Damn, some of you really stretching the word “starter”.


It's about setting a standard for future adventures.


Gambling. Trust me, it works.


I'm amazed this is as low on the list as it is. I've seen people squander their rent, food money, and their savings chasing a win. These MMO players don't understand crippling debt on the same level as a gambling addict. Heroin is probably the only other vice that tops gambling.


That was my last month. Gambled away everything, and I still feel I can win next time. It's just terrible.


Stay strong friend, and remind yourself, casinos are curated to be profitable.


Sports betting. A little Fanduel fantasy to make games spicy...now a lot of states have legal mobile sportsbook betting on apps like MGM, Draftkings, and Fanduel.


Be yourself 24/7.


I was on the third round of a promising job interview lately. Decided to let my guard down a bit and stop acting like I’m perfect in every way. Be a bit more human. I could instantly tell a change in the dynamic and I didn’t get the job. These employers are looking for robots. Lesson learned


I was just rejected for a job that I was 100% sure I was going to get an offer for after weeks of arduous interviewing. It's because I started talking real with them. Totally same page.


FOUR. WEEKS. this is getting ridiculous.


In just the last month or two, I've had at least two companies say, precisely, "*We will be in touch early next week*." One on a Thursday. One on a Friday. Three to four weeks later, here we sit. It's awful.


God, unconscionable. It should be illegal to fuck around with workers like this.




Lol, laws protecting workers. Let's invent guns that heal injuries too.


But “Nobody wants to work anymore!” Right?


Maybe they saw the way you spell “for”.




Sounds like you dodged a bullet.


Everyone says this, but these are the companies that are paying the most so no you didn't dodge a bullet, you were thrown out of a window. Whether it's a 1 story fall or a 20 story fall depends on how hard life wants to fuck you


I too, am addicted to a paycheck.


I rather suffer with a full stomach than with an empty one


I’d rather cry in an actual house instead of my home, the back seat of my car


Stomach full of what though?


I'm not addicted to my paycheck. My landlord on the other hand.


Id rather have money and be unhappy, than be poor and unhappy.


Same. I applied for a management position I made it to a final interview one of like 2-3 ppl. Everything seemed good and I was put forward by my management but in that interview I loosened up a little and I truthfully told them that I would focus on assisting my team and giving them the tools they needed to succeed and I guess that didn’t fit what they were looking for. There were like 4 more openings over the next year and I didn’t even get an interview after applying just a they’re keeping you in consideration. But I did start noticing a patter the people hired were not very bright and pretty weak willed. The boss hiring just wanted people who were gunna say how great he is and yes to whatever he wanted no matter how ridiculous.


Poor leadership is always surrounded by yes men.


You not supposed to do that til week 4 cmon bruh


I’m feeling this way too hard.




I was gonna comment “cocaine” but yea, no, you’re right. Hydro to oxy to coca


#what kind of fucking timeline is that it's obviously hydro to heroin to death


Nah it’s pills to Heroin to fentanyl to death.


You nailed it, which is freaking sad :(


wtf yes




"Everything is poison and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison." ‐ Paracelsus Most things, in appropriate moderation, are fine. But when taken to excess, when *abused,* that's when it becomes a problem. That goes for all drugs from alcohol, nicotine, and THC to the *hard* ones like cocaine, acid, meth, and vTubers. The issue around pot is that it has long been associated with "hard" drugs when it's more of a mild one; that doesn't mean it's unabusable, just that the ease and effects of doing so are drastically overstated. But even Oxygen and Water, substances *absolutely necessary* for life, can be toxic in high enough concentration/quantity. Overhydration/water intoxication is not a *super* common issue, but there are still about 200k cases/year in the US and ~10 or so of those will be fatal. So the issue is less to do with Reddit hivemind (not that that *isn't* a factor, just not as much as you're crediting it) and more your broad generalization based on personal anecdote. And, as we know, "sweeping generalizations are all bad."




Such a great starter. Once you get rolling with it, it also happens to be one of the top tier end-game vices.


