at a yard sale.


That's not what happened. OP agreed to sell games at the yard sale, just not all of them.


Sound like the ones he said not to sell were the expensive ones that made the total $2000. The ones he said to sell could have been worth normal prices for all we know.


> including one that I wrote down on my list


Please read better. ONE game is most likely not worth 2k.


The thing about those prices is that you're looking at the right buyer under the right circumstances. You might expect to pay that from a specialized store but no one's going to buy from an individual for that much. And just because something is listed on EBay for a lot doesn't mean the seller will actually get it.


NTA - Situation reversed - your old man would be choked AF if those were his golf clubs, collector hockey cards, retro playboys or whatever. Especially if the selling price was well under what HE knew they were worth...I'd tell pops to pound sand...


Counterpoint. Pops would never agree to let someone else sell something valuable of his in a yardsale. You know, because it's a freaking yardsale...


He agreed to sell the games under two conditions, and the conditions weren’t met. If my parents asked to sell some of my things and I gave them a condition I trust that it would be met. However if OP asked his parents to sell his games and then didn’t help I would change my vote. But that’s not the case. NTA OP


One of those conditions was unreasonable. It's not his parents responsibility to price check OP's stuff. If he was that concerned about it then he should have: 1) Gave his parents the stack of games to sell instead of a list, then expecting them to dig through his things to find them 2) Price checked the games himself and clearly identify them with the prices he was comfortable selling them at


If it's so unreasonable then the parents shouldn't have agreed to it, especially if they were just going to not do it anyway. But they did agree to his conditions, and they broke the promise they made to their son, so OP is 100% NTA


Okay, let’s say I agree it was unreasonable. In that case a reasonable person would go “can’t be bothered and he doesn’t care, I am NOT selling, he can sell it himself.”


>One of those conditions was unreasonable. It's not his parents responsibility to price check OP's stuff. It was their responsibility when they decided to go ahead. If someone has a condition for allowing you to do something that you think is unreasonable then you don't do the thing. If the parents didn't want to do the pricing then they shouldn't have sold the stuff. That's what a condition *is*.


After thinking about it further, what OP asked was not a condition. There was no conversation of "If you aren't able to follow these guidelines then please don't sell anything". What OP asked for were requests. I think having someone else price check your own property to sell on your behalf is unreasonable regardless. However, I do understand that the parents should have double checked that no games were sold that were on his no-sell list. That said, it is still on OP to make sure his property was sorted in a way to make it clear what to sell or not. For all we know, OP threw everything into a box and accidentally put one of those don't sell games in there and his parents just grabbed the box assuming he sorted everything he wanted to keep out.


"Hey dad can I sell some of this old exercise equipment and sports stuff?" "Yeah I guess, but stay away from my golf things." "Hey dad I sold everything. Here's $200." "You sold my clubs? I specifically asked you not to sell those. That was the full set and still in the orginal bag. Those are worth more than $200 by themselves." "They can't be worth that much. It's a bunch of old toys." Reddit: if he didn't want them to sell the clubs he should have moved them somewhere else. No one is playing full price for things at a yard sale anyway, so why is he even mad. They're both assholes.


False comparison. They sold ONE game off the no sell list, not all of his games. While they were wrong to sell that one game, it may have been an accident (I.e. accidentally grabbed it while grabbing the games they were allowed to sell).


It almost certainly was, actually. No way was it intentional


And here it is: the only sense in this thread Ive found so far.


Would he maybe tell him about things he shouldn't sell? Maybe make a list of things to not be sold?


Totally agree. I find it unbelievable that most of the arguments here can be summarized in "fuck you for having expectations" or "it's your fault for trusting your parents".


This. It’s fucking gross.


To be honest, it’s unlikely you would have gotten much more at a yard sale. That’s just not something people will throw down cash for in that instance. Take the $200 and the lesson.


Yeah, this is an *expensive* lesson for a 19 year old. The parents should've known he never would get the market value for his games from a freaking yard sale. They should've advised him to sell online so he could get the most cash for his collection. And they also knew they were never going to take the time to do what their son asked. They could've just told him they weren't willing to do that, but instead they plowed ahead with selling the games because they cared more about clearing out the house. This screams of passive-aggressiveness from the parents: to get back at their son for not helping, they played the "if you wanted it done right, you should've been here" card, which is one of the most annoying cards ever.


It’s annoying as hell, but I’d guess less passive agression and more honest not knowing. My mother once gave away a piece of equipment of mine saying “oh she barely uses it.” Well, I barely used it because it was expensive to use, so I saved it for important things. We had an argument because she hadn’t asked me first about it AND because it was at her house. So we both had some room. In the end, she got it back from the person, but I’ve never left a thing at her house that was explicitly discussed again.


What lesson? This is NTA and 100% on the parents. He gave a list of *do* ***NOT*** *sell* and they proceeded to sell them. The parents are untrustworthy and utter and absolute assholes, they should be forced to compensate OP for the losses.