And it's got the massive advantage of being legal


And somewhat cost effective too. It’s truly the optimal min/max degenerate build.


You dont have to put any xp into driving once your license gets suspended too, further boosting the degen build




+100 drunkenness -50 charisma -75 driving +100 liver damage 50/50 chance to destroy your life Ironically I'm drinking wine at 6:40am


It’s like the “piano” of terrible choices - easiest to learn, most difficult to master


About as difficult to master as falling down the stairs…


Then pickup a decent coke habit, the two together are just 🤌


Saw a comment about gambling below and reminds me of a guy I knew who used to do all three! Drank excessively, coke habit, and gambling. Last I heard he was couch surfing 🤷🏻


Shoulda gambled better smh


If he stopped, it was probably *right before* he was gonna hit it big. Smh


I have recurring dreams that I do coke Like I hide it from my friends and family, sneak off to the bathroom to do it, sometimes need the bump to get through my day, worry about how much money I've been spending on it..... But irl I've never touched the stuff and I never will. I even dreamed about it last night


Cocaines marketing team is very successful


I sometimes wish that I wasn’t allergic to coke…


Is Pepsi ok?


Are you me?


Alcohol: Destroying family’s for thousands of years.


My therapist mentioned how alcohol addiction has a way of sneaking up on people. Towards the end of COVID, I started drinking at home cause I was bored. Id say about 3 weeks later, I’d start craving it daily. I’m better now but still, wild how that worked.


It's so weird how certain substances resonate with different people in different ways. I hate drinking. I never got a "happy" buzz that friends would get, I would just go from sober, to pounding headache to feeling tired and awful all within 2-3 hours of having a drink. I can't even remember the last time I finished a whole beer or cocktail. Now opioids, that shit just does wonders for my body and mind. During lockdown I started working ridiculously long hours from home which lead to an overwhelming amount of stress. My buddy recommended one evening to try this little fake percocet (fentanyl analog or something) to help decompress. He knew I tried percocet in college and liked it so I picked up a few. Man. I could work 16 hours straight and it didn't matter after I popped a pill, all that stress would just completely melt away. Next thing I know I've got a full blown fentanyl habit and going through hellish withdrawal a year later. Not fun.


for sure! i seriously want some updated stats since the pandemic… the 1 in 10 just doesn’t seem accurate anymore


Before drinking I had many problems, now I only have one: drinking.


Not just alcohol, the 2,000 calories drinks from chain restaurants. Destroy all your organs at once.


Alcohol can be expensive and can take a long time to be dysfunctional Gambling addiction is easy to scale up and can ruin your life instantly, it's a much faster way.


Highest rates of attempted suicides of any activity in the world, too. 1/5.


Is that really a starter vice? Feels kind of advanced to me (like my liver disease). I think the easiest vice to get into is video games


You only need one good vice to ruin a life. Start with a winning horse.




Start with scratchers. Doesn’t matter if you don’t win just buy more until you hit that first $500 winner. Buy state lotto tickets. Hit it with the advance draws. Check out the local casino on a weeknight. Play the slots until you hit a streak. Feel like you’re finally worth something. Poop your pants and refuse to leave. Now you’ve made it baby.


You make it all seem so glamorous.


Artie Lange has a great bit where he explains that an 8 ball and a bet that's the size of your next mortgage payment can make the worst MNF matchup feel like Super Bowl XXIII.


Came here to say this! I see people dropping $300-500 a day on this habit like it's nothing. Then they win $50 and act like they made money. You forgot to mention, Get up from the slot machine to get more coins and freak out when you come back because somebody sat at your machine. It's a jerk move yes but not a reason to lose it.


Coins? I've only ever been twice in casinos but I've never seen coins on slots. I do watch YouTube slot plays sometimes and man do those people burn money like it's nothing.


You haven’t really made it until you stop by for a few spins of the slots on your way to work.


Just drove by a tiny rural slots casino that had at least 10 cars in the parking lot. 11:30 AM on a Thursday 👍


Online gambling is now legal in a lot of states. Which is great if your car has already been reposessed and you cant get to the Shell station to get your winning ticket.