The lesson is “don’t trust other people to do things the way you would have.” Honestly, if he wanted to get a certain amount for certain games, he should have looked up the values and given THAT list to his parents. You can’t truly expect others to take the time and care you would. I’m certain the parents didn’t look it up, mine would not have either. And honestly, if someone gave me a bunch of games and said “look up their values” I probably wouldn’t have either. The parents are going to say “sorry about that, our bad.” And that’s it. He’s living in their house and the playing field isn’t level.




NTA I don’t understand the Y T A posts here. Your parents asked to sell your old games, you said yes and told them which ones not to sell. You also told them to look up how much the games were before selling them. They agreed to both of these things, then didn’t follow through on either. Other people are saying you should have sold them yourself, but it was never your idea to sell the games. Your parents wanted to do it and offered to do it, it’s not as if you demanded they do it. They offered, agreed to do it right, and did it exactly wrong. That makes them TA through and through in my opinion. I don’t know what these games would have actually been worth, but a lot of people are saying they wouldn’t have been worth as much as you think. Without knowing what games you had, I think that’s impossible to judge and doesn’t make you TA. Even games that they bought you are your property, as they were gifted to you. You can’t just take back a gift you gave someone and sell it. That’s A behavior.


I’m as baffled as you are. It was a bad arrangement, but that doesn’t make OP TA. NTA, OP. They said they would do something, and because they didn’t, you’re out hundreds of dollars. More than that, *they* approached *you*. That said, it was a *dumb* move to give them a list of games and expect them to spend a bunch of time researching them. You ought to have done that yourself. Even if you didn’t price them, you should have handed them a box of games you were *willing* to sell. This was frankly a predictable outcome, and I’m sorry you had to learn it this way. But this is AITA, not “did I make a dumb mistake”. So to reiterate: NTA.


Two things: 1) when OP said “look up how much the games are worth before selling them”, the parents probably looked up how much second-hand games are generally worth, and used that as the price for all games they were selling. Not researched each game specifically in case one was a rare collectors’ gem, because it sounds like OP didn’t tell them that. 2) The asshole part is getting angry at the parents for what is essentially a miscommunication between an expert and a couple of good-willed non-experts. As the expert, I think it was OP’s responsibility to let the parents know what he meant by “research the price”. Even if the guilt is shared, I don’t think that’s a good reason to get mad at his parents. 3) Selling the game on the list of non-sell is a clear mistake by the parents. For that I think the parents should offer to buy OP the game.


>Your parents asked to sell your old games, you said yes and told them which ones not to sell. He lives with his parents. He was in the house, and could have put his games aside and contributed to the process. Or he could have told them not to sell the games. He told them to do research on the value of his games, and price them accordingly, instead of doing it himself. That’s just lazy and he shouldn’t expect his parents (“old people”) to be well versed in the value of retro video games. Maybe they did do “research” to the best of their ability. But either way, he should have told his parents not to sell his stuff in a garage sale if he is looking for the ONLINE values. I can sell Wii Sports online for $25, but I would be lucky to get $5 at a garage sale. >Your parents wanted to do it and offered to do it Yeah they offered to get rid of old, used childhood video games. They didn’t think of them as valuable collectibles like OP does. **Coming from someone who has a ton of valuable GameCube, GBA, and DS games and hardware ($2000+) at my parents’ house, I’m going with YTA.** If my parents were given the exact same instructions, they’d probably make the same mistakes. And I’d blame myself more than I’d blame them.


Maybe the parents looked up “how much to sell old video games for at a yard sale,” or by the name of each console, rather than looking up each individual game, or maybe they don’t know the difference in editions/release dates/other stuff that would make a difference in price and so looked up incorrect info. I found a garage sale advice guide online by Googling that suggests that if the game was released in the last 2 years and cost more than $50, pricing it at $10-15 is probably fair, but older games should generally be priced lower. (Notice the garage sale advice guide doesn’t include info on pricing collectible games or valuable games) What if OP’s parents found general pricing advice like that, and priced his games accordingly?


>it was never your idea to sell the games Then he could have said no. He didn't. By giving the parents permission to sell them and NOT marking set prices, he is saying through his actions that he doesn't really care about the price. If I had something I truly felt was worth $2k, I wouldn't just chance it that someone else would sell it at that price for me. The parents do suck for selling the one game that was on the not sell list, but then again, why didn't OP physically separate the games and only hand them the okay to sell games?


I wouldn’t trust most people with selling my valuables either, but those are his parents! It’s only natural for kids to trust their parents, and the parents should have their son’s best interests in mind. Why would he say no if his parents offered to do a good thing for him and sell his games? The parents offered to take on this job. They sold them for 10% of the normal price, which is way below normal yard sale price cuts. I don’t know about you, but I would trust my parents with my valuable items, like my phone or computer for instance, and I would feel totally betrayed if they sold my $500 phone for $50.


He told them that he cared about the price in words AND actions. And the "someone else" you say you wouldn´t trust are this 19 year old kids parents that he has always had a good relationship with. All you y-ta voters make literally no sense and are mostly making stuff up to fit a narrative that has little to do with the story in OP´s post.


He could take the time to write a list, so why not sort two piles while writing said list? By handing over only a list, he is leaving it all up to the parents. Parents heard okay, sell, so they sold.


It is almost certainly because this sub is full of people who don't think games could possible be worth more than $200. There is a pretty big bias here towards this kind of thing.


I'd argue most of the E S H and Y T A know the games could be worth more than that, which is why they don't think the OP ever should have agreed to sell them at a yard sale where people usually sell things for cheap.


The YTA posts seem to be coming from reasonable positions. What I don't understand are the people vilifying the parents over this, games are objects you can rebuy, not Faberge eggs. It sucks now but it'll get better


The parents essentially lost their kid $1800. $1800 is a lot of money for a 19 year old. I don’t know what kind of perspective you have to be able to just drop almost 2k to rebuy something you lost because of someone else’s mistake. It’s not that he values the games. It’s that he lost a ton of money because his parents lied to him about what they were going to do with his property.


“Honey, can *I* sell *your* stuff at a yard sale?” “Yeah, just don’t sell any of the ones on this list and please look up how much they sell for first.” “Sounds good! Thank you!” “Mom and dad, why didn’t you do either of the two things you agreed to?” “Well, if you wanted it done right you should have done it yourself!” Do you really not see how this is being vilified? The parents asked to sell something and agreed to follow two (very reasonable) conditions. If they had been honest and told OP that they won’t look it up, OP could have had the chance to do it himself. Instead they agree to do it and just *don’t* do it. Then when OP very understandably gets upset, they actually tell him he should have done it and all the comments come to jump in on that as well. *They* asked him if *they* could do something. He said yes as long as X is done. *They* say they will do X. He asks why they didn’t do X like *they* said they would, and *they* tell him that *he* should have done it himself. At no point in this did they actually make him aware of the fact that he needed to do this himself but they try to flip the fact that they lied to his face as his own fault. That’s manipulative and *extremely hurtful* coming from your parents of all people.


I agree. There are things I'm happy to keep, but I would sell if I got a certain amount of benefit to my life added by the price. He shouldn't have trusted them, but they DEFINITELY shouldn't have agreed if they weren't going to follow through and the excuses are BS. They said they'd do something, failed, and OP suffered for it. OP may have made a mistake, but the parents' are clearly in the wrong. If they didn't research the prices, they shouldn't have put the games out. Period.


Couldn't have said it better myself. NTA and everyone in the comments saying Y T A absolutely wouldn't feel that way if it was them in the situation


ESH You handed it all off to them, people who have no knowledge of the value, and expected them to take the time to look everything up. You could have done that yourself and given them a price list, or priced each item yourself. Them for selling something they weren’t knowledgeable about and not bothering to check.


I don't get why people are acting like it's a huge hassle to figure this stuff out. It takes 10 seconds to type "mario sunshine price" into Google and see it's selling online for $30.


It's not that simple if you don't know games, which I doubt his parents do.


I don’t know car parts but I am able to look at label and type it into google and see the first price that shows up. Games have titles on the boxes, it’s not an obscure knowledge to read.


OK but if you have any experience with old people who are allergic to technology, you’ll know that even the simplest things are a challenge. >”video game price” >”Nintendo price” >”Nintendo game price” >”Mario game price” >”how much is Mario game worth” It seems obvious to us that the correct search term would be something like “Super Mario Sunshine GameCube used value”, but OP didn’t guide his parents through that.


If they didn’t know how to do the research they were assholes for anything that they would do the research—agreeing to do it implies that they can do it.


Yeah, but now imagine you know nothing about cars, have never driven one and each part has a label that says the part name, the series name, the make and model of the car, etc with no indication which is what then when you're looking online things like condition matter which you can't evaluate on sight. Stop pretending this would be easy just because you understand video games.


It’s a bit unreasonable to put this on his parents and then get mad that it wasn’t done right. Also, maybe they forgot and had no idea a video game could be worth major cash anyways. OP says he assumes they didn’t do it because of the money, but didn’t ask them.


> It’s a bit unreasonable to put this on his parents and then get mad that it wasn’t done right. It isn't unreasonable if they were the ones that wanted to do it in the first place. When someone puts a condition on the act of doing a specific thing, the person doing that thing should either (a) say the condition is unreasonable and therefor refuse to do it, or (b) adhere to the condition. What we got instead was: Person A: Hey do you want me to do X? Person B: Yes, but only if you do it under conditions Y Person A proceeds to do X without Y Half the people in this topic: it's B's fault, if they wanted Y they should have done it themself.


Oh, I don't know, maybe he gave them a list of games *to not sell?* And they proceeded to... *ignore* said list? Yeah, not unreasonable at all, he gave them a grand total of *two* conditions to be met, and they *were not* met. 100% NTA


And it doesn't matter if a yardsale is cheap or not. If people don't want to pay that much they just won't buy the items. Pretty sure OP would have been fine with either outcome. Parents are just stupid and definitely the assholes 100% NTA


This right here! It’s literally as simple as that.


No, it's not, he gave them two conditions and those conditions *were not* met. 100% NTA.