Lmao I have read about shitting in a casino more times today than id like to admit. (4)




Don't forget about the stock market


Cigarettes and MMOs


I can quit whenever I want. I just… would like to have a slightly better roll on my Eyasluna.


I could look for a job... but this could be the week I get the Mythoclast


Shoot, I’m trying to get that elusive cowboy hat! I won’t stop till I get it


Maybe this 37th Legends LS will drop me the exotic I want. Can’t give up I’m so far in!


Chances of getting an exotic, chances of getting the exotic you want, chances of getting the stat roll you want, chances of getting a 70+ = oof


Can't find an MMO that hooked me in for a while now. Currently filling my time with Genshin Impact, but aside from dailies and big updates there's not much to do at endgame.


return to runescape


No one ever quits RuneScape, they just take long breaks


Never has there been a truer statement. This game has clawed near 20k hours of my life away.


Played WoW on and off for years... I finally dropped it after picking up FFXIV and maaaaaaan.... That mmo is so fucking fun. I never enjoyed WoW as much as I do FF Now add some marijuana, and maybe a shot or two after every doungen/main story quest completed and we have a good addiction going


Fact: vices are more enjoyable when you combine them


Fun fact: when you take cocaine while drinking alcohol it creates a new drug entirely called cocaethylene. Basically speedballing with coke and booze. YeYE!


Are there people that don't drink while doing cocaine?


Omg I just started FFXIV a couple days ago too and damn is it fun. The hardest part is configuring all these fucking settings tho, I had to go grab a controller


Cigarettes and *MLMs*


Completely isolate yourself and spend all your money on drugs.


They said starter


Yeah this is an advanced move typically only seen in the speed runner community.


Hey I'm doing great ok


Family friend did that and its destroying his wife and close family. Loosing everything for a hallucinogen that is marketed as non addictive everywhere, so it's been hard finding useful help. /Rant


Pretty weird, hallucinogens like shrooms, 2CB, Lsd etc. are well known to be not physically addictive at least, I wonder which drug you are talking about 🤔


Go over to r/dph not sure if it counts but damn it’s sad


I did click on it out of curiosity and I still don't get it... It's just makes them sleepy?


They see spiders and the hatman. The trips are nightmarish and the people who abuse it are often depressed and suicidal and they know they are giving themselves legitimate brain damage but can’t stop


Yikes, I only take Benadryl when I really have to for allergies.


Probably referring to marijuana tbh (psychologically addictive but not physically). OP might’ve mistaken “psychoactive” for “hallucinogen”


Yeah I agree. Hallucinogens can be fun but they are not addictive. You reach a point where you’ve learned all you can and don’t have a desire to keep doing them… In fact hallucinogens, such as LSD, have been shown to reverse addiction to other substances. There’s one called Ibogaine that is remarkable in this instance. Not only does it reset synaptic neurons so you don’t have the same mental cravings and habitual behaviors as before, it actually reverses your physical tolerance to opiates, alcohol, stimulants, benzos, tobacco and more. It’s so effective at reversing tolerance that people have died because they took their normal dose of opiates before taking ibogaine and once there tolerance was reversed they had ingested a lethal amount.


Depends. If you're speed running, go hard with meth and heroin right off the rip. If you don't wanna notice your life spiraling, fall in love with someone you're attracted to but don't actually have anything in common with. Fill the inevitable hole with alcohol or weed and enjoy 🤌


And when the relationship sours, have a baby to "fix it"


Foolproof plan really, I can’t say I’ve ever seen that go wrong for anybody ever, not even once, nu-uh, no sir-ee.


It said how to ruin your *own* life not someone else's! No style points for taking others down with you.


Have to solid upvote this. All of the other vices and traps are solitary. If you go outside of yourself and find yourself a damaged, toxic romantic partner you should be good to go. Be sure to stockpile substances before getting too deep. Once they start messing with your cash, you may have trouble accessing even mid to low range booze and chemical distractions. Giving up a bit of control assures a heavier burn.