OP didn’t hand it off to them. They asked.


It would be different if OP had requested his parents to sell the items for him, but he did not. His parents asked if they could sell his games, OP agreed under two conditions, these conditions weren’t met. NTA


NTA. You gave them a list. And instructions. If they were too lazy, they could ask you for a list of prices too.


YTA. If you wanted collector's money for your games you should have sold them yourself. You're parents probably had no clue of the value of any of it and, even though you asked them to, it's not their responsibility to look up reasonable prices for them.


It is their responsibility if they agreed that they would look the prices up before selling the games. They asked to sell the games, OP agreed on condition, and they dropped the ball. That makes the parents TA because they basically lied to OP about 1) not selling certain games and 2) selling them for reasonable prices. I mean, 10% of the online value?! That’s insane.


I have to disagree and say NTA, OP didn’t ask them to sell his games, they asked him if they could. He agreed under two conditions, these being that they don’t sell the games in the list he provided and that they research the prices! Neither of these conditions were met. If OP had asked his parents to sell his games for him then I would change my vote but that’s not the case here.


If they couldn't figure out prices they should have either asked for help or just not sold them.


It’s highly doubtful the type of people who pay top dollar for retro video games are out perusing yard sales. Maybe people looking to flip a profit off parents who don’t know the value of older video games. If the OP wanted top dollar they should have gone through the real work of selling them online. Also a lesson on the benefits of not living at home after 18.


YTA. If it mattered to you so much, why did t you take the games you wanted to keep and store them away somewhere? You should have given your parents a price guide for the games, rather than expecting them to research it


The only thing that would change my vote is if OP asked his parents to sell the game which he did not. So I have to say NTA


INFO Why weren't you available to help?


NTA You made your boundaries clear and they didn’t follow them. They definitely shouldn’t have sold from the list you told them not to. Still, you probably shouldn’t have trusted them to do this properly at a yard sale.


I mean, YTA. They should have been more careful about not selling the game on your list (so maybe a tiny bit e s h) but did you seriously expect to get a small fortune at a yard sale? And you’re kind of glossing over how many of the games your parents actually bought for you. You’re not owed that money.


Even if they bought him the games, they’re still his property. You don’t own gifts you give to people just because you paid for it. We have no idea what games he had, so we don’t know if $2000 was reasonable. They may have sold some crazy limited edition game. And besides, the $2000 is including the games he didn’t want sold, which were probably worth a lot more!


> And you’re kind of glossing over how many of the games your parents actually bought for you. You’re not owed that money. Are you not aware of the concept of gifts and how they work?


I didn’t realize it’s a common practice to give your gifts back to the gift-givers and expect them to sell it and return the cash. Hint: it’s not


So did you not read the context here? They asked to do it. OP didn't run up to them one day and say "hey sell my games, bye."


I would only say y t a if OP had asked his parents to sell the games for him but they actually requested to sell them so I have to say NTA. If they wanted to sell them and OP set 2 criteria that they can’t handle they should have just not sold them.


YTA. You dropped the ball. First the list should have been the ones that you wanted to sell. If you expect a certain price then you should have priced them yourself. You wanted them to do all the research.


The list shouldn't have been made. He should have provided them with games to sell already priced.


NTA. You made your wishes clear, they did not comply and essentially gave away your possessions. They are the assholes here. You should have just said "don't sell any of my stuff". People are just not very careful with other people's possessions. Now you know.


I am really shocked at the responses you’ve gotten. I’m saying NTA. Mostly because THEY came to YOU! (And them mentioning that “they paid for some of the games themselves,” does NOT make me look favorably in their direction. Either they bought your games for cheap af and took advantage of the situation.. Or they’re using gifts they bought you in the past as manipulation to cover up for their crappy behavior. Either way, not ok.) It doesn’t matter that you could have looked up prices or blah blah blah. *They asked you* if they could sell your items and pay you back. You said yes to be cool, and even gave them a list of them games that you did and did not want to sell! And they literally just ignored your wishes and sold your stuff behind your back. Not cool! Not okay! I could forgive them for not looking up the prices and charging less than you think they’re worth, just because it’s a yard sale and whatever. Still wouldn’t be cool, but I could understand. But them doing that PLUS essentially stealing your stuff to sell? No way. That’s a hard no from me. I am really very surprised to see any Y T A answers. In what world is this ok? In what world do we call someone T A for being stolen from?! That’s what solidified the NTA for me. If this situation were reversed.. Like maybe they gave you permission to sell the smaller TV. Specifically -just- the smaller TV, not the big one. Then they said, “Try to get a decent price!” But! You decided to sell the big TV too. And you got an awful price for both of them. You can bet your butt that you would be (rightfully) getting all kinds of hell for stealing their stuff to sell, for ripping them off, for taking advantage of the situation, etc. It’s no different here imo. (Also, Obviously idk OPs parents, but with the manipulative statement about them “buying some of the games (gifts) themselves,” it makes me think that it’s possible that they made more money than they’re telling OP and keeping some of it. But I could def just be reading too much into it, lol.)


So OP is very misleading. They complain about all of these games being sold but then explicitly state that only one game that was sold was on the list, the other games they complain about were never on the list


Ahh. Well if that’s the case then my answer is prob a bit much. If op is being misleading, and they only accidentally sold one extra game, then that puts me leaning a bit more towards e s h. Just because I feel like that’s op being a bit dishonest, and because you can’t really expect prices like that at a garage sale. I can understand both parties frustration then.


yard sales are for selling low-value things at low prices. If you knew these items were worth $2000 a yard sale would never get you enough niche customers who wanted those specific items at that price. Valuable specialty items worth $2000 will only sell for $2000 if you sell them in an appropriate venue, like say eBay. A local charity does a huge tag sale fundraiser with donated items- anything valuable they always sell on eBay instead. People do yard sales precisely to avoid the logistical hassle that comes from individually selling items one at a time, and sacrifice getting maximum revenue for it. If you wanted to sell your games for maximum revenue you needed to be the one putting in the effort to look up prices, make postings, and follow up with individual buyers. If you wanted to set high prices and just put the games out there on the 1% chance a specialty buyer visits your yard sale, you should not have expected your parents to know what your desired price was as they would expect yard sale prices at a yard sale. It was your responsibility to look up the prices and set them to specific values if you had specific pricing needs. Or to just say no to selling them. That said it has to be ESH because you did explicitly ask not to sell one that they did sell. And your parents should have asked for a ballpark idea on prices if they weren't familiar with the game prices, even just as purely good business.


NTA, if they didn’t want to research the pricing they shouldn’t have asked to sell your games. If they were pissed you weren’t helping, they shouldn’t have sold your games. If they wanted to sell your games, they should have paid attention to the LIST that you provided them with! You did not ask them to sell your games, you allowed them to under two conditions. These conditions were not met. Again, NTA


NTA. OP didn’t want to sell games originally, but agreed to please his parents. His parents then ignored his instructions, and sold games he explicitly told them not to.


NTA. They approached you, not the other way around. You then agreed on two conditions *they* didn't respect. They could have said no to your conditions, but they implicitly agreed to them... Then didn't respect them.


I don't know what these y t a people are on about. OP did not decide on doing a yard sale, they wanted to sell his stuff, and when he gave certain conditions they ignored it and did as they pleased. If they didn't want to meet the conditions they should've left the games alone. >if I wanted things done right, I should have been there This is also the worst argument ever. Super passive-aggressive. NTA


The parents didn't want to sell his stuff, they asked OP if he wanted to get rid of some stuff. OP figuratively pointed to a box of unsorted games. Parents made an honest mistake. OP blew his top off, understandably, but this should be a lesson learned.


This is honestly a really great summarization of what went down


Your folks are assholes but. Well... You're never seeing that money. Sorry. Nta


YTA. If you have time to make a list of games not to sell the. You have time to just go fill up a box of games to sell.


So Ima say ESH. I saw in a comment that they offered to sell like 30 mins before you left. It is short notice but if you had time to write the list, it probably would’ve been faster if you got the games yourself and handed them over. That would’ve avoided the whole selling one that wasn’t meant to be sold. Also expecting $2000, from a yard sale, defo not happening. I do think if your parents said they would look up the prices, they should’ve, if they didn’t want to, they could’ve told you to do it and send them over, or just not sold them. It’s not unreasonable to expect them to follow through with something they said they would do, but also asking them to do that while they were busy with a yard sale? Personally, I am older than you and know how busy stuff like that can get and would’ve realized something like games (which don’t hold anywhere near the same meaning/value to your parents as they do to you) would be sold for like 25 cents. It was probably not something in your mind when you agreed to let them sell the games, but understand it is incredibly easy to say yeah totes I’ll do that, and forget because of how busy stuff got. Again, they do suck because they said they would do the do but didn’t, I do think the whole wrong game getting sold was a little more on your end, just because it probably could’ve been avoided. I am sorry this happened to you, I am not a gamer or care much for them, but I would be pissed if someone got rid of one of my collected tshirts (all completely meaningless to the world except for me) on accident. Not gonna lie though I still don’t get why you even agreed to let them sell any of them if you wanted more than a yard sale could ever offer.


The OP also says one of the games sold was on his list. It's entirely possible in the last minute rush to set up the garage sale the parents accidentally grabbed the game and didn't notice.


I might get shit for this but... ESH. Your parents shouldn't have sold anything on your "don't sell" list. That was wrong on their part. And shouldn't have agreed to do the extra work if the weren't going to. However, you said you weren't at the yard sale because you were taking your sister to the movies, and that you were told 30 mins before you left. So that means your parents also had 30 mins ish before the yard sale too right? So you didn't have time to price check your stuff properly before the sale, on something that you collect and are knowledgeable on, (when all you had were games) yet expected your parents to do exactly that, on something they probably knew little about, in the same amount of time, while they also had an entire yard sale to set up too? Dude, manage your expectations. If you didn't have time to price something you knew well in 30mins, your parents sure as hell didn't on something they know little about in that same 30 mins. If you thought it was doable in that time, you could have done it your self.