Its great because then you don't have to do all the work ruining your life, there are factors independent of you that are also working to ruin it. Its sustainable ruin


McDonalds breakfasts


Hold up. I've recently started having an sausage egg McMuffin meal once a week. Am I in danger?


I mean it’s not great for you, but once a week probably isn’t bad nom’sayin? Whats your diet like for the rest of the week?


Burger King


Instant death tbh


Just dont move on to every morning, and maybe 2 mcmuffins, maybe a coffee, maybe treat yourself to a pastry couple times a week on top of it all, just dont do that. 1 or 2 McMuffins a week ain't going to accelerate your death much.


[So about how many McMuffins do you eat a day](https://youtu.be/kYfL3nf2c6Y)


But those hash browns slap


Remember when they were 2 for $1? Those were the good ole days and we didn’t even know it.


Oh they really do. I actually posted this because i was suffering from the post-macs remorse. Hash browns on the sausage & egg muffin is wonderful until about 3 minutes after its gone.


The McDonalds breakfast laxative?


Tip: You can ask for the McMuffin egg (a real fried egg they cook on the grill) on a Sausage Egg and Cheese biscuit to replace the weird “scrambled” patty thing.


But you can start like eagle’s player Donovan McNabb if you start everyday with a hearty breakfast from McDonald's. Uh, like the new Sausage Egg McGriddle Value Meal. Available now for a limited time for under five dollars. Remember, guys real champs eat at McDonald's.




Gross, no don’t do this one. Just smoke cigarettes or something


Make sure to pick a game that has been out for a while so you definitely have no hopes of ever getting a feeling of completion. Bonus if they have just introduced a new mechanic that makes that brass ring just a little further out of reach.


Also the more currencies the better. At least 10 different currency's for the ideal experience


I'll never forgive Kingdom Hearts for getting me into Gacha.


OldSchool Runescape


The number of people I know who have severely stunted their personal growth due to OSRS is way too high. It’s a massive coping mechanism for many people in their late 20s, early 30s.


Yes but number goes up and gives me happy chemicals.


99 farming gang rise up


I'm not sure how serious you are but growing up basically only playing RuneScape has severely stunted my mental development No thoughts or activities running through my head now other than getting my work done and passing time until I die. I don't get the fun chemicals from anything grindy or self-improvement based anymore either. I'm just an unfeeling zombie trapped on this blue bubble we call earth and I cannot wait to leave


Hey man, I’m not sure if you meant to reply to me or u/ok_tennis_7587 but either way, I’m sorry you’ve had the experience you’ve had and that you feel the way you do. That’s terrible and I truly hope you find a path towards happiness. I know it’s not as simple as “just getting therapy”, but have you talked to/would you be open to talking to a therapist about the situation? It’s not an instant cure by any means, but may be a way to get pointed in the right direction and towards a more fulfilling existence


Seeing this thread to see how many you tick off is truly r/2meirl4meirl


Xanax and self harm


Bro if this is starter I dont wanna know what happens after


Grippy sock vacation?




Get attach to someone. Fucks you like no tomorrow


I was "attached" to someone once. Years later my brain still brings up, "and oh yeah this person is not in your life anymore" "*I KNOW BRAIN*"


Just stalked my ex again and at end I was stalking my ex’s ex 😂😂. As I said “ Fucks you like no tomorrow “


Ugh, I just go "Idon'twannaknowIdon'twannaknow" aggressively at myself


Can confirm. Been nearly 2 years after a long 3 year relationship with a woman I was convinced was “it” and that I’d marry. I’ve had two girlfriends since, and around 20 or so hookups with legit beautiful women. But it was all a coping mechanism. Still think about her every day. Something about her just put me in the most relaxed and enlightened state. For example, if I’m at a urinal and for some reason I can’t pee, I just think about how she made me feel and I’ll immediately relax and start peeing. That level of emotional entanglement and wiring in my brain is FUCKED. Everyday I have to actively go “nope, don’t think of her” “Nope you love yourself, that’s rose tinted” “life is great now” Life is great now, but there’s this certain feeling in my 27 year old brain that i can’t move past with her. The mistakes I made and the things I did that I know made her slowly lose attraction over time. It was immature, and I’m not that person anymore. Which hurts even more. I’m in therapy and trying my best. I think I’m getting there. Life’s too short.