I'm not lying. Of the games sold, I can think of quite a few worth at least $100, like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, Chibi Robo, and Dragon Quest VIII. They're in pretty good condition, so they absolutely have the value I claimed.


You're not going to get anything close to that selling it at yard sales dude. That's not how yard sales work.


Then the games don’t sell…?


PATH OF RADIANCE????? dude i am crying for you rn. been trying to get that game for MONTHS and it is near impossible to find a listing lower than $270


I know right?? Wish I'd been at that garage sale!


Can I ask a serious question? Is it about the game or the fact it is a collectable? Because surely you could just emulate it if you wanted to, right?


Its both. The game itself is really good and considered to be among the best FE games, so there is high demand for it. However, its a rare game, as Fire Emblem wasnt a popular franchise back then like it is now, so not many people owned it. Combine that with the high demand for gamecube games in general, and you got yourself a ridiculously high price tag. If youre interested in playing it, emulating is def the way to go rn, until nintendo decides to remake it.


Interesting, thanks :)


>Double YTA for lying about the value of the games to make yourself look better here. They don’t have the value you claim. ​ How the hell could you possibly know that? He didn't say what games were sold or even how many games. ​ [https://www.ebay.com/itm/224539198688?hash=item34479444e0:g:1yYAAOSw\~0Rg9Hhm](https://www.ebay.com/itm/224539198688?hash=item34479444e0:g:1yYAAOSw~0Rg9Hhm) a single game worth like 700 bucks from the game cube era.


Lots of crazy assumptions in this post.


How do you know the games don’t have the value he claims? Do you know which games he has? There are games that are limited and worth a lot of money.


Worked part time after school & weekends as a teenager. Came home one Saturday to find my mother having a yard sale. She had gone thru my closet and drawers taking out clothing she didn't like that I had bought with my money, washed and ironed myself and sold these items. Things like expensive pants for ten cents a pair. When I got angry and started grabbing what was left off tables and out of unknown persons hands she tried to give me the dimes she had sold these expensive things for. later that day I had by boyfriend come over and install a deadbolt on my bedroom door. The day after I graduated I moved out and have never looked back. Some parents think that just by virtue of being a parent they have all rights to anything and everything you own.


you know in this case you are the biggest ASS out of them, Giving them a list and telling them to look up the price of the games online, ya right like your parents will ever do that, In order to avoid the conflict you should of handed them the games yourself.


I think you should have said no to the yard sale if your games and sold them yourself on eBay, then lent them the money from there. NTA for being mad but it was not the best scene... yard sales are where people expect to get things for a buck or two, not market value.


Sheesh! These replies! NTA. Going off of OP’s comments, his parents gave him 30 mins notice about the selling of his games at the yard sale. He had a prior responsibility set up already with his sister, so that’s why he wasn’t there. Regardless, he gave them a list of games NOT TO SELL. Point blank. They agreed but still went against his wishes…as such, they are the A H.


So actually someone pointed out that the parents only sold one off the list, and the rest of the games Op complains about they never bothered to put them off the list.


NTA They asked you if they could sell YOUR property. You said yes but made it clear you had conditions for them to be sold and gave them crystal clear instructions. They failed to follow your instructions and quite obviously did not care enough to follow them and were just looking for quick money. Yes perhaps it was unreasonable to expect to get your expected amount for the rarer games from a yard sale but all your parents had to do WAS NOT SELL THE ITEM FOR THE OFFERED PRICE AND JUST LEAVE IT. You didn't explicitly say you were expecting the items to actually get sold at the yard sale so I'm assuming you let them put the rare items on sale for their going price just in case a collector was in the area. It isn't completely unknown for collectors of certain items to frequent yard sales in case they come across something rare being sold by someone who had no idea what they were selling.


I think their reaction shows they didn't understand how much videogames can be worth. Saying they bought some is like a typical defensive thing, because they think they are right. Videogames are super expensive today, and I'm sure some older classics could be worth a lot (particularly if they were sentimental to you, you want them to at least go for the right amount). They're the assholes, but it's like they don't understand what they've done, why it's bad. And your reaction is valid for sure, you told them to look up the prices and get it right, but it sounds like they didn't mentally register that was important (or they actively thought it wasn't important and ignored you, which is hella shite).


Another person pointed out that for the games they listed, a quick google search shows them as being cheap, but you can only find them as super expensive if you do a lot of digging. Is it still fair to expect them to be priced accurately if it is hard to find the accurate price?


YTA. A yard sale is a bargaining free for all. Standard video game prices would be 1$/each or a bundle for 5$. It has nothing to do with the current online price, which is your responsibility to look up and deal with. And if you couldn't even go thru the trouble to make a "for sale" box then there's no wonder there was confusion. You should've not let them sell any, and you would've been responsible for storing or selling your own things.


YTA If you wanted to get the actual value of the games you shouldn't have let your parents sell them in the first place, or you should have done the research yourself and told your parents what prices would be acceptable.


ESH their mistake sure... but who in a clear state of mind would allow parents to decide on the price of video games. I hardly trust my parents to receive some packages. :) I understand you are mad, but I would just take as a lesson learned and move on. You will not get your games back and well put the toll on your parents will surely bring problems to your relationship. Talk to them, explain your position and try to move on.


ESH but primarily you. Them because they shouldn't have sold the ones you asked them not to. You because of the old phrase "if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself". They (presumably) weren't being paid for what they were doing for you, like you didn't give them a cut for doing the actual work. They did it out of the kindness of their hearts, and therefore, don't necessarily have to do things the way that you wanted. If you wanted things sold for a certain price *you* do the research. You're a grown up, you're capable of doing that all yourself. If you wanted a lot of money for this, don't do it in a garage sale. Sell it on eBay or something. Bottom line, do things yourself. And side note, this could just be a miswording on your part, but you don't *tell* your parents to do something. You *ask*. If you're going to stay with them as an adult, you should really be more respectful. This whole things is just giving me very spoiled vibes.


NTA Mostly because they ignored the list. They need to give you a fair amount of money.


Clearly NTA All the YTA people are just delusional


I understand the y t a if they consider the one game from the list sold as an honest mistake (OP is very misleading in that sentence but they get upset that many games they didn’t put on the list were sold but explicitly state that only one on the list was sold) and then also if they believe having parents do pricing was unreasonable or understand that even if parents did a quick google search, they would see cheap prices and have to dig to find the expensive prices


ESH. There are at this point enough stories out there that you should already know NEVER to trust your parents to value anything that's even tangentially childhood related. If you wanted to keep a list of games you were moving anyways - you should have packed them and had them ready to move. Second - it's not your parents job to do your research for you. If you wanted them sold for a specific price you should have priced them yourself, and sold them yourself. There are plenty of ways to do this. Instead you took the easy way and expected someone else to do the work for you. However they should have respected your list, and if they weren't going to look up the prices they should have told you straight up. Lesson learned I hope. (Edit to add 2nd last part)


Ehhh ESH but you should’ve just sold them on eBay yourself. You would not have made that money at a yard sale. Either another reseller bought them to do the hard work of selling them online later or a casual gamer got lucky and is hopefully enjoying them therefore skipping the secondary work step. Sorry that this all happened.


ESH, I think its kinda terrible they basically didn't listen to you but you probably should have just rescued or priced your games or said no from the start because a yard sale is to get rid of things.


YTA. If some of these games were so valuable and important to you, couldn’t you have just taken a few minutes and put those in a different place or in a box labeled “do not sell?” And for the pricing on those that you were OK with selling, it sure seems like you have at least some general idea of what those are worth. But instead you dumped that on your parents, who have no idea and probably no time because moving is a mess and there is always too much to do. Yes, your parents screwed up, but if this was really important to you then you should have done something more than just hand them a list, and walk away. It would have taken you a few more minutes but you didn’t bother. But that would have just made you lazy, not TA. The extra sense of entitlement here, that they’d handle all this, and somehow handle it perfectly, but when they didn’t it’s time to throw a fit at them, that takes it to the next level.


YTA - you should have helped you parents by picking up the games yourself and taking them off their hands. They had enough to worry about trying to sell their own stuff and coordinate r move.


YTA. Why? If you had any actual interest in these items you would have said a) no, don't touch anything of mine because you don't understand what they are or what they're worth OR b) I'll do it myself, thanks. You expect parents to give a flying fuck about video games? Hahahhahahahahhahahahahaha


ESH But mostly you. You already knew the prices and amounts. You should have written those values down instead of expecting them to do the extra work to increase your profit when you weren't willing to do any of the work at all. That said, they shouldn't have gone into your room to get things they were told not to sell when you already had the things you wanted to sell separated out.


ESH you live with them. There’s no excuse why you can’t tag a price to stuff before the yard sale if it is that important to you. You cannot outsource the research to your parents who knows nothing about such items. If you had a concern, just tell them not to sell anything instead.


ESH for future reference don't allow parents to sell stuff especially computer games unless you know they really know their stuff. Most of the time parents will not know a switch from a PlayStation let alone the value that can be had from a classic console. (Not a gamer but have a gamer family) same goes for a number of other things tge number of times I hear about games workshop, D&D stuff etc being really under sold because it's just toys, my personal toys (airsolft) cost between £300 £1000 each and the rare ones can really hold value. Advices for all kids and young adults if your parents want to sell your stuff just say no unless you can choose price and monitor it yourself.


NTA Eh, I mean, you were wronged here, absolutely, but you were also astonishingly disinterested in the lead-up to this. Like, your parents were never going to do all of the work you were expecting them to do to sell your games. You live there, dude. Couldn't you have at least sorted them for them? And expecting them to sell them for eBay prices? At a yard sale? Like, your expectations were really unrealistic. Given how much YOU had paid for your collection, why were you letting them get near to it? You didn't do anything wrong to them, but your expectations here were vastly untethered to what a family yard sale was going to involve and that's at least a little on you.