If you do ever speak with her again, do not tell her that thinking of her makes you pee. Just... no.


This is the answer. The attachment builds over time without you even realizing it till it’s too late.




Becoming a Reddit mod


Whoa there, he said starter. You just don't sell your life away off the bat.


Harbor freight is probably a good spot to get a starter vice


Might not work so well if it’s from there, if you’re starting out you gotta invest in a good vice so it’ll last longer.


We need that project farm guy on YouTube to tell us what vice to get


Date a meth head you can change by being really supportive.


Everybody I know that dated a meth user became one


I can fix her


TCGs. Magic the gathering is just card board crack.


But the cardboard is so preeettyyy


Fall in love


Over the counter Codeine tablets


Opiates, nothing throws you down a hill into a descent of madness quite like opiate based narcotics. Some may say crack, but for me the real one way ticket to loserville is a good pain killer addiction.


Been there, done that. Proudly sponsored by the French government (a.k.a. health insurance)


Being emotionally attached to a narcissist.


Jesus Christ this is too accurate . That slow descent into a monthly existential crisis brought on by abuse, gaslighting and the whiplash from the hot/cold dynamic, is like your head is being held underwater. Then if you manage to physically leave; the threats, brain fog,shame & invalidation from everyone on the outside is just stuff of nightmares. I don’t wish that on anyone.


I almost died. Still might someday, idk. Feelin cute as of now.


My most expensive, life ruining one. Perfect.


Videogames and weed maaaaan


On the contrary, if it weren't for video games and weed my life would be ruined


Yeah that’s some of the only shit keeping me sane some days


Video games and weed helped me get off heroin. No lie. Like yeah, they can be an addiction themselves, but it was a GREAT replacement addiction and was so much easier to get back to healthy living. Just moved it to after work now, and I have a normal life back.


Honestly it's just nice to have something to do. Most days I'd just sit around and eat because I was bored. At least if I'm gaming I'm not eating lol


I sell weed at a dispo and work a gaming lounge for a side hustle, weed and video games literally keep me alive


Without either of those, would life really be worth living? Those two things are my motivation to do literally anything




I'm not sure this is a good starting point. But it worked for me.


Me too! I guess maybe Hydrocodone might be the most identifiable starting point when I think about it.


Yep! That's the starting point- gotta leave room for the upgrades, ya know?




Herion is the beat high ever I've only done a couple times smoked it off tinfoil all the times my homie was the plug got real clean pure h shit actually tasted good high was so good I had to stop doing it


[Worth a read.](https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/9ke63/i_did_heroin_yesterday_i_am_not_a_drug_user_and/)


When I was in active addiction for maybe the first year maybe. By the end of it, it wasn’t even enjoyable and I had OD’d several times once 3 times in 48 hours and had to lose absolutely everything before I sought help. As euphoric as this article makes it seem it never stays that’s way unfortunately. If I could do it successfully without any of the bad parts and without a complete loss of everything I love and value it would be a different story however this is not the case.


Warhammer 40K


World of warcraft


League of Legends


This sub, honestly


Booze - the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems!


Meth would probably work well.


Im saving this post for future references


Start working in education.


Become a conservative when poor.




Smoking is a pretty good entry way


Live paycheck to paycheck - and when you can’t make ends meet, either get a new credit card OR get one of those incredibly good and excellent deals known as “paycheck advance loans.”


Cocaine will have you introduced to so many opportunities to ruin your life that it will be hard not to take them if you're feeling self-destructive.


I'd go straight for Heroin & Meth. If you wanna hit rock bottom, do it properly.


Asking people if they're mad at you


Stop texing people. Ignore half the phone calls you get.