Did you read how only 1 game from the list was sold but OP is upset about how a bunch of games not on the list were also sold (I missed that completely lol)


YTA. Trusting your parents to sell your old video games correctly is like expecting your child to do your taxes correctly.


How could he possibly be the asshole? If the parents couldn’t handle the two conditions he gave for selling games, then they should have said no. He literally wrote a list of games NOT to sell and they still sold one and somehow HE’S the asshole for that? Jesus dude.


Your not a asshole but you are a dumbass for not sorting the games out yourself. If they ment that much to you you should of at last took 10 minutes to sort out a sell and do not sell pile Forgive your parents you both made a mistake learn from it


So, you're 19, old enough to deal with selling your own sh1t, not giving your busy parents a list and a research job when they're trying to shift stuff and move house. Essentially, you wanted to make the money on the games and put in no effort whatsoever which is lazy and entitled. Do it yourself next time and stop passing the buck to someone else for not getting exactly what you want.


YTA, your moving with your parents, your part of the process. It’s not their job to handpick through your games and prices things agreeable to you. You had a week to go through your things price & box them for your parents, and honestly if your living with them rent free, you should have given them a split for helping you downsize.


ESH maybe. You should have been there or told them no. They shouldn't have offered if they weren't going to do the work. I think you're over reacting asking for them to make up the rest of the money though.


YTA, if you want to control the sale price do it yourself.


ESH. The parents asked OP about selling some of his games, true. And although they may have sold one of the “do not sell” games by mistake, I hope the’ll consider replacing that one. OP put way too many conditions on the sale of what he considers a valuable collection, but they probably had no idea of its value. He wanted them to do way too much of the work. That being said, if I was OP’s aren’t a I would have said “No, that may take a long time and I don’t have the specialized knowledge.” What if his sister offered to let him sell her American Girl collection of 20 dolls (hypothetical situation). How long will it take him to learn the difference between a good condition white-body Samantha and a TLC BeForever Samantha? He wouldn’t spend 10 minutes on that research before telling her “No, I can’t help you.” That’s what his parents should have done.


NAH and you can’t expect them to give you the $2000,-. It’s fair that you asked them to do certain things. It’s not okay that you didn’t get what was owed. However, this one is gon’ be a tough one to swallow, now you know that next time you want special games to be sold, to do it yourself. I personally would never ever let somebody else with no knowledge, ever sell my piano, it’s worth a lot of money too and I would want to personally oversee the whole selling of that thing myself. There, hope this helped. Good luck kid, sorry this happened to ya.


ESH, but so much of this is on you. - You were never going to get collector's prices at a yard sale and thinking that you might was grossly naive. - Given you said the yard sale was starting in half an hour, how did you expect your parents to research the value of each game on the list? - Even if they did, seeing an old game valued at $2-300 would probably make think there is some sort of mistake. If that was me in your parents' shoes, I'd be thinking "no way is it worth that much or else he wouldn't be asking me to sell it at a yard sale - I must have put in the wrong search term or something" - Expecting your parents to pay you back for "lost income" is disrespectful and unreasonable. The way it sounds like you talked to your parents is even more disrespectful. Your parents shouldn't have sold that one game on your do-not-sell list and they should have done a better job at looking up their value but you've made quite a few errors here I feel. One thing that comes with experience is learning to not set unreasonable expectations or give people the opportunity to screw up, because people *will* screw up.


^^^^AUTOMOD ***The following is a copy of the above post. This comment is a record of the above post as it was originally written, in case the post is deleted or edited. Read [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/wiki/faq#wiki_post_deletion) before [contacting the mod team](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FAmItheAsshole)*** I (19m) live with my parents, and we are in the process of moving to a new house. My parents decided to host a yard sale, and since I wasn't available to help, they asked me if I would be wiling to sell some of my old video games if they paid me back. I told them it was fine, but I handed them a list of video games I *didn't* want them to sell, and told them to look up how much the games are worth before selling them. I didn't expect them to sell a lot of them, given that most of the games I own right now cost a small fortune online. When I got back home after the yard sale had ended, they gave me just under $200. When I asked where my games were, I found that nearly all of my GameCube, DS, and 3DS games had been sold, including one that I wrote down on my list. Some of the games cost hundreds of dollars to buy, so I knew my parents didn't look up the prices like I said. When I called them out on it, they said that if I wanted things done right, I should have been there, and also mentioned that they paid for some of the games themselves. I've never gotten in any serious arguments with my parents before, but I told them that until they gave m what I would have gotten by selling the games online (which would be over $2000), I didn't want to hear anymore of their BS. My mom's acting like nothing happened, but my dad's refusing to talk to me. AITA? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmItheAsshole) if you have any questions or concerns.*


YTA. You should have taken the responsibility to separate out the games you were willing to sell and price them yourself. You could not reasonably expect them to do all that for you and do it well.


Why not expect that? Seems like OP trusted his parents and had a good relationship with them. They said they would sell the games he agreed on and sell them for reasonable prices. Why should OP expect them to not even sell the right games and mess up badly enough to lose 90% of the expect value? OP’s parents straight up lied to OP when they agreed to sell the games.